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Saturday, January 28, 2012

MIRPURKHAS Jan 28. Complete strike was observed in the city on the call of Nationalists parties here on Saturday. In morning armed unknown miscreants on bikes resorted heavy firing at different places in the city forcing the shopkeepers to put shut down their shutters. Miscreants also beated some shopkeepers near Jarwary Shakh, Pak colony, Hameed Pura colony, Hirabad etc while deployed police personnels did not intervene to stop the miscreants from damaging and torturing the shopkeepers. Panic remained prevail in the city whole day . Traffic was thin while transports were also stopped at their routs as result people faced hardships. All the petrol pumps and CNG service centers remained close in the city as result people faced difficulties for getting petrol and CNG gas for their bikes and vehicles. Some activists of nationalist parties have also burnt the tyres at M.A.Jinnah road and station road. Police were deployed at main chowk , roads and sensitive areas of the city to avert any untoward incident. Report received that strike was also observed at Digri , Jhuddo, Naokot and Kot Ghulam Mohammad.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 28. Deteriorated condition of Mir Sher Muhammad Talpure public school Mirpurkhas has forced the parents to shift their children to other private schools as number of students were decreasing as at this time about 95 boarding students were taking their education in the school, while in past about 265 boarding students had been acquired their education at a time from this school. Sources said that school condition had been deteriorated due to financial corruption and irregularities of principal of the school as Mohammad Azam Sahito was appointed as principal a year back by board of governor BOG of the school that was controversial as one of the candidate had gone in litigation. However during his one year tenure he was bound to increase quality education and standard of the school but unfortunately its condition was deteriorated due to alleged corruption and irregularities of principal . Sources said that Over ten staff of the school had yet allegedly been removed from their services on the base of different pretext even mostly staff had been issued show cause notices and explanations by the principal as result panic was created among the teachers even a day students of some class rooms had been boycotted the class rooms in protest of issuing baseless explaination to the teachers by the principal . Sources added that in 2010, above principal was allegedly removed from service as principal from Army public school district Dadu in charges of being involved in financial corruption . While in advertisement of inviting application for appointment of principal of Public school Mirpurkhas, candidate was bound to be aged above 35 years but at the time of his appointment as principal public school Mirpurkhas aged approximately 32 years, sources added. While sources revealed that there was bound to be principal with minimum experience of 15 years as teaching but all these rules were neglected by BOG of the school for his appointment even highly educated and having excess experiences candidates were neglected during appointment process of the school. Report said that district government Mirpurkhas had been provided grant RS 1 million to public school for maintenance of school campus , electrification and rehabilitation of the garden but unfortunately that grant was allegedly misappropriated  by principal who kept away the concerned purchased committee even himself allegedly made purchasing. Principal provided  report of utilization of funds to district government after which commissioner Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon, as chairman of the BOG of above public school convened the meeting of BOG on Nov 29, 2011 in which decided to special audit of the utilization report of grant RS 1 million within 10 days, but no special audit of that report was yet made. Sources said that Bursar (state officer) Ahmed Nawaz Soomro of the public school had also been submitted his report to commissioner Mirpurkhas on Nov 17, 2011 regarding the corruption and irregularities committed by the principal Mohammad Azam Sahito. In his report , sources added that he mentioned that during last a year, above principal had been drawn advance salaries many times as result sofar he had been received advance over RS 15000. He complained that above principal had also been drawn through cheques amount over RS 50000 in different times as advances for purchasing of different items which again is the sign of corruption as in the presence of other staff he alone was purchasing and submitting the bills without any codel formalities. He said that grant RS 1 million by the district government was single handedly used by the principal for purchase of goods, neither members of the purchase committee was involved in it nor the quotations and tenders were invited. This grant money was used in Karachi even bills and quotation provided to accounts department was computer printed by the principal himself. He said that above principal has been using improperly vehicles of the school for personal purpose even over a week when he had taken the vehicle to his native city Khairpur.

He complained that school’s 30 years raw material (books and registers) had been sold by the principal in his absence.
He expressed that mess of the school had been famous for the messing standards and food items provided to the students but since 5 months many complaints of students were received about the quality and quantity of food. He said that about 10 school employees had yet been illegally removed from the services by the principal. He alleged that principal was not only involved in financial embezzlements but also misbehaving and abusing the employees. It may be recalled that due to above deteriorated condition of the public school Mirpurkhas parents were forced to shift their children to other private schools as result about 95 students were getting their education in lake of facilities. While students were reportedly deprived of medical facilities due to unfunction of the school’s dispensary.
When contacted commissioner Mirpurkhas also chairman of BOG of public school Mirpurkhas said that there was dispute between principal and Bursar (state officer) Ahmed Nawaz Soomro and denied of any corruption even added that all the short money had been paid and BOG of the school had been ordered the audit of the grant money of RS 1 million provided to public school Mirpurkhas.
When contacted for comments principal Mohammad Azam Sahito said that all the allegations leveled on him were baseless and fabricated and there was no any issue of the school as last BOG meeting had been resolved all the matters.

Friday, January 27, 2012

MIRPURKHAS Jan 27. One person was axed to death in revenge of old murder near market chowk here on Friday. Report said that Dhano Bheel, 35, s/o Roopshi , resident of Jhurbi village after attending his hearing in the local court was on his way that near Municipal shopping center three armed persons attacked on him with axes as result he sustained serious wounds , rushed to civil hospital emergency where doctors pronounced him dead. One of the killer Bhudho Nohani , resident of Digri taluka was captured by police with the help of citizens when he was fleeing from the spot and recovered from his possession involved axe. The other two his accomplices Allah Din Nohani and Allahdino Nohani managed to escape from the spot. Arrested accused confessing his offence before the police said that deceased had been killed his cousin Allahyar Nohani two years back which case was in proceeding in the local court. He further said that he killed him in revenge of murder of his cousin. Town police on the complaint of Harchand Bheel , little brother of the deceased has lodged the murder case against the above three accused .

MIRPURKHAS Jan 27. Hesco Mirpurkhas division has been disconnected the power supply of different departments of TMA Mirpurkhas owing to not payment of hesco arrears here on Friday. Report said that Hesco officials disconnected the power supply of street lights, water supply and sewerage pumping stations and offices of TMA Mirpurkhas after not being paid arrears of RS one Arab and 73 crors. XEN hesco Mirpurkhas division Mohammad Farooque Afghan , when contacted told that various federal government departments and provincial government departments were defaulters of RS 3 Arab of Hesco  and added that today electricity supply was disconnected of TMA Mirpurkhas and on Saturday all the police department connections and railway department including railway colony and offices connections would be disconnected on non payment of Hesco dues. He said that various meetings in this regard had been held with concerned departments but they remained fail to pay hesco dues as result hesco Mirpurkhas division compelled to disconnect the connections of above government departments.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 27. Medical superintendent of taluka Hospital Pithoro was injured in armed attack by a person during his duty in the hospital on Friday. Injured Medical superintendent Dr Kirshan Khatri told this correspondent on telephone that he was on his official duty that a person entered with axe in the hospital and attacked with axe on him as result he sustained injuries while the armed person was captured by the people identified as Mansoor Chang. He added that he was immediately provided first aid and admitted in the hospital. He said that as learnt that armed attacker was mentally upset as he was later handed over to Pithoro police for legal action. He said that case of this incident might not be lodged to pithoro police station due to absence of SHO from taluka Pithoro. However, emergency meeting of Pakistan medical association taluka Pithoro and taluka Samaro was held at Pithoro presided by Dr Ali Mardan Khoso that strongly condemned the incident and demanded the authorities to ensure registration of this incident otherwise doctors would be compelled to observe strike.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 27. Deputy Commissioner Mirpurkhas Nadeemur Rehman Memon has stressed need of complete cooperation of community for complete eradication of Polio disease and such we could save our children from forever disability. This said, while inaugurating the polio eradication campaign here on Friday at Hameed Pura colony basic health unit. He further said that polio was a virus that not only attack on children while it attacked on elders and we would have to take measures on the basis of battle for saving its attack. He said that those parents denied to provide polio vaccine to their children would agree them for administering the polio drops to their children. He directed the EDO health Mirpurkhas Shafqat Dahri to launch awareness campaign regarding polio virus during each polio campaign sothat all the children under 5 years might be provided polio drops. On this occasion Dr Ashfaque , Dr Khalid, Dr Jumman Thebo of Peoples primary health initiative programme , incharge Dr Narain of Basic health unit Hameed Pura colony , community mobilizar Shehzad Khan, Shehnaz Bano and Asma Tabassum were also present.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 27. Dispute was created between two religious groups over the hoisting of flags on the controversial Madarsa in Neem Wali Gali of Hirabad here on Friday night as result armed persons of both groups resorted heavy firing spreading the panic in the city while the shops were closed in Hirabad even stampede was also seen as result various people sustained minor injuries. Soon after this incident, dozens of armed persons of a group resorted heavy aerial firing at M.A.Jinnah road, Market chowk, station road, Umerkot road, post office chowk, forcing the shopkeepers to shutter down their shops, even push carts were also closed by their owners and police were missing during heavy aerial firing. Report said that an Old Madarsa situated in Neem Wali Gali of Hirabad had been caused in past dispute between two religious groups in which an innocent woman was killed of indiscriminate firing. Dispute created today also between two religious groups over hoisting flags on this controversial Madarsa as result, armed persons of both sides resorted heavy aerial firing. Police remained away from this incident after which armed persons of a group spread at different places in the city forcing the shopkeepers to close their shops by resorting heavy aerial firing. Later, police were reached at the controversial madarsa and deployed police personnels there to avert any untoward incident. Police personnels were also deployed at different places in the city after closure of the markets and bazaars.

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