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Sunday, October 31, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 31. At least ten passengers were injured when a marriage party bus was turned to turtle near Shahi Water at Hyderabad Mirpurkhas road here on Sunday morning. Report said that a marriage party was on its way that one of the bus of marriage party went out of the control of the driver in speed as result it was turned turtle leaving 10 passengers injured. The injured were rushed to emergency ward of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas where they were provided first aid. The injured were identified as Ramesh, Wahsan, Ropchand, Shremti Bhagwani, Bhagwan, Premchand, Dharamdas, Pretam, Gordas and Shremti Weeran. Seriously injured Bhagwan was referred for Liaqat Medical University hospital Hyderabad due to his serious condition.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 31. President Red chili growers association Mian Mohammad Saleem has expressed deep concern over the delay in releasing the funds for installing the Chili dehydration plant in Kunri town and demanded the federal government to put this project on priority to release immediately its approval funds sothat we could export the chili crop to compete in international markets. Talking to local news man, he said that due to his efforts to raise the issue regarding the installing of Chili dehydration plant at Kunri and other places in the Sindh province, federal government had been approved the project of RS 22 crors to install Chili dehydration plant at the 3 acres land of Sindh government that was lying adjacent of Chili research center at Kunri town and about 6 months back, federal minister Mir Hazaar Khan Bijarani had been lying foundation stone of the project at Kunri , however he lamented that owing to flood condition federal government delayed its releasing of funds and still no work on this project was yet started. This project was prepared by small and medium enterprises development authority SMEDA and it will implement on this project as the government released the funds. He urged the government not to neglect or delay such kind of projects instead of delay other development projects, because of such kind of project is the back bone of the agriculture sector and after installation of such plant our export of chili will compete in international market as our chili export quality is best in the world and its demand was more than but due to a fungus European countries, Japan, USA , England etc were yet avoided to import it from Pakistan. He expressed that recently general manager SMEDA Iqbal Ahmed Qudwai has talked with him on phone and assured him that federal government has taken up this project again and process was being made to release its phase wise funds. He said that India had already been installed various chili dehydration plant to dry the chili to export it in international market. He said that our Dandi cut longi chili is the unique and best export quality that was only produced particularly in lower Sindh but we are yet failed to export it in European countries and other international markets owing to not having the Chili dehydration plant. He further said that we could get more than national exchequer by exporting more than chili crop in international market and this dream will be fulfill when we would install the various chili dehydration plants in lower Sindh at Kunri, Jhuddo, Mirpurkhas, Khipro, Naokot, Digri, etc. He said that our chili growers were not properly aware from cultivation and dry process of the Chili crop and there was need of awareness programme for them sothat in initial stage we could get dry and better conditional crop. He told that during dry process it was placed in open sky in the local chili markets but due to moisture atmosphere, a fungus namely Aflotoxin was created in it that was slow poison. He said that in past European countries , Japan, USA etc were imported the chili crop having till 20 part Per billions PPB that was the international standard of that fungus but now above countries have further decreased its quantity as till 10 PPB while he deplored that in absence of chili dehydration plant, our crop have 50 to 150 PPB as result we were failed to compete in the international market of chili crop. He said that we had tested the chili at Kunri which had 25 to 40 PPB and at Tando Jan Mohammad from 150 to 200 PPB. He said that we are only exporting the chili in Middle east, Srilanka, Canada, Saudi Arabia etc. He urged the agriculture department to arrange the seminars on chili crops for providing more than knowledge to growers about the cultivation of chili, its harvesting process, dry process , keeping stock process etc. He demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari and prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to immediately release the funds for installing the chili dehydration plant at Kunri town sothat we could be able to export the chili and compete in international market.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 31. Quran Khawani and Fateha Khawani were held at Jinnah hall by MQM Mirpurkhas zone here on Sunday in connection of incident of Oct 31st, 1986. Those attended including zonal incharge Mirpurkhas Azeem Danish, MPA Faheem Ahmed Altafi, office bearers Mohammad Khalid Majeed and workers etc.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 31. Despite the suicide bomb explosions and bomb blasting at different places in the country in which innocent persons were killing and injuring, fire crackers were openly being sold in the city that could be cause of any kind of loss of live or property. Report said that in the patronization of local police, fire crackers were being sold from push carts, venders and shops while rush of children and youths were seen at the sale point. SHO town Hussain Maher told the newsmen that DCO Mirpurkhas had given permission for selling the fire crackers in the city and we could not stop its sale and asked to approach to DCO in this regard. DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon denied of giving such kind of permission and said that he will take measures to stop its sale that could be very dangerous for human life. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. President lowers Sindh Hindu Panchayat Seth Kishanchand Parwani, ex provincial minister for minority Hari Ram Kishori Lal, Dr Mohan Lal Kohistani and others have expressed their grief and sorrow over the sad demise of father of famous doctor Gull R.Nankani and condoled with the bereaved family. In a joint press statement issued here on Saturday. It may be recalled that Ropchand Nankani, father of the lecturer of Liaqat Medical University Dr Gull R Nankani was died of protected illness on Friday evening here and hundreds of people majority of Hindu community attended his funeral or last ceremony .
MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. District and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas Rasheed Ahmed Soomro has set liberty the 8 peasants (bonded labours) after recording their statements who were produced in the court of the district and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas by Dilber Maher police here on Saturday. Report said that Shankar had been submitted the application in the sessions court stating that his 8 family members including his wife and 7 children were detained at the farmland of the landlord Bachayo Siaal and his son Ali Siaal in the limit of Dilber Maher police station. He accused that forced labour work was taken them even they were not provided medical treatment facilities and were not allowed to move freely. He further alleged that no wages were given them by above landlords. He requested the session’s court to ask the concerned police to carry out raid and recover the above detainees from illegal confinements. On the order of the sessions court , on Friday evening, Dilber Maher police conducted the raid at the farmland of the above landlords and recovered the detained peasants including Shremti Radha, Ramesh, Shremti Sevita, Ashok, Shremit Aneeta, Shremti Kunri, Hareesh and Vikram. They were produced in the session’s court on Saturday by Dilber Maher police.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. Mostly sugar mills in the district Mirpurkhas have been started their boiler to crush the sugar cane crop which officially scheduled to be crush from Nov 1, in the Sindh province. Report said that four of the five sugar mills of the district including Mirpurkhas, Digri, Al Abbas and Tharparkar sugar mills have been fired their boilers under their process to start sugar cane crushing. While only Najma Sugar mill did nothing despite directives of the government while report added that it was not functioned last year also. Sources said that mostly sugar mills in the province will begin their crushing till Nov 5th. However, under the secret directives of the field staff of the different sugar mills, sugar cane growers have been started harvesting of the crop and hired the labours for this purpose on high labour rate as there was already shortage of laborers for harvesting of the cane crop in the district .
MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. Member National assembly standing committee for environment and MNA of PML(Q) Marvi Memon has said that she believed on the democracy of parliament as result she was continuously raising the issues related with masses in the assembly but she did not get result from the parliament as result she approached to Judiciary for getting the justice and hoped that judiciary will provide her justice for the poor people of the Sindh province. She was giving answers of the questions of the local journalists at the residence of Javed Ahmed Junejo, chairman farmer organization council FOC Sindh here on Saturday. She appealed the people those have evidences regarding the deliberately breaches given by officials and cut given to the bykes to save the lands of the influential personalities during recent flood in the province to provide evidences to supreme court directly or contact with her in this regard. She accused that right bank area was devastated completely and left bank area was left without water or thrust . She expressed that she was not satisfied with efficiency of the parliament as government was not given the answers in connection of problems raised in the parliament. She said that she is not hopeless of parliament so continuously raising problems and issues to provide the relief to the masses. She said that from March 2010 she had come to roads for protest and her campaign on the issues against the present government was continued in proper manner. In reply a question regarding holding mid term election, she said that she was not believed on the mid term election and present government should complete its 5 years tenure sothat they could not posing themselves as oppressed in next election. She said that inefficiency of two and half years of the present government was weakening the country. She accused that gross mismanagement during flood was made even government was involved in it and high level accountability of the government officials should be made as how much funds were provided for flood affected and displaced people and for their rehabilitation work and weather that was properly utilized or not, should be cleared, she added . In reply some questions she alleged that government was not serious to resolve the problems and issues related to masses and it was using delay tactics to save its people from accountability process. She said that in past in the tenure of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, flood condition had damaged the Sindh but discrimination was not made with any part of the Sindh on behalf of government but she deplored that deliberately officially right bank area was devastated owing to deliberately cut given in dykes to save the agriculture lands of the influential personalities and also left the left bank area thrust without water. She said that she has introduced new trend of politics as issues politics and working to resolve the issues that were directly affecting the masses. She said that she has no interest in accord of the different factions of PML. In reply a question, she said that government should work sincerely in Thar coal project for generating the power to fulfill the requirements of the country.In a reply a question regarding opposition role of PML (N), she said that Mian Niawaz Shareef should leave the artificial opposition role and remove the cap of opposition from his head and wear the cap of government. In reply a question regarding the non implementation on the laws by the sugar mills, she said that it was the main issue to implement on cane act by sugar mills and owners of sugar mills were allegedly violated of the law as they were bound to start their mills on Oct 1, in the Sindh province but they were starting crushing season late a month.She said that other parliamentarians should come forward to raise the issues related with masses and jointly work for betterness of the poor masses.She told that she was briefed in detail by Javed Ahmed Junejo, chairman FOC Sindh here regarding the water shortage in tail end districts of the Nara canal and mismanagements of the irrigation department officers. She said that she was also working the issues of problems of the tail end abadgars in the province and she is exchanging views to visit the different areas of the Sindh province to collect the information properly and then she will raise those issues in parliament and if the government will not give response then she will approach to judiciary to get relief for the masses.On this occasion, chairman FOC Sindh Javed Ahmed Junejo also told the newsmen regarding the shortage of water in Nara canal and water stealing , mismanagement of the irrigation officials and postings of the lower grade officers on the higher ranks in irrigation department

MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. Hundreds of workers and office bearers of Anjuman e Ghulaman e Mohammad Peace be upon him Pakistan Mirpurkhas here on Saturday from Municipal shopping center to protest against the suicide bomb explosion at shrines in the country. Protesters led by Mufti Shareef Saeedi and Mohammad Asif Khan Chishti sabri, carried banners and placards marched through main roads and raised slogans against the government, while they reached at local press club where speakers strongly condemned the suicide bomb explosions at shrines and other places and demanded the government to immediately arrest the culprits involved in it. They called upon the government to ensure also arresting of their master mind. They passed resolutions demanding the government to provide protections to the shrines of saints and nabbing the accused and punish them exemplary.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. An unmarried girl has committed suicide here on Friday night near ground no 2, in the limit of Satellite town police. Report said that on the information, Satellite town police reached at the deceased’s house and shifted the body of the deceased Ms Mehvish, 23, d/o Ramzan Arain to the mortuary of civil hospital Mirpurkhas for legal formality. She committed suicide by hanging herself with rope in her house. Cause behind the suicide is said to be domestic affair. Her body was later handed over to her heirs after fulfilling the legal formality.

Friday, October 29, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 29. Chili price was shooting up following less arrival of the chili crop in the Kunri chili market. Report said that special variety of Chili crop Dandi cut Longi chili was sowed mostly in lower Sindh and prices of the chili were up and down on the less and more arrival in Kunri chili market that is the biggest chili market of the country. Harvesting of the chili was continued in the region and chili growers were sending their crop to the different chili markets of this region including Kunri, Jhuddo, Digri, Naokot, Khipro etc for getting reasonable price of their crop. Within some days RS 2000 per maund were high of the chili as some days back owing to less arrival of the chili production in the Kunri market , rate of chili was RS 6500 per maund but due to less arrival of the chili in the Kunri chili market its rate was high till RS 8500 per maund. It may be recalled that export quality of the chili was produced in this region and growers were sowed Dandi cut Longi chili mostly for acquiring the reasonable rate of crop. Report said that daily arrival of chili crop was 2000 bags in the Kunri chili market. President Red chili growers association Sindh chapter Mian Mohammad Saleem , talking to the local news man said that usually 80000 tows to 90000 tons of chili was produced in the Sindh province and its more than production was acquired from Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Kunri, Samaro, Jhuddo, Naokot, Digri, Kot Ghulam Mohammad, Mirwah Gorchani, Shadi Palli, Pithoro, Khipro, Sanghar  etc. He further said that export quality of chili was produced here that was purchased by the national level chili grinding factories from the Kunri chili market. He further told that owing to acute shortage of water in this region, chili was sowed on less area and then after heavy rainfall this sensitive crop was damaged adversely as result this year its production will be less than last year. He said that those chili growers were enjoying with high rate of the chili whose crop had been saved from heavy rainfall. He said that awareness programme should be organized by the government for providing knowledge to the growers regarding sowing, harvesting and drying the crop. He stressed need to install more than dehydration plants in this region sothat we could export chili production particularly in European countries, USA, England, Japan etc.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 29. A servant boy was allegedly detained in a house after alleged torturing by households and was released when his parents and others protested outside the detained place in the premises of the Satellite town police station here on Thursday night. Complainant Mohammad Siddique Leghari has lodged the case under section 342, 337-A(i), F(i) and 34 PPC with Satellite town police station accusing that his son Rashid Leghari, 10, was working in the house but house holders accused Mansoor Arain, Faisal Arain, Zubair Arain and Dr Zahid leveled allegations upon him of theft, tortured him and then detained him in a room when he was not returned to home in night, he added that he along with others went to accuser’s house and owing to their resistance above accused released his son from illegal confinement. He said that false allegation of stealing was leveled upon his son. Police said that letter for medical treatment was given to victim’s father and sent the victim to civil hospital for medical assistance. Police further said that further action will be taken after receiving the medical certificate of the victim boy. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 29. An owner of medical store was arrested by town police after raid of the civil judge and judicial magistrate Mirpurkhas Ahmed Nawaz Domki here on Friday. Report said that civil judge and Judicial magistrate Mirpurkhas Ahmed Nawaz Domki along with district drug inspector Sain Dino Nohri carried out raid at the Taj Medical store at Umerkot road near Kalay Khan petrol pump and during checking found unregistered medicines and expiry medicines samples. Town police arrested the owner of the medical store Rehan Ali while case under section 27-4 Sindh Drug act was lodged with town police station on behalf of district drug inspector against the owner of the medical store Rehan Ali. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 28. Crushing season of sugar cane will be started from Nov 1, in the province as the date was fixed by the Sindh government for launching the crushing season and according to agriculture department sugar cane crushing is expected to be 35 cror maunds in the district Mirpurkhas this year. Report said that Sindh government had already been fixed the official price of sugar cane RS 127 per 40 kilogramme. Last year crushing of the cane was 27 crors maunds in the district. Report said that sugar cane crop was sowed in the district at 15380 hectors. District officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli said that sugar cane crop is likely to be bomber crop in Mirpurkhas district. There are 5 sugar mills in the district included Mirpurkhas, Al Abbas, Digri, Tharparkar and Najma sugar mill. Last year except Najma sugar mill, other sugar mills had been completed their crushing and sources said that in this season same 4 sugar mills would crush the cane. Managements of the above 4 sugar mills were busy to ensure starting the crushing of cane from Nov 1. Sources said that owners of the sugar mills were allegedly consulting with each others to convene the meeting to make successful strategy from saving of the race to procure more than sugar cane and offering high rate to the growers for sugarcane purchasing. Sources said that field staff of the sugar mills had already been busy to hold meetings with the landlords to convince them to supply their crop to their mills. Sources said that indents of the mills to growers would be issued after starting the boiler of the mills. Report said that owing to heavy rainfall the need of more than water for sugar cane crop had been fulfilled in the district so the crop is healthy and ready to be transported to the sugar mills. On the other hand, landlords and growers were searching the labors for harvesting the sugar cane crop, however sources said that there was shortage of labors for this purpose and labors were demanding high rate per maund for harvesting the cane crop. When contacted Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate, vice president Sindh Abadgar board SAB district Mirpurkhas has expressed deep concern over the stoppage of facilities to sugar cane growers by sugar mills as in past , he talking to the local news man said that sugar mills had been providing facilities of fertilizer and seed loans to growers while Katcha linking ways were repaired with tractors and other machinery by the sugar mills, but unfortunately for last some years these facilities had allegedly been withdrawn by the sugar mills. He demanded the owners of the sugar mills to provide immediately fertilizer and seed facilities and provide also facilities of machineries for rehabilitation of the Katcha linking ways sothat growers could transported their crop to the mills.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 28. Sindh Para medical staff welfare association has warned the government to implement on the service structure of Para medical staff without any delay otherwise protest campaign will be launched throughout province soon. Meeting of the Sindh Para medical staff welfare association was held presided by its president Nazeer Ahmed Detho, according to a press release issued here on Thursday, Meeting expressed its deep concern over not yet implementing the service structure of the Para medical staff by the government as result resentment and unrest had been prevailed among the para medical staff in the province. Meeting announced that meeting of the association will soon be held within some days to decide the future strategy to launch the protest campaign including long march and observing the token hunger strike to press the government to implement on the service structure of the Para medical staff.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 28. Citizens are facing acute difficulties owing to inefficiency or negligence of traffic police as mostly main roads of the city were seen Jammed or packed due to creation of the hurdles in flow of smoothly the traffic at the roads. Report said that traffic police had been failed to control the traffic of the city at main roads as Chingchi rickshaws, auto rickshaws and venders were created hurdles at the M.A.Jinnah road, Mirwah road, Jameel Shaheed road, Sir Syed road etc as result traffic was jammed and smoothly flow of the traffic was stopped even pedestrians have to face hardships. In front of the main road of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas, traffic was mostly jammed and Ching Chi rickshaws and auto rickshaws were stationed there as result traffic was stopped and even ambulances that rushed to civil hospital in emergency were stopped at the Mirwah and Jameel Shaheed road. Push cart owners Akram, Guddo, Zafar and others, talking to newsmen, alleged that traffic police personnels demanded the bribe and allegedly received the bribe from Ching Chi rickshaw and auto rickshaws to allow them to park at the main roads that created hurdles in smoothly flow of traffic. They further said that venders were also stationed at the main roads after paying the bribe to traffic police. They accused that traffic police personnels were not taken action against the violators of traffic laws as various vehicles were also parked at the main roads. A shopkeeper of Market chowk Shamshad said that illegal encroachers had also created the hurdles at the main roads in the city and mostly of the encroachers were paying the bribe to traffic police as well as anti encroachment officials of taluka Municipal administration Mirpurkhas. He demanded the concerned authorities to take immediate notice of this matter, violators of traffic laws and ensure removal of the illegal encroachments from the main roads and also take action against the traffic police personnels involved allegedly in receiving the bribe. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 27. PPP MPA Shamim Aara Panhwer has said that teachers are bound to provide quality education and awareness about the education to the children. He was speaking at the ceremony of providing the apparatus and other goods of practicals of science and mathematics to the laboratory of the government high school Makhan Sammoon village , taluka Mirpurkhas by NGO Adlinks here on Wednesday. She directed the officials to use the instruments and apparatus of the practicals properly in the laboratory sothat students could get benefit. She further said that parents wanted that their children acquire the quality education sothat their children could get high level status in future in the society. She said that students should respect the teachers because only teachers could bring the changes in the society. She directed the teachers to educate the children with sincerity and honesty. Coordinator of district programme (Adlinks) Mirpurkhas Shehzado Malik told that his NGO was working in 11 districts of the Sindh province and added that work was continued of his NGO in 33 schools of the Mirpurkhas. He briefed the participators regarding the apparatus, instruments and other goods of the practicals being provided to the laboratory of the above school. EDO education Abdul Jalil Lashari, district officer secondary Mirpurkhas Kamla Devi, teachers, headmaster Khameso Khan and students attended the ceremony.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 27. Regional director colleges Mirpurkhas Abdul Aziz Panhwer has directed the heads of the colleges of districts Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Umerkot and Tharparkar to ensure strict security of the students particularly girls students during the academic activities. In a handout issued here on Wednesday, he said that after the incident occurred with girl student Ms Zainub Bhayo in Khipro town he visited the all colleges of the region and observed that day by day admissions of the girls and boys students were increasing in the colleges but there was need to provide them safety during their academic activities. He said that last year in colleges of the region total 13504 boys and 5241 girls students were admitted in the colleges while during present year 17026 boys students and 6284 girls students were taking their education in the colleges of the region.


MIRPURKHAS Oct 27. Trustee of the Sun charity an NGO of London based Zakia Zubairi has stressed need of social work in the society to strengthen the poor and downtrodden people and added that MQM leader Altaf Hussain had always given lesson of services of Human being. She was speaking at the seminar held here on Tuesday evening under Sun Charity. Trustee of society for unwell and needy (Sun) Dr Saleem Danish, executive member Mansha Khan, Joint incharge of interior Sindh Tanzimi committee MQM Fareed Ahmed, member of ISTC Ashique Hussain Asadi and Haq Parast provincial minister Zubair Ahmed Khan also attended the seminar. Ms Zakia Zubairi said that no any political party has plan of welfare of the masses in the country while on the directives of MQM leader Altaf Hussain, Khidmat Khalaq Foundation KKF and NGO Sun were busy to resolve the grievances of the poor masses in the country. Dr Saleem Danish of Sun has drawn light in detail the efficiency of workers of Sun charity working in London . He said that workers of Sun charity have established the example of collecting the donations and goods day night for flood affected people of the country. Certificates were distributed among those workers of MQM and Philanthropists who performed their best during the relief work. Those also spoke the seminar provincial minister Zubair Ahmed Khan, zonal incharge MQM Mirpurkhas Azeem Danish and Ashique Hussain Asadi.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 27. Wheat seed sales center has been setup by Sindh Seed Corporation in the premises of office of district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas for providing the certified wheat seed to the growers. District officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli told this scribe that different certified seed of wheat including TD1, SKD, Kiran and Khirman were available for sale in the center. He said that official price of wheat seed per bag of 50 kilogramme was RS 2100. He said that 1200 bags of wheat seed were available at this time in the center and urged the wheat growers to gain the certified wheat seed from this center for getting more than wheat production. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 26. First dengue fever case was diagnosed here on Tuesday in the medical ward of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas. Report said that Shremti Reewa, 25, wife of Hemraj Kolhi, and also mother of three children, resident of Shahi Water, taluka Hussain Bux Mari was brought on Monday in serious condition at the civil hospital Mirpurkhas after which she was admitted in the medical ward and doctors get her different test including blood test in which she was diagnosed as patient of Dengue fever. Physician Dr Balchand and Dr Imtiaz Memon have decided to refer her to Abbasi Shaheed hospital for proper treatments of dengue fever disease. Doctors told this scribe that proper treatment facilities for Dengue fever patient was not available here and all facilities in this regard was available officially in the Abbasi Shaheed hospital at Karachi so she has been referred there sothat she might be acquired proper treatments under supervision of specialist doctors. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 26. Nara canal area water board has approved the increase of water rate used for industrial purpose as water rate RS 1 per 1000 gallon water to RS 10 per 1000 gallon water and closure of water supply of those distributaries which farmer organization was failed to pay Aabian (water tax). This approval was given in the meeting of Nara canal area water board held here on Tuesday presided by its chairman Mir Tarique Hussain Talpure that was attended by general manager transition of Sindh irrigation drainage authority SIDA Nazeer Eisani, director area water board Piar Ali Gadiwan, members Zahid Bhurgari, Ch Maqbool Ahmed, Madam Abida Thehrani, Dr Fatah Mohammad Mari, executive engineers Mansoor Memon, Nasrullah Soomro, Anwer Ali Siaal and others. Meeting further decided to make new agreements with those used water for industrial purposes including sugar mills according to new rates of water. Meeting decided to convene the meeting of chairmen of farmer organizations next week to ensure recovery of Aabiana (water tax) and further decided that notices would be served to chairman farmer organizations who would not achieve the target of Aabiana recovery and in next phase water supply would be close to distributaries which chairman fail to recover the water tax target. Meeting decided to hand over the application of Dubai based Aldahra company to sub committee seeking the water from Nara canal for cultivation of 2500 acres agriculture land, while the sub committee will visit the site and will submit its report after which further decision will be taken in this regard. Chairman Mir Tarique Hussain Talpure said that total water availability condition at present in Nara canal is better and newly appointed engineers of Jamrao, Mithrao and Thar divisions were ensuring to reach the water till tail end of the water channels. General manager transition of SIDA Nazeer Eisani said that record regarding the arrears of government departments of water tax be handed over to area water board sothat contact might be made to higher authorities for their recovery.Later, chairman of the area water board has distributed the certificates among the 26 Aabdars and canals who have acquired the all official information during the training session about the recovery of Aabiana (water tax). On this occasion, training coordinator of SIDA Sarwar Shehwani and manager revenue of SIDA Aftab Memon were also present. On this occasion engineers and members of the area water board have heared the problems of the Aabdars and canals and assured them that their problems would be resolved on priority basis. 
MIRPURKHAS Oct 26. Different suggestions and proposals were given in the meeting held here on Tuesday presided by DCO Mirpurkhas to review the decision of shifting of the T.B hospital Mirpurkhas from middle of the city to outside on fruitful place. EDO revenue Bachal Rahepota, DDO CDD Nadeemur Rehman Memon, representatives of different NGOs and associations, lawyers, journalists, landlords, doctors etc attended the meeting. DCO Ghulam Hussain Memon told the meeting that district T.B association Mirpurkhas that has big properties and assets had decided in its meeting to shift the Old T.B. hospital out of the city at healthy atmosphere. In this connection, he said that it was decided to include the citizens and representatives of different NGOs, organizations and associations in this process to keep transparency in the auction of its old building plot, purchasing the fruitful land for construction of the T.B hospital. He further said that old building of the T.B hospital was in pathetic condition and that is only a plot which is costly as situated in the middle of the city. He said that received suggestions and proposals have been written to include in the future strategy to shift the hospital outside the city. Participators given different suggestions but allowed to shifting of the hospital outside the city and auction of old plot. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 25. District officer health (medical and public health) and incharge polio eradication campaign Dr Ashfaque Ahmed Khan has said that people should get administered the polio drops to their under 5 years age children during each polio eradication campaign to save their children from permanent disability. He was speaking at the training programme of zonal supervisors and area incharges at EDO health office here on Monday. He further said that at this time Mirpurkhas district is polioless district and better measures were being taken to term or maintain the district polioless condition. He directed the zonal supervisors and area incharges that they should work properly without any kind of inefficiency and play their massive role to make the campaign successful . He advised them to adopt better strategy to provide the polio drops door to door to the deserved children. He said that work was being made in 6 union councils of the district to provide properly and at the time the polio vaccine to the children. He said that all the lady health workers were bound to give vaccine to each deserve children and do care not to leave any deserve children of giving the polio drops. He further said that campaign will be launched from Nov 1 to Nov 6 to give the vaccine to the mother and children for their better health. DDO health Dr Khalid Memon also briefed about the information of the polio disease. Doctors, zonal supervisors, area incharges and lady health workers participated in the meeting. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 24. Robbery in jeweler shop at Kot Ghulam Mohammad town has led to the closure of the shops in the markets in protest while protest demonstration was also staged by jewelers and shopkeepers demanding the authorities to arrest immediately the involved robbers on Sunday. Report said that three armed robbers at a bike reached at the shop of Mohammad Khan Jeweler near meat Market in the KGM town in morning, held hostage to the shopkeeper Mohammad Sami, son of Mohammad Khan on gun point and looted gold ornaments from the showcase of the shop of about RS 12 lakhs and fled away from the spot . In reaction of the robbery all the markets and bazaars were closed in the protest while enraged shopkeepers took out protest rally and also burnt the old tyres at the different places of the town. Protesters led by jewelers Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Khan, Preet Kumar and Arjan Kumar raised slogans against the KGM police and demanded the authorities to ensure immediate arresting of the involved culprits. They marched through main roads and reached at KGM police station where they held protest demonstration. Speakers on this occasion accused that law and order has been deteriorated in the taluka Kot Ghulam Mohammad owing to inefficiency of the local police while robbers, thieves and other criminals were roaming without any fear. They alleged the police for their completely failure to control the growing crimes. They urged the higher authorities to take immediate notice of disturb law and order situation, take special measures by replacing the SPO KGM and ensure immediate nabbing the involved culprits and recover the booty (gold ornaments). During this SHO KGM Lala Javed and SPO KGM Sher Khan Rind negotiated with the enraged protesters and sought the 12 hours for apprehending the involved culprits. But the enraged protesters were not agreed for giving the time to police during this local PPP leaders Abid Kaim Khani and Mohammad Aslam Dal intervened in that situation and negotiated with the protesters and police officers and agreed to the protesters to give time of 12 hours to local police for arresting the escaped accused. Later the protesters dispersed peacefully. However no case of this incident was lodged with KGM police station till filing of the news.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 24. Child specialist and incharge peads ward of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas Dr Ghazi Khan Mari has called upon the higher authorities to ensure supply of newly recommended drug of World health organization WHO Misonate (Artisonate) for providing to Malaria (Felciparum) resistant cases as in past Malaria (Felciparum) resistant patients had been admitted in the peads ward of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas. Talking to the local news man, Dr Ghazi Khan Mari said that last year over such 50 cases of Malaria (Felciparum) resistant were appeared despite using two to three times all recommended medicines of WHO to them and there test were appearing positive of Malaria (Felciparum) . He stressed acute need of newly recommended drug Misonate (Artisonate) sothat such kind of patients could get relief. He said that we had tried to give all WHO recommended medicines of Malaria Felciparum patients last year but severe resistant appeared and positive result of Malaria (Felciparum) test of dozens of indoor patients were appeared, creating the severe difficulties to the doctors to give relief to the patients . He said that above newly recommended drug had been provided to officials of Malaria control programme at Hyderabad but still district Mirpurkhas was yet deprived of that drug to give relief to the Malaria resistant cases. He said that daily two to three patients of Malaria are reporting to the civil hospital Mirpurkhas and five patients of Malaria were admitted in the different wards of the civil hospital. He said that senior child specialist Dr Ghulam Rasool Buriro and woman medical officer Dr Perveen Khan were also supervised the treatment of Malaria cases particularly in peads ward of the civil hospital. He urged the authorities to ensure supply of sufficient quantity of WHO newly recommended above drug to civil hospital Mirpurkhas as well as other government hospitals of the district sothat doctors could provide proper treatment to the Malaria (Falciparum) cases in the district.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 23. Sessions court Mirpurkhas has ordered to set free the 63 bonded labours including women and children following recording their statements here on Saturday, while they were produced by Kot Ghulam Mohammad police in the sessions court Mirpurkhas. According to KGM police, on the orders of sessions court Mirpurkhas, they had carried out raids on Friday at the farmlands of landlord Saifullah Arain, Budho Kaim Khani and Pappo Malhi in the limit of KGM police and recovered the 63 bonded labours including women and children from illegal confinement. They said that today they produced them in the session’s court as per directives of the court. Recovered bonded labours Mewo, Gamo and others told the newsmen that they were working at the farmland without any share of crops for last various years while forced labour work was being taken them even they were deprived of any kind of medical facility. They accused that they had to face torture when they moved to other places from the farm land. They expressed their happiness over their independence.

Friday, October 22, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 22. Various residential areas of Hesco Hirabad sub division were fell into darkness when a over loaded truck hit the electricity wires at Khipro Naka chowk as result wires were broken and 200 KV power transformer was burnt here on Thursday night . Report said that a truck no 0898, loaded with scrap was on his way that owing to overloading it was collided with the electricity wires as result wires were broken and fire broke out in the 200 KV power transformer installed at the Khipro Naka chowk as result that was burnt and power supply to various localities including Gulshan Rehmania colony, Pak colony, Modal town etc were suspended. Line superintendent of Hesco Hirabad sub division Mushtaque Ahmed reached at the spot while town police stopped that truck and taken into custody its driver Abdul Qadir. However after few hours the detained truck driver and its truck were released by the town police officials. When contacted Line superintendent Mushtaque Ahmed told that police have released the detained driver and truck after taking alleged illegal gratification. He said that burnt transformer was being shifted to repair shop for repairing purpose. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 22. Divisional head Marketing of State life insurance corporation of Pakistan Syed Shaukat Hussain Kazmi has said that State life insurance of Pakistan has been providing the financial support of 2 and half percent of its annual profit to the Government and was not taken any money from the government even suffered itself of all expenses of the corporation. He was speaking at the press conference here on Friday in the State life building Mirpurkhas after attending the prize distribution ceremony of the field staff and other office bearers of the corporation. He said that his corporation was under commerce ministry and since 1975 its bonus has being increasing uptill now as 14 Arabs and 97 crors of bonus were given to policy holders. He expressed that different department of the government were running in losses and taking aid from the government while it is only the corporation that is paying huge amount to government without receiving any financial aid from the government. He said that there are now 26 zones of state life insurance corporation in the country while it has also assets in foreign countries as it was running Gulf operation at Dubai , Abu Dhabi , and Kawait. He added that new offices of the corporation were being opened in Behrain , Qatar and Sharja. He told that corporation has also its life fund of RS 212 Arabs. He expressed that unemployment increasing in the country but we offer the able people to come forward and join state life insurance Corporation as profession for strong and better future of their families. He said that we are saved the families that are important work in the society. He said that efficiency of the Mirpurkhas zone is better and we wanted to go it on top position in the country. He said that he saw today very much talent among the youths and masses here and people of Mirpurkhas are very cooperative. On this occasion, zonal chief Mirpurkhas Syed Sagheer Rizvi and head of marketing of Sindh and Balochistan Syed Hassan Raza were also present.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 22. Joint meeting of Sindh Sahafi Sangat, Mirpurkhas union of Journalist and National press club have strongly condemned the local police for its failure to nab the nominated accused of the robbery case of local journalist Ali Jan Bhatti. Meeting was held presided by Mohammad Hasidim Shar, has expressed that two days back some persons had attacked upon the office of local journalist Ali Jan Bhatti and committed robbery that case was lodged with town police station and nominated Saleem Arain and Saleem Malik alias Shuai as accused but police instead to nab them detained one Sajid Qambrani who is brother of Majid Qambrani, wittneess of the robbery case to force the complainant to withdraw the case. Meeting expressed concern that threats were being issued to Ali Jan Bhatti by the above nominated accused on telephone. Meeting accused that ASP under training was supporting the nominated accused even openly directing the police officials not to arrest the accused Saleem Arain and Saleem Malik alias Shuai. Meeting warned that local journalists would soon stage protest demonstration against the under training ASP Mirpurkhas for his illegal activities. Meeting deplored that police were already failed to arrest the accused of the attempt to kidnap the local journalist Sajjad Rind and cameraman Zeeshan Khan despite lodging the attempt to kidnapping case with Satellite town police station. Meeting demanded the Sindh chief minister, provincial police officer, RPO Hyderabad and DIG Mirpurkhas to take immediate notice and ensure arresting of the nominating accused and provide the safety to the local journalists.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 21. An unmarried girl along with her brother and a married woman along with her 3 months daughter have been abducted from the limit of Jhuddo police station few days ago. Report received that complainant Nangar Bheel, resident of village Qadir Bux Leghari has lodged the case under section 365(B), 364(A), 452 and 34 PPC with Jhuddo police station on Oct 18 night , accusing that accused Fatto Bheel, Ramo Bheel and others came to his house and forcibly abducted his daughter Shremti Weran , 16, and son Allah Dino , 7, and escaped away. In another incident Bacho Chandio, resident near Dajero Mori has registered the FIR under section 365(B), 364(A), 452 and 34 PPC with Jhuddo police station on Oct 18 night, accusing that accused Ghulam Mohammad Chandio and other unknown persons with arms reached his house and forcibly abducted his wife Ms Shahida and his daughter Ms Yasmeen, 3 months, and escaped away. However, report added that despite passing three months police were failed to recover them. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 21. Wheat sowing has been started in the district particularly in taluka Jhuddo amidst acute shortage of irrigation water. Sources said that Rabi season was started from Oct 15 while mostly landlords were busy to prepare their lands for sowing the wheat and other crops. Early crop than other areas of the Sindh province were produced in the district Mirpurkhas. However, sources added that irrigation water shortage will adversely affect the wheat sowing particularly in tail end districts Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Sanghar and Tharparkar as these were situated in the tail of the command area of Nara canal in which over 30 lakhs acres were cultivated but sources said that owing to large scale water stealing , mismanagement of the irrigation officials in upper Nara canal , tail end above districts of the command area were faced acute water shortage almost 8 to 10 months each year. At this time, 10000 cusec water discharge is being supplied in Nara canal against its requirement quantity of 16000 cusec. It may be recalled that more than production of different crops including chili, Mango, onion, cotton, wheat, sugarcane , sunflower etc were produced than other areas of the province but unfortunately abadgars were suffered also losses owing to non availability of the irrigation water in tail end areas of the distributaries. Sources said that mostly abadgars and landlords were acquired more than water after paying alleged illegal gratification to the irrigation officials. Sources further said that mostly water stealing was made with connivance of irrigation officials. Last year wheat sowing target was given for district 63000 hectors but wheat was sowed about 64180 hectors. This year sofar wheat sowing target was not yet received to the agriculture department Mirpurkhas, however in taluka Jhuddo, many abadgars have been started to sow the wheat crop. Sources added that irrigation departments have launched the rotation programme to cover the shortage of water while over 50 distributaries and minors were lying dry in the command area of Nara canal owing to implementation upon the rotation programme. Chairman Farmer organization council FOC Sindh chapter Javed Ahmed Junejo and Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate, vice president Sindh abadgar board SAB district Mirpurkhas chapter have strongly condemned the irrigation authorities for releasing less water in Nara canal head against the requirements of the water , talking to the local news man they demanded the Sindh chief minister, irrigation minister, secretary irrigation and director Nara canal to take immediate notice and ensure releasing of irrigation water in Nara canal according to requirements. An official of irrigation department told that less water quantity was being supplied in Nara canal head from Sukkur barrage as result tail end areas were facing about 50 percent water shortage but officials were making efforts to supply the water till tail end abadgar by implementing on rotation programme. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 20. At least four accused were rounded up by Mirpurkhas police involved in three different heinous cases and recovered from their possession a kidnapped landlord, two cars used in the crime and sizable quantity of illegal arms. This was stated by Zulfikar Maher, DPO Mirpurkhas and Jan Mohammad Barhamani, SP investigation Mirpurkhas, while speaking at the joint press conference here on Tuesday evening at DPO office Mirpurkhas. Giving details, they said that on Sept 20, two cattle traders Mohammad Qureshi and Mohammad Akram Kaim Khani , resident of Tandoallahyar were on their way to Jhuddo from Digri in the car that armed dacoits intercepted them and tried to loot them but on resistance one of the dacoit opened fire on them as result they were killed on the spot. They further said that on the tip off, Mirpurkhas police with the help of Hyderabad police carried out raids in the district Hyderabad and arrested one of the dacoit Dhani Bux Abro while other accused including Dawood Gaskhkori, influential police personnel Ubhayo Nohri, Majeed Makrani, Balocho Makrani, Zahid Panhwer and Javed Qureshi were absconders in this case . They added that police recovered a car no: W-0957 and an unlicensed TT pistol were recovered from the arrested accused. They further said that case under section 14(4) HO, 6/7 Anti terrorist act ATA, 302, and 34 PPC was lodged with Digri police station and decided to challan it in the Anti terrorism court.They giving detail of another case of looting the loaded trucks of cotton and chili in the jurisdiction of Kot Ghulam Mohammad police station , said that police have arrested two accused of this gang including Ali Khan Khoso and Pervez Mewo and recovered from their possession 1 repeater, 5 cartridges, one TT pistol and 6 bullets and a car  used in the  crime. They said that case under section 352, 324, 147, 120-A, 148, 149, PPC and under 13 –D arms ordinance were lodged with Kot Ghulam Mohammad police station against them.They regarding the kidnapping of the landlord, said that on a tip of heavy contingents of police carried out raid at the village Shahnawaz Nohani in the limit of Digri police station and recovered the kidnapped landlord Mohammad Nawaz Bhurgari, who was kidnapped for ransom two months back and apprehended accused Mewo Ghalo from the spot and recovered from his possession unlicensed a single barrel gun , 1 Kalashnikov, 16 bullets and 14 cartridges. They said that other accused involved in the kidnapping for ransom case were still at large and strategy was being discussed to nab them. DPO Zulfikar Maher said that drastic measures were being taken to control the crime in the city while snap checking of the vehicles was continued and raids were being conducted to capture the culprits involved in robberies and dacoities.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 20. Complete strike was observed here on Wednesday on the call of All Anjuman e Tajiran Mirpurkhas to express solidarity with the traders of Karachi while on behalf of MQM Mirpurkhas zone mourn day was also observed to protest against the Sher Shah incident and target killing at Karachi . All the markets and bazaars of the city including cloth market, Hilal Market, Shahi Bazaar, grain market, Khisak Pura, Municipal shopping center, police shopping center, electronic market, Umerkot road, Mirwah road, Sir Syed road, M.A.Jinnah road, etc remained close whole day. Traffic was thin , petrol pumps and CNG stations remained also close while thin transports were plying at different routs including Mirpurkhas Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas Umerkot, Mirpurkhas Mithi, Mirpurkhas Sanghar and Mirpurkhas Khipro from here. Roads were deserted look as mostly people remained indoor. while strict security arrangements were made by DPO Mirpurkhas to avert any untoward incident as police personnels were deployed at main chowks, roads, markets, bazaars and entry and exit ways of the city. No untoward incident was reported from any part of the city. On behalf of MQM Mirpurkhas zone, mourn day was observed as protest black banners and flags were hoisted at the MQM zone office and at different chowks of the city. Quran Khawani and Fateha Khawani were held under Mirpurkhas MQM zone at Jinnah hall  and a large numbers of its office bearers, workers and citizens participated.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 20. Ms Zareena Magsi, resident of Bhansinghabad has called upon the president, prime minister, Chief justice Supreme court, Chief justice Sindh high court and other concerned authorities to ensure arresting of the accused of murder case of his son Mehboob Magsi, 22, who was brutally killed by accused Abdul Ghaffar son of Balochi Khan, Mohammad Khan s/o Balochi Khan and Inam Khan on Sept 26 in the limit of Satellite town police station. Speaking at a press conference here on Wednesday at local press club, she accused of the investigation police of Satellite town for not arresting the above involved accused despite passing a month to his murder. She said that murder case had lodged with Satellite town police station but investigation police allegedly get bribe from the accused for giving them opportunity for roaming freely without any fear . She alleged that accused were belong to drug Mafia and land Mafia and alleged that police were disturbing her to withdraw the case instead to ensure arresting of the accused. She said that the date of her deceased son's marriage was fixed after one month of his murder, while she added that deceased was the only person supported her house financially. She demanded the higher authorities to take notice of gross inefficiency of the investigation police of Satellite town police station ensure arresting of the involved culprits and punish them exemplary. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 20. Chief Editor of local Sindhi weekly Paigham e Sindh newspaper, also district reporter of daily Ibrat was looted by two armed robbers here on Tuesday night in front of taxi stand at across the Umerkot road. Report said that Ali Jan Bhatti, chief editor of local weekly Sindhi Paigham e Sindh newspaper and district reporter daily Ibrat was sitting in his office “Bhatti press” that two armed persons entered into his office, held hostage him and his employee Maqsood on gun point and looted cash RS 13200, gold rings, costly two cell fone , necessary documents and fled away from the spot on bike. As the report received local journalists and police were reached at the spot and get information about the incident. MQM Mirpurkhas zone incharge Azeem Danish, members’ zonal committee and ex naib district nazim Mirpurkhas Dr Zafar Ahmed Kamali were also reached at the spot for acquiring the information. Victim journalist Ali Jan Bhatti told that he had informed satellite town police in written two days back that accused Saleem Arain was issuing him threats of dire consequences but police failed to heed as result after two days robbery incident took place. Ali Jan Bhatti has lodged the case with town police station against the accused Saleem Arain, Saleem Malik alias Shuai and two unknown persons. Advisor to Sindh chief minister for information Sharmeela Farooque , talking to Afaq Ahmed Khan, president Mirpurkhas Union of Journalist , on cell phone expressed concern over the sad incident and ensure arresting of the involved culprits. She said that each possible measure will be taken for providing protection to the lives and properties of the journalists in the tenure of Awami government. Meanwhile, National press club Mirpurkhas, Mirpurkhas Union of Journalist and Sindh Sahafi Sangat Mirpurkhas have demanded the Sindh chief minister to arrest the involved culprits and punish them exemplary. Besides, different political, social and religious parties and their representatives have strongly condemned this incident and demanded immediate arresting of the involved accused. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 20. Regional seed point of Sindh seed corporation has been opened in the premises of office of district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas where different varieties of certified seed of wheat was available at the government price and wheat growers should buy the certified seed of wheat for  increasing wheat production. This was stated by Yar Mohammad Khaskheli, district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas while speaking as chief guest at the seminar held at Mirwah Gorchani on Wednesday in connection of ongoing “Grow more wheat campaign”. He advised the growers to adopt modern technology to cultivate crops including wheat to  increase the production and added that in this connection Pamphlets were being distributed while knowledgeable seminars were also being held on union council level in the district to motivate the growers to grow more than wheat crop to make  the country self sufficient in wheat production. He said that 200 bags of wheat varieties TD1, Sakrand1 and Kiran have been reached in the regional seed point at Mirpurkhas for distribution among the growers. Agriculture expert Muhammad Shaaban Nonari of Tandojam agriculture institution described regarding the selection of land for cultivation of wheat, early procedure of preparation of land with modern machinery, recommended wheat varieties , use of seed quantity of wheat  through drilling and broad casting systems. Tanveer Akram , DDO agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Abdul Jabbar Memon, progressive landlord Ali Ahmed Gorchani, ex naib nazim of U.C Mirwah Gorchani and landlord Imam Bux Rind also briefed the participators to take benefit of the modern technology, to use modern machinery that is available in the agriculture department on low rent and to use also proper fertilizers to become able to increase per acre yield. Tanveer Akram, regional sales manager of Ali Akbar Presticide Company also spoke the seminar. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 19. Pesticide and fertilizer dealers of the district Mirpurkhas are allegedly violating the rules of the government under the provision of agriculture pesticide ordinance 1971 amended upto 1997&rules 1971 amended upto date and Sindh fertilizer control Act 1994 and rules 1999 as they have no registration of their godowns from district agriculture extension department Mirpurkhas and maintaining the relevant records of their shops. Report said that there are about 265 pesticide and fertilizer dealers in the district but no one godown was registered with concerned agriculture extension department as result concerned officials were away to check their stocks of fertilizer and pesticides . Report said that owing to non registration of their secret godowns they were involved in hoarding the fertilizers even allegedly sale the fertilizers on high rate when the required fertilizers were not available easily at the shops. Sources said that dealers of pesticide and fertilizers did not maintained their stock register, sale register, cash memo and price list. When contacted district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli told the local news man that notices were served to the pesticide and fertilizer dealers to inform that Sindh agriculture department has been constituted a team for verification of pesticide and fertilizer dealer shops along with their all relevant record including sale point along with registered godowns, cash Memos(printed), stamp/seal, Dealing registers(daily sale register, stock register , invoices etc), License of pesticide/ fertilizer from agriculture department, Dealership certificate from companies and other releant record, while he added that they were directed in the notices that to complete the requirements/documents before the arrival of team at your sale /point /shops under the provision of Agriculture pesticide ordinance 1971 amended upto 1997& rules 1971 amended upto date and Sindh fertilizer control Act 1994 and rules 1999, but he added that despite passing over 6 months to serve these notices but no any pesticide and fertilizer dealer has fulfilled the requirements as to acquire the registration of godowns from concerned department and other documents etc. He said that all the dealers had godowns and stored the pesticide and fertilizers in huge quantity but no godown of any dealer was yet registered by concerned department. He further said that only three dealer had informed in written that they have only sale point but have no any godown. He said that he has informed the higher authorities regarding the violation of rules and regulation by the pesticide and fertilizer dealers of the district and deplored that they have approached even pressurizing the officers through influential political personalities while he accused that they were also issued threats of filing baseless cases in the court against officials and also implicating them in false cases of demanding the birbe. He said that recently when he took legal action against a dealer while his fertilizer sample was found unfit during testing through laboratory but in reply he added that he along with other officials are facing various inquiries ordered by different higher authorities in which complainant All fertilizer and pesticide dealers association had accused baseless and fabricated allegations upon him and his colleagues. He urged the higher authorities to take notice and implement on the rules and regulation and prompt legal action against the faulty or guilty pesticide and fertilizer dealers of the district.

Monday, October 18, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 18. Incharge medical ward of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas and his wife also doctor were robbed by three armed motor cyclists in Satellite town area in day light here on Monday. Report said that Gastroenteritis Dr Abdul Qadir , incharge medical ward of the civil hospital Mirpurkhas and his wife Dr Farhana , who is also appointed as medical officer in dispensary of PTCL Mirpurkhas were on their way to house in their car that unknown three armed motor cyclists intercepted them and looted cash RS 10000, two mobile cell phones and gold ornaments of thousands of rupees and escaped away from the spot. Satellite town police have been informed about this incident by Dr Abdul Qadir; however no case of this incident was lodged till filing of the news.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 18. On the general complaints, judicial magistrate Mirpurkhas and district drug inspector have conducted raids in the local wholesale drugs market here on Monday and took sample of medicine and checked also official records of the wholesale shops. Report said that Judicial Magistrate Mirpurkhas Ahmed Nawaz Dombki along with district drug inspector Mirpurkhas Sain Dino Nohri carried out raids in the local wholesale market of the drugs and took sample of unregistered herbal medicine Invervit , while raiding party also checked the official records of the whole sale shops in the market and searched the illegal medicines , while on this occasion Mohammad Rafique Arain, president drug and chemist association district Mirpurkhas was also reached at the spot. Report said that after receiving alleged information all the illegal unregistered medicines and samples were replaced from the shops by shopkeepers before the raid. Panic was spread in the wholesale market of the drug. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 18. Vice president Sindh abadgar board district Mirpurkhas chapter Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate has expressed concern over the acute shortage of water in tail end districts of Nara canal causing adversely affecting the sowing of wheat and other crops of Rabi season. In a press statement issued here on Monday, he deplored that as the Rabi season started and people had prepared their lands for cultivation the wheat crop irrigation authorities gradually decreased the water discharge in the Nara canal head causing about 50 percent shortage of water in tail end districts Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Sanghar and Tharparkar. He expressed that agriculture department had already been launched its Grow more wheat campaign in the districts and in seminars being held on union council level experts were advising the growers to grow more than wheat crop at their lands and giving knowledge of modern technology but he regretted that efforts of agriculture department and its Grow more wheat campaign will be fail if the main factor of agriculture, irrigation water was not released properly or supplied to the tail end areas of the Nara canal command area according to their requirements. Maher regretted that agriculture sector had already been suffered big losses in past particularly during flood condition but government should provide more than facilities to the growers for strengthen the agriculture sector and more than production of crops. He said that during a week about 1500 cuses water discharge was decreased in Nara canal head as at this time only 10200 cusec water discharge is being supplied to Nara canal head instead of required quantity 16000 cusec. He deplored that to ensure providing water till tail end abadgars, XENs of Jamrao, Mithrao and Thar divisions were preparing rotation programme of their divisions as result wheat sowing would be adversely affected. He accused that owing to unknown causes government was not taking the legal action against the water thieves and installed illegal pumping machines and their owners installed at both banks of Nara canal in district Khairpur. He called upon the Sindh chief minister, irrigation minister, secretary irrigation and chairman Sindh irrigation and drainage authority SIDA to take immediate notice of acute water shortage in the tail end above districts and ensure proper required supply of water in Nara canal head and remove the installed illegal pumping machines and legal action against the water thieves. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 18. Government secondary teachers’ association district Mirpurkhas GSTA has decided to launch the protest campaign from Oct 19 in the district against the district government failure to implement on issuance of time scale orders to the local teachers. This decision was taken in the meeting of GSTA district Mirpurkhas held here on Monday, presided by its president Iqbal Ahmed panhwer, meeting strongly condemned the district government and demanded the Sindh government to take notice in this regard. It was told the meeting that time scale notification was issued to teachers by Sindh government on June 7, 2010 but it was not yet implemented in the district Mirpurkhas as result resentment and unrest were prevailed among the teachers. Meeting accused that EDO finance was the hurdle for issuance of order of time scale to teachers and accused that EDO finance was also making illegal committees in the education department and directly making intervention in the education department. Meeting issued the protest schedule as on Oct 19, to 24, daily token hunger strike will be observed from 10 AM to 4 PM in front of local press club while on Oct 25, protest rally will be taken out from Government Shah Waliullah high school to DCO office Mirpurkhas after which protest meeting will be held to prepare future planning.

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