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Thursday, December 30, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Dec 30. Dozens of minority people belong to taluka Mirpurkhas have held demonstration here on Thursday outside the local press club to protest against the police failure to recover the kidnapped government dispenser Moti Ram. Protesters led by Madan, son of hostage Moti Ram, carried banners and placards raised slogans against the police while they blocked also the main Mirpurkhas Hyderabad road for an hour as result vehicular traffic was suspended. On this occasion, Madan told the newsmen that his father had left village near Old Mipur for village Dost Mohammad Dars to attend his job on bike on Wednesday morning but he did not reach at his job as in the way near village Shah Bux Lashari at Mirpurkhas Sindhri road near saline drain unknown dacoits allegedly kidnapped him in the car while his motor cycle was recovered from saline drain. He said that it was the incident of kidnapping but police were avoiding registering the case even despite passing 24 hours no progress was yet made by the police. He said that DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher had also reached at the spot and also met with him and his relatives and assured that hostage will soon be recovered. He urged the authorities to take immediate notice and ensure registration of kidnapping case and recover the hostage and arrest the involved culprits. Later, SPO city Ayub Dars reached there and negotiated with the protesters and assured them of registration of their case after which they dispersed peacefully. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 30. Vice president of Sindh abadgar board district Mirpurkhas chapter Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher and progressive landlord of taluka Kunri Mian Mohammad Saleem have demanded the government not to impose ban on export of onion crop as only Sindh province was fulfilling the requirements of onion of the country while onion was also being exported to India and Middle east from Sindh. They were talking to newsmen here on Thursday. They expressed that this year onion crop in Sindh was bumper crop and onion growers were getting reasonable price of their crop but some persons wanted to impose ban on export of onion by government under a conspiracy. They said that according to Sindh crop assessment department onion crop production was expected 6 and half lakhs tons in the Sindh province this year as onion averagely 80 to 100 bags of 120 kilogrammes per bag are producing from an acre and at this time Indian onion crop was late and onion crop in Punjab was also late one month as result onion from Sindh was exporting to India through Wahga and Middle east through ship while requirements of onion of the whole country was also being fulfilled the Sindh province owing to bumper crop. They urged the government to make unsuccessful the conspiracy of some persons to impose ban on onion export while national exchequer was also achieving to country in export of onion and reasonable price RS 3500 per bag was also getting the onion growers in the province. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 30. A local senior journalist was fortunately escaped unhurt in the murderous attack by three armed persons here on Thursday evening at Market chowk. Report said that Afaq Ahmed Khan, correspondent of a daily English newspaper and a TV channel was on his way that three armed persons intercepted him and one of them opened strait fire upon him but fortunately he was saved unhurt. However one of the attacker was captured by the people when he was fleeing from the spot while two of them managed to escaped from the spot. Arrested culprit was identified as Abdul Nasir Khan and citizens later handed over him to town police. Victim journalist Afaq Ahmed Khan has lodged the case with town police station of attempt to murder and issuing threats of killing against the accused Abdul Nasir Khan, Saleem Malik alias Saleem Shuaee and an unknown person.Later victim journalist Afaq Ahmed Khan told the newsmen at town police station that accused Abdul Nasir Khan was the ring leader of the criminal gange and Saleem Malik alias Saleem Shuaee was the member of his gang. He said that about a dozen heinous crimes cases had already been registered against the ring leader Abdul Nasir Khan at different police stations of the district while he was the notorious cheater and fraudi of Mirpurkhas and those innocent had been affected with him in past had also been lodged cases against him. He said that today he was first warned by him that why he sent the application to the apex court against him and his gangsters and then attacked upon him.Soon after this incident, emergent meeting of Mirpurkhas union of journalist and National press club Mirpurkhas have strongly condemned the murderous attack upon the senior journalist and president of Mirpurkhas union of journalist. Joint meeting was presided over by Hashim Shar, has demanded the government to take immediate notice of this incident provide protection to local journalists and ensure the arresting of the involved culprits and punish them exemplary.
MIRPURKHAS Dec 30. Officials of Phuladyyoon police came under armed attack when they carried out raid at the village of Mari caste people near Samaro Shakh Mori on the secret information for arresting the criminals on Thursday early morning. Report said that on a tip off, regarding the presence of wanted criminals , Phuladyyoon police in police vain conducted raid but some villagers as saw the police party opened indiscriminate firing on the police party but fortunately all the officials were escaped unhurt however bullets were penetrated into the body of the police vain. Police party after this attack came back from the village and then on behalf of state case attempt to murder and strait indiscriminate firing upon police party was lodged with Phuladyyoon police station against the accused Gullo Mari, Rahim Mari, Mumtaz Mari ,Bhongar Mari and a unknown person. However no arrest was yet made by police till filing of the news.

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