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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Dec 1. Inspection and complaints unit Hyderabad of Zari Taraqiati bank Limited has taken notice of written complaint of Dr Mohammad Jahangir, chairman Almati international trust Mirpurkhas against the illegal activities of Sikander Shah, cashier of Zarai Taraqiati bank limited ZTBL Mirpurkhas and fixed the date of inquiry on Thursday Dec 2nd at 10 AM at ZTBL Mirpurkhas branch. It may be recalled that above complainant had furnished the complaint to higher authorities of ZTBL, accusing that cashier Sikander Shah of the Mirpurkhs branch was allegedly involved in illegal activities as has been supporting the criminals and issuing him threats of dire consequences. Inquiry officer /Assistant vice president Manzoor Hussain Waggan has directed in the letter to manager ZTBL Mirpurkhas branch that he along with all staff of the branch will remained present on above date and time along with relevant papers and statement of the account of complainant. He further directed the cashier Sikander Shah to attend the enquiry on the above fixed date and time at Mirpurkhas branch. When contacted complainant Dr Mohammad Jahangir told that above cashier had been given surety of documents and papers of properties various times in the local court for granting the bail before arrest of the criminals gang while during his duty time he had been visited to the local courts various times for 3 to 5 hours and he was remained absent during this from his duty with connivance of branch manager.When tried to contact with above cashier for his comments but his cell phone was off. 
MIRPURKHAS Dec 1. District medical and public health officer Dr Mohammad Ashfaque Khan has said that Aids diseases is the non treatment disease and stressed need of complete awareness to the common people in this regard. He was speaking as chief guest at a seminar held here under augies of health department at health technician school Mirpurkhas to mark the international Aids day. According to a handout issued here on Wednesday. He further said that owing to implementation on precautionary steps people could be saved from this disease because of there was no any vaccine of this disease. He said that mostly Aids disease was affected after reusing the used siring and illegal sexual relations. He expressed  that symptoms of this disease were unusual influenza, over a month long continuous fever, continuous cough and red mark on the body, so all the doctors and para medical staff are responsible to provide the all knowledge of this disease to each patient sothat people might be saved from this disease. Health education officer Sakeena Baloch told that this disease was started in foreign countries in 1981 while it was appeared in Pakistan in 1987 and this disease could also found in HIV Patients except common person. Those also delivered their lectures on precautionary steps of this disease including Dr Mohammad Saeed, Physician Dr Balchand Motiani and vice principal health technician school Dr Fareeda. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 1. Passengers of Thar express train have been reduced following the strict visa conditions of India after Bombay attack in 2008 as result it was running in losses. Report said that in tenure of General Pervez Musharraf in 2005, after prolong demands of people of Sindh to open the Khokhropar Monabao route, Thar express train was started its travel between Indo-Pak through the above route. Thar express train was left the Karachi for Monabao and it was stayed at Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Zero point in Pakistan and then reached to Monabao station in India after completion of custom proceedings at Zero point railway station. People from Sindh who wanted to go to India through Thar express train to meet their relatives had been compelled to approach to Indian Embassy at Islamabad for getting visa. However still the old demand to establish the Indian embassy at Karachi was not fulfilled. Interested people have been suffering the heavy expenses of travel to Islamabad and stay there for acquiring the Indian visa. From 1100 to 1200 till passengers were going to India from Sindh through Thar express train in start while averagely a ticket was of RS 300 per passenger for going to India through this train. But suddenly in 2008, incident of Bombay attack occurred as result Indian government taking preventive measures made difficult conditions for issuance of Indian Visa. Report said that interested people have been submitting the necessary documents including affidavit, utility bills under taking etc but very short quantity of Visa were issued as a result of which mostly interested people were deprived to travel to India to meet their relatives as result gradually the passengers of Thar express train have declined about 250 to 300. This train was traveled from Karachi to Monabao India each week. Report added that cause of declining the passengers was also not to full fill the demands of the Indian Embassy. Some interested people including Mohammad Furqan, Khurram, Mohammad Moosa Maher, Noor Nabi Chandio and others told the local news man that they had been applied to gain Visa for India despite suffering thousands of rupees as expenses but Visa was not issued them while they added that they had been fulfilled the requirements of the Visa. When contacted Chairman Railway workers union Manzoor Razi said that its service should not be halted as it is the international train and is only source of people of Sindh to meet with their relatives living mostly in Rajasthan, India through train services as they were reached at their destination in India in short travel . He said that its service was launched after prolong demand of the people of Sindh and demanded the Indian government to change its strict policy of issuance of Visa into easy conditions sothat interested people could complete the all required conditions and requested the Indian government to immediately establish the Indian Embassy at Karachi to save the people from additional expenses of travel to Islamabad and stayed there. When contacted to divisional superintendent railway department Karachi division Aftab Memon and asked him about the running of Thar express train in loss and whether its services might be affected due to heavy deficit of railway department, he said that Thar express train is the international train and only passengers wanted to go to India were traveled in it and added that its service will not be affected with deficit of railway department.

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