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Thursday, January 20, 2011

MIRPURKHAS Jan 20. Haq Parast local MPA Faheem Ahmed Altafi has been strongly condemned the unannounced pro long power load shedding and supply of low gas pressure in the city causing great difficulties to the people. Talking newsmen here on Thursday. He said that few weeks ago, a delegation of MQM Mirpurkhas zone comprising Dr Zafar Ahmed Kamali and MPA Faheem Ahmed Altafi had negotiations with Hesco chief and complained of ongoing unannounced pro long load shedding in urban city Mirpurkhas while Hesco chief agreed to reduce the load shedding for 6 hours in the urban city Mirpurkhas but despite his promise, citizens were facing pro long 12 hours load shedding as result unrest and resentment were prevailing among the masses. He deplored that if the same condition remained continue masses would be taken out at the streets in protest. He asked the hesco chief to implement on his promise and reduced the pro long load shedding of power at Mirpurkhas without any delay. He further said that low pressure of Sui gas was also being supplied in the city Mirpurkhas causing hardships to the people. He expressed that people were complaining to MQM Mirpurkhas zone for taking notice of unannounced long load shedding and low pressure supply of the Sui gas. He demanded the higher authorities of Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC to take immediate notice and ensure supply of Sui gas with proper pressure in the city to end the grievances of the citizens.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 19. Food department Mirpurkhas was excessing with Chaki owners as a bag of wheat is being sold to chaki owner in high rate than flour mill while the 98 percent are chakis to provide the flour on door step to the masses. These allegations were leveled by Abdul Rasheed Abbasi, President Aata Chaki association district Mirpurkhas chapter, vice chairman Abdul Waheed Khan and vice president Mohammad Rafi Malik, in a joint press statement issued here on Wednesday. They deplored that food department was selling through challan a bag of wheat of RS 2550 to chaki owner while same wheat bag is being sold at RS 2437 to flour mill owners as result chaki owners were suffering even poor masses were compelled to buy the flour at high rate. They expressed that despite having a uniform policy of government but unfortunately food department was implementing on double standard policy in issuing the subsidized quota of wheat to flour mills and chaki.They said that we had submitted an application on Dec 14, 2010 to secretary food department complaining him of double standard policy of food department, while secretary food assured them that bag of wheat will be sale to flour mill also at RS 2550, but suddenly, on Jan 17, food department Mirpurkhas again started to sale the wheat bag at Rs 2437.50 per bag to flour mill owners which record is present in National bank of Pakistan Mirpurkhas branches.They demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari, prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Sindh chief minister, minister for food , secretary food and other concerned authorities to take immediate notice of injustice with chaki owners and provide justice by taking drastic immediate measures and action against the concerned involved officials of food department Mirpurkhas.  

MIRPURKHAS Jan 19. PPP MNA and district president PPP Mirpurkhas chapter Mir Munawar Ali Khan Talpure has said that president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani were making all out efforts to complete the mission of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazeer Bhutto as she had dream to provide all the basic and modern facilities to the masses at their door step. He was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Air Mix LPG (Gas supply and Plant) held under Sindh southern gas company SSGC Mirpurkhas at Kot Ghulam Mohammad town here on Wednesday that was attended by PPP MPA Mir Mehboob Talpure, MPA Mir Haji Hayat Talpure, DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon, DIG Mirpurkhas Rasool Bux Sand, DPO Mirpurkhas Zufikar Maher, PPP office bearers including ladies wing, government officers, notables and workers. He further said that this plant will provide over 2000 gas connections in taluka Kot Ghulam Mohammad, while he advised the people to pay their gas bills to run this project continuously. He said that DCO Mirpurkhas and SSGC had played their vital role to install this plant here. He said that it was the old demand of this taluka that has been fulfilled today with the special support of his wife MNA Faryal Talpure as with her request, President Asif Ali Zardari ordered to release its funds. He said that this plant was installed with cost of RS 30 crors. He added that administration has acquired the land of agriculture department to install this plant here no any person was ready to give his land for this important project. He announced that he will efforts to install Air mix LPG gas plant also at Digri, Tando Jan Mohammad, Jhuddo and Samaro towns. He deplored that more than funds of the Sindh government as well as federal government had been expended to provide relief to the flood affected people in the country as result shortage of funds had been created to government, However very soon now funds would again be available for launching the development schemes in the province. He said that all the political parties were cooperating with government to run it with success and hoped that PPP democratic government will complete its 5 years tenure. He asked the workers and voters of the PPP to start their preparation for elections.Managing director Sui southern gas company SSGC Faizullah Abbasi said that as the government provided funds we approached to an American company for importing this plant and it was arrived here in July 2010 through ship and the company installed it till Oct 2010 in short period. He said that pipe lines were laid till 55 kilometers long in the area and sofar applications for connections have been received 97 from Mir Ki Landhi and 250 from Kot Ghulam Mohammad town. He said that we had been installed such kind of plant at Gawadar , Noshki situated in Balochistan and 2 in Punjab province and they were being run with success, while he expressed that it was the first plant installed here in the Sindh province. DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon said that now people of Kot Ghulam Mohammad town, village Mir Ki Landhi, village Mir Fazlullah Talpure and village Mir Gul Hassan Talpure would get benefit of this plant. He requested the people to pay its bill to run this plant with success that will be an example in the Sindh province. PPP MPAs Mir Mehboob Talpure, Mir Haji Hayat Talpure, Sain Bux Wassan, taluka president PPP KGM Aslam Dal and president PPP ladies wing district Mirpurkhas Shamim Jhandeer also spoke the ceremony. Earlier, MNA Mir Munawar Ali Talpure has inaugurated the LPG air mix plant by pushing the button as result gas supply was started to the consumers. Later, MNA Mir Munawar Ali Talpure has inaugurated the newly constructed building of National bank of Pakistan Kot Ghulam Mohammad branch by cutting the red ribben. On this occasion NBP officers Arshad Kaim Khani and manager of the branch Noor Mohammad Siaal were also present. On this occasion it was told the newsmen that this building was constructed with cost of RS 17500000. 


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