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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Dec 15. Food technology laboratory that had been constructed in the premises of Sindh horticulture research institute Mirpurkhas for producing juice or pulp particularly of Mango had been successfully tested by the officials but due to absence of Mango season it was lying unfunction. Report said that in the tenure of ex Sindh chief minister Arbab Ghulam Rahim , project of RS 50 millions was prepared in 2002 for construction of food technology laboratory along with 4 bunglows, 8 quarters and a seminar hall but its was implemented late due to unknown causes as result sofar 4 bunglows, 8 quarters and building of laboratory were completed while seminar building was lying incomplete. The purpose to establish the food technology laboratory was to produce pulp of Mango for exporting as due to lake of knowledge and short implementation on post harvest treatment, 75 percent of mango production was wastage each year and with preparing the pulp the mango fruit will be utilized properly as pulp will be export saving it’s damages in huge quantity. Director Sindh horticulture research institute Mirpurkhas Dr Atta Hussain Soomro said that different kinds of pulp of fruits were being produced by India for exporting while food technology laboratory Mirpurkhas has been established and machinery was in running condition but at this time, he added that there is no season of Mango crop here as result it was lying without function. He told that Sindhri Mango is not proper for pulp and Langra mango is appropriate for pulp production here and added that mango kind Alfanso was being used for pulp in India as India was advanced in producing pulp of mango. He further said that for running the machinery of producing pulp, 5 to 7 tons of required quantity of Mango are not available here and said that above laboratory will be given on lease to private companies or contractor to continue its function. He told that private contractor will available the required quantity of mango and will pack the pulp and then it will be exported. He said that the mango orchards of the institute had already been given on contract and administration of the institute might not be run it with success on regular basis. He told that representatives of Pakola and Pepsi companies had been approached to him for getting the laboratory on lease. He said that we could get pulp of other fruits with changing of wire networking of the machinery. He further said that he has been furnished proposal to government for leasing out the above laboratory for it’s continuous running. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 15. Matami processions of 8th Muharram were taken out and majalis were held in various Imam Bargahs in the city amidst strict security arrangements here on Wednesday. Report said that Majalis were held at different Imam Bargahs including Azakhana Zuhra, Makhan Shah shrine, Al Mashadi, Panjtani Imam Bargah, Taqi Shah, Hazara, Haidery, Abotarab etc amidst strict security arrangements as body search was taken of each person entering into the Imam Bargah. Heavy police and Rangers personnels were deployed at the Imam Bargahs and ways of the Matami processions to control any untoward incident. While the administration had been sealed the ways of processions with the help of iron wires. Processions were taken out from Haidery Imam Bargah while other procession was taken out from Abotarab Imam Bargah and after marching through main roads ended to reach Haidery and Abotarab Imam Bargahs. A Matami procession was taken out from Chaki Para and ended to reach at Khari quarter. Procession was taken out from Khari quarter to shrine Makhan Shah and a procession was taken out from Nai Para and ended at its destination. CC-TV cameras were installed at the sensitive buildings and officials of bomb disposal squad have also checked the ways of the Matami processions. DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfiqar Maher told the newsmen that strict security arrangements had been made on the sensitive places, important chowks, entry and exit ways, Mosques, and all Imam Bargahs. He further said that 3 police control rooms have been setup in Municipal complex while 12 close circuit camera have also been installed at different places to check any miscreant, while 1200 police personnels along with 100 rangers’ personnels were day night giving their duties. Report said that Zakirs and participators of Majalis have strongly condemned the pro long load shedding of Hesco in Muharram month and warned that if any untoward incident was occurred hesco or Wapda will be responsible of any untoward incident. 

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