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Saturday, November 20, 2021

MIRPURKHAS. A team of Anti-corruption establishment Mirpurkhas has conducted the raid at the office of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto sports complex Mirpurkhas here on Wednesday and get official records. The report said that team of ACE Mirpurkhas along with first judicial magistrate Mirpurkhas Najeebullah Soomro carried out a surprise visit of the above office and sought the official relevant records of expenses of funds RS 60 lakhs and other irregularities however some necessary record was not provided on which team has taken into custody for some time to accountant Sarfaraz Marri while sought his official record of expenses and other transfer postings and appointments of the staff. Sources said that concerned officers had made gross irregularities and corruption of funds while on the complaints team carried out the raid and now ACE Mirpurkhas team will make inquiry as per received official records and then legal action will be taken against involved officers and officials if the inquiry showed the corruption of funds and irregularities.


MIRPURKHAS. Divisional Commissioner Mirpurkhas Syed Ajaz Ali Shah has inaugurated the health department campaign of measles and Robella here on Wednesday at Saint Teresa hospital Mirpurkhas by administering the vaccine of measles and polio drops to the under five years old children. On this occasion, Commissioner said that parents should take benefit of this government’s campaign because measles and Robella vaccines were costly and in private centers, it will be available in thousands of rupees. He further said that we should adopt preventive measures to save the health of human beings as well as children. He further said that this campaign will remained continue till 27 Nov 2021. Dr. Mustaque Shah told that the measles vaccine will be provided to children of 9 years to 15 years to save them from this disease attack in the future. He said that there was the target of this providing vaccine to 6 lakhs and 45 thousands of the children of the district Mirpurkhas. He said that points had already been set up to ensure administering the above vaccine and asked the masses to cooperate with health department teams and volunteers for a better future for the children. Assistant commissioner Mirpurkhas was also present there.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

MIRPURKHAS Nov 14. Satellite town police have arrested the two accused of the murder case and recovered the strangulated body without head of a woman from agriculture crops near village Muhammad Brohi, here on Sunday. The report said that Altaf Shoro has lodged the murder case with Satellite town police station accusing that his sister Sana Taj was killed by accused Shoukat Panhwer and Amir Panhwer some days back. Police carried out raids and apprehended both accused Shoukat Panhwer and Amir Panhwer and recovered the decomposed body of Sana Taj without head from the agriculture field and her clothes and other things including used sharp knife from the identified place. Police said that so far head of the deceased woman was not yet recovered. Police added that the cause of the murder was a domestic affair and investigation continued to recover the head of the deceased woman and supporters of the killers.

MIRPURKHAS Nov 14. An aged peasant has committed suicide by hanging himself with rope at the first watercourse in Tando Jan Muhammad on Sunday. On the information, Tando Jan Muhammad police arrived at the spot and shifted his body to rural health center Tando Jan Muhammad where after legal formality body was handed over to heirs. His relatives said that he was mentally upset for the last some years.

MIRPURKHAS Nov 14. Scores of people under the banner of Sindh progressive committee Mirpurkhas held a demonstration outside the local press club here on Sunday to protest against price hike, inflation, load shedding of Sui gas, etc. Led by Zahoor Leghari and Ramzan Dal, carrying banners and placards raised slogans against the government. On this occasion, Zahoor Leghari deplored that the government had devastated the poors by inflation, price hike, increase of petroleum products, and general commodities. He said that Sindh province has a lot of mineral resources including oil and gas despite this Sindhi people were facing difficulties as they had been deprived of their rights. He strongly condemned the government for inflation, price hike of general commodities, Sui gas shortage, oil and gas, petrol, etc. Ramzan Dal blamed that the government was creating only problems in Sindh province. He said that feudal killers of Nazim Jokhio roaming free and efforts continued to save them. Aryan Abdul Salam and Taj Baloch blamed that local police had failed to recover the abducted nine years old girl Fozia Khaskheli for 4 months. They warned that if Fozia Khaskheli was not soon recovered then the protest campaign will be extended throughout the province. Feroz Wassan, Devraj Kolhi, and Yousuf Chohan also spoke to the protesters.

Friday, November 12, 2021

MIRPURKHAS Nov 11. President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has said that the 18th amendment was approved for not creating hurdles and stopping the ways of the people and added that provinces should make strong to the federation by their important role instead to create hurdles in the way of federation. He was speaking at the different delegations of the district bar association, traders, industrialists, party workers and office bearers and also with local journalists in Qureshi hall here on Thursday, while on this occasion advisor to the Sindh politics for prime minister Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim, was also present with office bearers of Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Umerkot and Tharparkar. Earlier he arrived at Sindhri airport where Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and, leader of opposition in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Shaikh, Aftab Qureshi and other party office bearers warm welcomed him while when he arrived at Qureshi hall, DIG Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher and divisional commissioner Syed Ajaz Ali Shah and party workers and office-bearers welcomed him. On this occasion, many party workers and citizens protested over not issuing them passes for entry in the hall on this occasion. President Dr. Arif Ali further said that prime minister Imran Khan was also wanted that Kala bagh dam will not be constructed without the consensus of all four provinces. He said that struggle of PTI was for the economical progress of the country. He further expressed that Imran Khan was in love with Sindh province. He added that PTI and government efforts continued to provide cheap medical treatment, quality education and better economic policies to the masses to make their better standard. He further told that when his party came into Sindh in past there were very short workers but today condition was before the masses. He said that due to the corona pandemic whole world was severely affected as imports and export were severely affected as a result hike flood appeared in the world but his leadership made better measures in the country to face and get rid of the covid 19. He said that from sugar to each place mafia were present and we would fight with mafias. He expressed that during martial law power was short but the 18th amendment was approved to reach the powers on grassroot level. While it was not brought to stop the ways of the people and provinces weak the federation. He said that the government has allocated one hundred Arabs for youths welfare and youths should get the benefit of it. He added that the government has also allocated a handsome amount for jobs of women but still 200 women could not get benefits. Governor Sindh Imran Ismail said that we had crossed the difficult path to provide rights and justice to the masses and added that in the next election PTI will rule the Sindh province. He said that his party has reduced the grievances of the masses by introducing the Ehsas program in the country. District president Aftab Qureshi has demanded the construction of the dental college, Sindh high court Mirpurkhas bench and engineering college. On this occasion, PTI Haleem Adil Shaikh also spoke the ceremony. Earlier talking to the delegation of the district bar association Mirpurkhas led by district president Mir Pervez Akhtar Talpure, president Arif Alvi said that Sindh high court Mirpurkhas bench was the right of Mirpurkhas division and we would give the right to Mirpurkhas. He further said that lawyers were making a struggle for cheap and immediate justice. He further said that justice was strengthening the society and promised that genuine grievances of lawyers and Mirpurkhas division would be resolved on a priority basis. Earlier district bar president presented the problems of the Mirpurkhas division.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

 MIRPURKHAS Nov 9. A team of anti-corruption establishment ACE MIrpurkhas circle carried out raid at the office of deputy director agriculture extension Mirpurkhas here on Tuesday and taken into custody the official records related with gross corruption of funds. The report said that led by circle incharge Manzoor Memon, ACE Mirpurkhas team along with first judicial magistrate Mirpurkhas Najeebullah Soomro conducted the raid at the above office while panic was spread among the employees and some officers fled away to see the raiding team. The raiding team got the official records related to gross corruption of funds made allegedly in 2020-21. When contacted circle incharge Manzoor Memon said that there had been made gross corruption of funds by deputy director Satram Das, agriculture officer Gohram Baloch, accountant and some other officers.  He said that his team will conduct thorough inquiry after which legal action will be taken against the involved corrupt officers and officials. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 9. Hundreds of growers of the tail end of Baggi minor of Jamrao canal took out a protest rally and held a protest demonstration in Jhuddo town against the corrupt officers and officials of irrigation Jamrao canal on Tuesday. Led by Jalil Unar, Ayaz Khoso and others carrying banners and placards of tail end abadgars association Nara canal and raised slogans against the Darogah, SDO and XEN Jamrao canal. They marched through different roads in Jhuddo town while held demonstration at National bank chowk. They blamed that irrigation staff had involved in corruption as sold their water share to landlords of head of the minor as result tail was lying dry and sofar they could not sow wheat, tomato, onion, sugar cane and vegetables at their thousands of acres land and added that even drinking water shortage persisting in taluka Jhuddo and people compelled to buy the drinking water from local markets. They further alleged that it was the artificial water shortage and such they had suffered millions of loss of their money as their agriculture had been devastated without water. They complained that they had met with director Nara canal and apprised him about their problems but no result has yet appeared. They demanded the Sindh chief minister to replace the corrupt director Nara canal and other officers of Jamrao canal and ensure appointments of well-reputed officers and regular supply of water in the tail of their minor without any delay.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Scores of growers of Run shakh held a demonstration on Naokot town at MIrpurkhas Naokot road on saturday to protest against acute shortage of water in tail and sale of their share water to influential landlords. Growers carrying banners and placards blocked the main road while raised slogans against the officers and officials of irrigation sub division Naokot. Due to blackade traffic was suspended on both side. Protesters on this occassion talking to media persons blamed that they had deprived of cultivation of wheat and other crops last year owing to not reaching the irrigation water in tail of Run shakh and as the season started again irrigation depeartment have sold their share water to landlords of the head of the shakh after receiving heavy bribe as result they were still unable to sow wheat and other crops at their lands without water. They further said that they had also complained to director Nara canal and other authorities but no result was yet appeared. They demanded the Sindh chief minister and secretary irrigation department to take immediate notice into this matter and ensure water supply till tail end abadgar and punish the responsible officials. Later police arrived at the spot and assured the protesters that they would approach to SDO concerned to accept their demand of supply of water soon after which they dispersed. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Chairman railway workers union Manzoor Ahmed Razi and general secretary Muhammad Naseem Rao have demanded the federal government to stop immediately privatization process in railway department because of it will be very harmful for the department and employees. In a joint press statment issued here on saturday they strongly condemned the governmment for inflation, hike in price of petroleum products, cooking oils, sugar, and other general commodities. They urged the government to increase the salaries of employees as RS 60000 and also enhance the pensions.  They demanded the government to take drastic measures for controlling the growing hike. They further demanded the government to provide facilities to the masses like foreign countries if the hike was increased.

MIRPURKHAS Nov 4. Incharge standing committee(Qaima committee) for railway Muhammad Moin Woto and Haq Parast member engineer Sabir Kaim Khani told the media persons here on Thursday at Mirpurkhas railway station that standing committee members today visited the Zero point in desert where examined the railway track, its condition, and facilities expected for passengers of India and Pakistan. They promised that very soon two suspended trains between Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad would be relaunching their services to ensure cheap travel facilities to masses of this region. They said that problems of retired railway employees and their gratuity would be resolved on a priority basis. They said that there was already providing services of Mehran express and Shah Lateef express trains and also Marvi train service to provide the facilities to the masses. They also said that they have discussed the problems related to the railway with incharge district MQM Pakistan MIrpurkhas Khalid Tabassum and other members and office bearers and hoped that they would make efforts to resolve all problems of people of this region related to the railway department. On this occasion, Hamid Hameed, Aftab Jahangeer, Basheer Ahmed, Muhammad Khan Dahar, etc were also present.

MIRPURKHAS Nov 4. Foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi was arrived at Mirpurkhas tool plaza in the caravan and strict security here on Thursday for his visit to Umerkot and then Mithi district Tharparkar. At tool plaza MIrpurkhas he was warmly welcomed by office bearers and leaders of his party including Makhkdoom Zada Zain Hussain Qureshi, opposition leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Shaikh,  MNAs Jay Parkash Lohana and Lal Malhi, Chelaram Kevlani, Haji Nisar Arain, Haji Asghar Arain, and others. They raised slogans in support of Imran Khan, prime minister and Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi on this occasion. Later after some time he left the MIrpurkhas for Umerkot. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 4. Celebration of Diwali religious festival of Hindu community has started in MIrpurkhas division here on Thursday. Hindu community people including women and children made worship in temples in the morning and pray for prosperity, progress, and tranquility in the country. Children exploded crackers in different areas of the city as heavy voices of the explosion of crackers were heard. Chiragh (light) was sparked in the houses, exchanged gifts with each other, and held also various religious ceremonies in their halls and houses. On behalf of the district police, Diwali gifts were distributed among the Hindu police personnel. Strict security arrangements were made on this occasion in the city and other towns of the district. The report said that the Hindu community was also celebrating this religious festival in Digri, Mirwah Gorchani, Tando Jan Muhammad, Jhuddo, Naokot, Kot Ghulam Muhammad, Sindhri, Hingorno, Phuladyyoon, Khaan, Jhilori, district Umerkot, Sanghar, and Tharparkar.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

MIRPURKHAS Nov 3. Ex district bar president Mirpurkhas Mir Naeem Talpure has said that minorities were living in a peaceful atmosphere in the country and they were free for celebrating their religious festival even Muslims were also participate in their festival programmes. He further said that lawyers belonging to the Hindu religion were many a number in district bar association Mirpurkhas and they freely celebrate their religious festivals along with Muslim lawyers and it was the big sign for interfaith harmony. He was speaking at the Dewali festival ceremony organized in district bar association Mirpurkhas here on Wednesday by senior lawyer Manomal Meghwar while a large number of lawyers attended the program. Senior lawyers Sher Muhammad Wassan and Shoukat Rahimoon said that the constitution of Pakistan gives equal rights to minorities and they were living here without any fear and difficulties. They said that in the district bar also minority lawyers worked with other lawyers mutually. Santosh Kalal and Mujibur Rehman Shar also spoke at the ceremony. Manomal Meghwar advocate thanked the lawyers community and added that such kinds of ceremonies increase the love and brotherhood among the masses.


MIRPURKHAS Nov 3. An aged peasant was seriously injured in a road accident near Jara water at 78 Mori, taluka Sindhri on Wednesday. The report said that Gego Bheel was on his way that a speedy car hit him as a result he sustained serious wounds rushed to the emergency ward of the civil hospital where first aid was provided to him and then referred to LMUH Hyderabad due to his precarious condition. Sindhri police have detained the car driver for interrogation.


MIRPURKHAS Nov 3. Hundreds of tail end abadgars of Girhori Shakh held demonstration and blocked the main Khipro Sindhri road near Samaro Mori in protest against acute water shortage and selling of water to influential landlords of head of the Shakh. Protesters created hurdles at the above main highway road as a result traffic was suspended on both sides. Protesters raised slogans against the irrigation staff and blamed that they were involved in selling their irrigation water to influential landlords after receiving heavy bribe while their cultivated crops were severely affected. They, talking to media persons alleged that in tail no any single of water reached since two months as result their wheat, sugar cane, onion, vegetables, etc were affecting and lying dry without water.

They further blamed that the water modules of influential landlords were tempered for water theft and such water was not reached in the tail. They demanded the Sindh chief minister, secretary irrigation, and director Nara canal to take immediate notice, ensure supply of water in the tail, stop the water theft, action be taken against the corrupt involved irrigation officials.

Later MPA Syed Zulfikar Ali Shah arrived at the spot held negotiations with protesters and assured them that very soon in their tail, water will be reached after which protesters dispersed and such after three hours traffic was restored at the above main road.