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Thursday, September 30, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Five nominated accused of the triple murder case of Phuladyyoon police station have been apprehended by police in different raids on Thursday and also recovered from them illegal arms. Police said that raids were carried out at different places and Phuladyyoon police have arrested the nominated accused Gullo Shar, Ali Gul Shar, Hayat Shar, Laluddin Shar and Governor alias Gono Shar of triple murder case and recovered from their possession unlicensed 2 repeater, a riffle, 4 bullets, 10 cartridges and an axe had been used in the offence. It may be recalled that On Sept 26, armed assailants entered into the village Walo Shar , in the limit of Phuladyyoon police station with intention to kill Moula Bux Shar but Ms Sualeh Shar , mother of Moula Bux Shar  and Ali Hassan Shar intervened during this one of the armed persons opened indiscriminate firing as result Ali Hassan Shar, Moula Bux Shar and his mother Ms Sualeh Shar were assassinated. Police said that deceased Moula Bux Shar had been love married with Ms Ameena Shar with their free will, while the family members of Ms Ameena Shar were angry over this love marriage. Elderly persons of both couple had been agreed to fix the date for solution of dispute over this love marriage. Triple murder case was lodged with Phuladdyoon police station and nominated the above 5 persons as accused of the case. Police said that interrogation was continued with the arrested nominated accused and they would be produced in the court of judicial magistrate for getting their police remand. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Growers have accused that different fertilizers were being sold in excess prices particularly in the markets of Mirpurkhas, Umerkot and Sanghar districts by fertilizer dealers as result growers are suffering additional burden. Talking to the news man growers Mohammad Moosa Maher, Furqan , Mohammad Ismail, Hakim Kaka, Badar Alam and Mohammad Khan Leghari alleged that fertilizer dealers have become a Mafia in this region as they had already been made their monopoly as result they were not fulfilled the requirements of the fertilizer dealers and added that they were not maintained the stock register, sale register , cash Memo and price list while they should mustly display the price list of fertilizers at their shops categorically. He said that excess rates of Calcium ammonium Nitrate and Nitrophas fertilizers were allegedly being received from the growers as result growers compelled to suffer additional burden. He said that real price of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is RS 690 per bag but being sold at RS 750 per bag and actual price of Nitro phase NP fertilizer is RS 1660 while being sold at RS 1750.He alleged that owing to illegal practice of the fertilizer dealers resentment had been prevailed among the growers as they were already disturbed of acute shortage of water in past, pest attack on cotton and other crops and had also been suffered big losses owing to frequent heavy rainfall in this region also. He demanded the concerned authorities to take up this matter, carryout raids at the fertilizer shops and check the prices of fertilizers and also take action against those dealers found selling the fertilizers in high rate.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Following the verdict of Indian apex court regarding Babri Masjid , heavy contingents of police have been deployed at the temples to provide protection them and to face the expected reaction of the Muslims here on Thursday. Report said that after coming the verdict of Indian apex court for Babri Masjid, police personnels were deployed at the temples in the city and other areas of the district. While security arrangements have been made as patrolling intensified and snap checking of the vehicles and bikes continued at different places in the city and exit and entry ways of the city. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Ameer Jamaat e Islami Sindh Asadullah Bhutto advocate has said that Kashmir is the part of Sindh geographically, historically and civilizationally and Sindh is the province of Pakistan so in fact Kashmir is the Part of Pakistan not Indian. He was speaking at the seminar on Kashmir issue organized by JI Mirpurkhas here on Wednesday night. He further said that Pervez Musharraf had violated of principles and old opinion of Kashmir and accused that present rulers were implementing on the policies of Pervez Musharraf. He expressed that owing to anti Muslim enmity of European countries and USA , Kashmir issue was not yet been resolved. He said that there is need to be raised this issue by government with the cooperation of National political parties and make national policy in National assembly and senate. He said that there was no right and cause to awarding sentence to Dr Aafia Siddique because no any offence was committed by Dr Aafia Siddique on the land of USA . He said that if there were allegations on her to commit crime in Afghanistan but officially case was to be proceeded in Afghanistan . He said that USA wanted to get famous scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan through exchanging of the prisoners. He said that struggle for releasing of detained Dr Aafia Siddique will remain continued.
Those spoke the seminar including Abo Maaz, Babuddin, Asif Meraj Rajput of PML(N), JUP Sindh leader Mufti Shareef Saeedi, Moulana Hafeezur Rehman Faiz of JUI, Mohammad Ramzani and Zeeshan Leghari of JSQM.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 19. Ulma action committee called off strike or withdrew the strike call on Saturday night for Sunday following intervention of a secret agency officer as his meeting was held with members of Ulma action committee on Saturday night. Hafiz Mohammad Akbar Rashid told the news man on Sunday that delegation of Ulma action committee was sought by an officer of secret agency and held meeting with it in which assurances were given to release the arrested Ulmas and withdraw the case against them while disputed house would be officially sealed after coming the order of home secretary Sindh that is expected to be issued within few days and in police presence that close disputed house will be open for half an hour and then it will be closed again to satisfy to the other religious group. After successful decision of the meeting, he added that announcement was made on behalf of Ulma action committee to call off the strike on Sunday. He further said that their arrested Ulmas were not yet released till 5 PM and said that he is in touch with the officer of secret agency in this regard. He believed that if implementation was not made on their demands then call for strike will again be given and protest demonstrations would be held in different towns of the district to press the authorities to provide justice instead to become the party. He said that DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher had become the party in this matter while district government is responsible to delay this serious matter and deliberately avoided to implement on the court order and decision of reconciliation committee of u.c. no 3, Mirpurkhas . On late Saturday night police officers along with persons of other sect reached at the disputed house in Neem Wali Gali, Hirabad and persons shifted their goods to other places from that house and also performed prayer in that house after which that house was again closed while heavy contingents of police were already deployed in surrounding of that house. It may be recalled that about a dozen of Ulmas had been arrested in raids by police after lodging the case against the Ulmas of Ulma action committee Mirpurkhas . Report added that a house of Qutubuddin in residential area of Hirabad was handed over to his son in law Sulaiman who later had been established a Madarassah namely Sulaimania Madarassah of a sect and later efforts were made to convert it as Masjid without any NOC of the government after which Ulmas of other sect took notice and went to reconciliation committee of the union council no 3 in this regard while the reconciliation committee given its decision after recording statements of residents of Hirabad and Ulmas and in its decision it requested the district government to stop Sulaimania Madarassah /Masjid from its opening as there is danger of armed clash and constructor of that Madarassah and owner of the place Qutubuddin would be responsible of any untoward incident. Resident Mohammad Ayub and various others of Hirabad had also been submitted their application to DCO Mirpurkhas for stopping the opening of Madarassah /Masjid in that house without any NOC. Report said that residents also went into the local court that also ordered to keep in same position to the disputed place as close. Report added that police and revenue officials had also been requested to DCO Mirpurkhas to seal that disputed house without any delay to end the clash. However unfortunately no action was taken by district government in this regard even on hundreds of people of a sect had tried to open that close house on August 13, 2010 while in presence of heavy contingents of police and DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher a person opened fires as result a house wife woman Ms Sabra, 45, wife of Qamaruddin was killed of bullet wounds while few persons were injured. However unfortunately local police demonstrated their routine proceeding in the murder case of Ms Sabra as still no any nominated accused of her murder case was yet nabbed by police. On Friday morning people of a sect decided to open that disputed house and performing the Jumma prayer after which hundreds of people of other sect had also been gathered in Masjid Baitul Mukarram while heavy contingents of police cordoned off that disputed house and Masjid Baitul Mukarram in Hirabad, however, hundreds of Ulmas of a sect held demonstration to protest against the police atrocities and warned that without any NOC they would not allowed to anyone to open that disputed house. Later on late Friday night dozens of Ulmas of Ulma action committee Mirpurkhas had been nominated in the FIR lodged against them on behalf of state with town police station and on Saturday morning about a dozen Ulmas of Ulma action committee were apprehended by police in raids, while strike was observed in the city on Saturday on the call of Ulma action committee Mirpurkhas. Report said that meeting of an officer of secret agency with delegation of Ulma action committee headed by Hafiz Akbar Rashid and Moulana Hafeezur Rehman Faiz was continued to review the releasing of apprehended Ulmas till filing of the news. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 19. PPP MNA and district president PPP Mirpurkhas Mir Munawar Ali Talpure has said that those talking to end the PPP government are immature politicians and added that conspiracy to finish the masses mandate will not be succeeded and present government will complete its 5 years period. He was speaking at the gathering of PPP workers and office bearers including women at Mir Ji Landhi here on Sunday. He said that country is facing a worst flood condition and government was making efforts to help and rehabilitate the displaced persons by using its all resources. He advised the workers and office bearers to be united and spread the message of Shaheed Benazeer Bhutto door to door to strengthen the democratic government. He asked the philanthropists to come forward to help the displaced persons including women and children and added that government is making transparent procedure to help and rehabilitate the IDPs.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 18. Unknown persons robbed a truck carrying cotton bags to Sattari cotton and ginning factory at ring road near Kak Bunglow more here on Friday. Report said that a truck carrying cotton crop of landlord Abdul Rasool Kalro of lakhs of rupees was on his way to Sattari cotton and ginning factory from Bachaoband that unknown armed car occupants intercepted it near 78 Mori at Umerkot Mirpurkhas road on gun point and held hostage Mohammad Shafique Malik , driver of the truck and robbed it near Kak Bunglow more even threw the driver with tied hands and legs with rope in shrubs and drove away the loaded truck towards unknown destination. Taluka police have detained the suspected driver for interrogation on the directives of cotton owner landlord Abdul Rasool Kalro, however no case of this incident was yet lodged till filing of the news. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 18. About a dozen Ulma of a religious group were arrested in crackdown by police in the city early morning on Saturday here as result Ulma action committee announced to observe the strike in the city even announcement to close the shops was also made from different mosques in the city and with cooperation of traders associations complete strike was observed in the city as result all the shopping centers, markets and bazaars remained closed. Petrol pump and CNG services also remained suspend while traffic was thin in the city. Ulma action committee claimed that Moulana Haroon Maawia, Mufti Sagheer Ahmed, Moulana Zaheer Ahmed, Hafiz Faisal Arif, Amjad, Mufti Maqbool Ahmed and 6 others were arrested by police in raids and kept them to unknown whereabouts. Protest meeting of Ulma action committee was held in Madina Masjid and after Zohar prayer a peaceful rally was taken out from madina Masjid led by Moulana Hafeezur Rehman Faiz , carrying banners and placards marched through main roads and chanted slogans against DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher and SPO city Mohammad Ayub Dars while demanding the higher authorities to suspend them without any delay as they had become the party in the dispute between two religious group over a house situated in Hirabad. They reached at local press club where they held protest demonstration, while speaking at the protesters leader Moulana Hafeezur Rehman Faiz held responsible to DPO Mirpurkhas and SPO city for the present lawlessness and disturbance in the city and demanded the Sindh government to suspend the DPO and SPO city to bring the peaceful situation in the city. He further demanded the authorities to release the arrested innocent Ulmas and accept their genuine demands, otherwise he announced to observe strike on Sunday also in the city and said that protest meeting of Ulma action committee Mirpurkhas will be held in Madina Masjid on Sunday morning in which future course of action will be decided. He asserted that any kind of protest including arresting , surrounding of DCO and DPO office Mirpurkhas and holding protest demonstration would be adopted to press the authorities to provide justice them. He further announced that on Sunday protest demonstration would be held also in other towns of the district and could be block the entry and exit ways of the city. Later they dispersed peacefully. Besides, on Friday late night on behalf of state an FIR was lodged with town police station under section 324, 147, 148, 149, 341, 353, 188 PPC and 3 loud speaker against the accused Haroon Maawia, Attaullah Shaikh, Hashim Shaikh, Nadeem Mota, Hafiz Akbar Rashid, Sagheer Karnalvi, Riaz, Arif Faisal, Moulana Arshad, Zaheer Karnalvi, Ehtishamul Haq, Shah Fahad, Amjad Yousuf Zai and dozens of unknown persons. Allegations were leveled in the FIR that few of them outside the Masjid Baitul Mukarram near Old Bakra Peri with TT pistol issued threats to police to leave the area while through loud speakers people were instigated to gather there for taking action against police even they violated the section 144 ban imposed by DCO Mirpurkhas. It may be recalled that district administration and district police have been failed to resolve the dispute between two religious group over a house in Hirabad even a woman was killed and various persons were injured in past owing to this dispute but still thousands of residents of Hirabad are in panic and disturb due to this dispute. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 18. One person was killed of poisonous liquor and a teenager boy was killed in road accident here on Saturday. Report said that Rajesh alias Rajo was killed after consuming the poisonous liquor in Mirwah Gorchani town. He was died in the way to rural health center Mirwah Gorchani. Learnt that the poisonous liquor was purchased from Babo Village near Bilaro Shakh. It may be recalled that few days back, two persons Prem son of Bharo Kolhi and Mohammad Asif son of Himayyoon Rajput had already been killed of poisonous liquor in Mirwah Gorchani town. However concerned police did not take any legal action against the dens of liquor and its factories even Narcotic dens in taluka Mirpurkhas.
Meanwhile two motor cycles were collided in speed at M.A.Jinnah road as result Ismath Kumar, 13, resident of Khar Para was seriously injured owing to serious head injuries , rushed to civil hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. However no case of this incident was lodged with town police station till filing of the news.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Civil judge and Judicial magistrate taluka Digri has been ordered to send the accused Sadique Manganhar on judicial remand on Wednesday for 14 days as he was arrested by Tando Jan Mohammad police when he damaged the nose of his wife with sharp blade. Report said that on Sept 13th late night, in ward no 3, near Food department Godown at Tando Jan Mohammad town, accused Sadique Manganhar has forcibly cutted the nose of his 20th years old wife Ms Gul Naz with the help of sharp blade as result he sustained serious wounds, rushed to rural health center Tando Jan Mohammad town where he was provided first aid and admitted in surgical ward of the hospital. Akbar Manganhar, father of victim woman has lodged the case under section 334 PPC with Tando Jan Mohammad police station accusing that accused Sadique Manganhar was disputed with his daughter on domestic affair while he is also narcotic addict. He further said that his daughter was beated various times by her husband( accused ) also in past . Accused was arrested by Tando Jan Mohammad police on Tuesday evening . Accused Sadique Manganhar told the newsmen that his wife Ms Gul Naz was not respected of his relatives including his uncle and on her wrong attitude he beated her. After arresting of the accused, police produced him in the court of civil Judge and judicial magistrate taluka Digri while court sent him to prison for 14 days judicial remand.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Two persons were killed and two were in serious condition following consuming the poisonous liquor in Mirwah Gorchani town within 24 hours. Report said that Prem Kolhi, 37, son of Bharo Kolhi was died of poisonous liquor on wednesday while Mohammad Asif son of Himayoon was died of poisonous liquor on tuesday. Report added that Nari Punjabi and Purkho Kolhi son of Raison Kolhi were under treatment in the civil hospital Mirpurkhas as they had also been consumed the poisonous liquor.Report further said that poisonous liquor was purchased from Village Babo near Bilaro Shakh, taluka Mirpurkhas. It may be recalled that Narcotic business including hand made liquor business was continued in full swing with support of the local police as Narcotic was available openly on various dens and people including teenager boys were interesting to buy the liquor and other narcotic, however unfortunately concerned authorities including police and excise police were away to take legal action against those involved in this business.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Three persons and a woman were brought in emergency ward of civil hospital Mirpurkhas here on wednesday in connection of road accident and attempt to committ suicide. Report said that Niaz Mohammad, Ms Hafeezan and Danish were injured in road accidents and brought in civil hospital for providing first medical treatments. Meanwhile Ms Khairun Nisa wife of Manzoor Ali was brought in civil hospital from taluka Mirpurkhas in serious condition while she had been attempted to commit suicide by taking pesticide on domestic affair. Her condition was stable after providing first aid and was admitted in the surgical ward of the civil hospital.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Deputy general secretary Jamaat e Islami Pakistan Dr Fareed Ahmed Paracha has said that judiciary could pay its role if the enraged masses come on the streets in protest against the government and added that masses have been worstly disturbed owing to wrong government policies, pricehike, unemployements, devastation of flood and gross corruption on government level. He was talking to newsmen here on tuesday night after attending the Eid MIlan ceremony of JI Mirpurkhas.On this occasison deputy general secretary of JI Sindh Merajul Huda Siddique, Ameer JI Mirpurkhas Lala Noor Mohammad and other office bearers of JI Mirpurkhas were also present. He said that whole the country was facing devastation of flood but despite passing 2 months, federal as well as provincial governments had been failed to take proper step for rehabilitation of affected masses even mostly of the flood affected people were lying in open sky without any food and health facilities. He said that according to claim of united nation, no attention was yet given to 60 lakhs flood affected people in the country. He deplored that despite early revealing about the heavy rainfall inefficient rulers did not make precautionary measures in this regard. He accused that despite having millions of funds of desaster management flood affected people were drowning in flood water. He claimed that JI has yet been sent ration and other relief goods of RS 6 Arabs to the flood affected people and we would not leave them alone. He added that 25000 workers of his party were day night working for relief work in the country. He expressed that dislike had been prevailed in the country when powerful personalities took oppressed measures to save their lands and hunting grounds and accused that country's political parties have become Jagirs of Bhutto family, Zardari family, Shareef family, Chohadhry family and Isfandyar family. He said that both PPP and Muslim league (N) were making fool to the nation as they were playing "Noora Kushti", while he added that masses were now looking towards the 3rd option. He said that JI in present condition will play its historical role and we would adopt democratic way to bring real Islamic revolution in the country.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 9. District health officer Mirpurkhas Ashfaque Ahmed Khan has said that 1673 migrated children under 5 years age of IDPs who had been reached to their relatives in the district from flood areas of the Sindh province , had been administered polio drops through health department mobile teams. He was talking to the  news man here on Thursday, he further said that IDPs of flood affected areas had come here to their relatives and other people and they were living unofficially at different places in the district, however district health department setup 6 mobile teams which worked in field at different places from August 16 to August 19 to give polio drops to the under 5 years old children. He said that officially no relief camp of IDPs was setup in the district however he further said that polio vaccine were given also about 2000 children of migrating beggars in the district. He said that 998 children of IDPs of 1673 were found as no any kind of routine general vaccine was yet administered them and mobile teams provided them routine general vaccine as well as polio vaccine. He told that he had been directed the lady health workers and other officials to keep vigilant on the IDPs coming in their respective limit and provide them measles and polio drops without any delay. He said that 331 IDPs were also provided vaccine of hepatitis B

MIRPURKHAS Sept 9. Director Nara canal area water board Mirpurkhas has said that Kunri distributary was in supervision of chairman farmer organization and it was closed for desilting and repairs of its banks purposes. According to a handout issued here on Thursday. He further said that according to XEN Mithrao division, Kunri distrbutary will be open after completion of ongoing work of desilting and repair of its banks. He directed the chairman FO Kunri distributary to ensure reaching of irrigation water till tail end abadgar of the distributary by properly storage of water. 
MIRPURKHAS Sept 9. Strict security arrangements particularly outside and inside the markets, shopping centers and bazaars on eve of Eidul Fitre have been intensified to avert any untoward incident in the city. Report said that Eid shopping was continued day night in the city as markets , shopping centers and bazaars were remained open amidst strict security as police personnel even in plain cloths were also deployed in the shopping centers, markets and Bazaars to keep strict watch on miscreants and terrorists. Police personnsles were deployed in and out of the Khisak Pura, Shahi Bazaar, Grain Market, Municipal shopping center, Fruit farm road, New town, M.A.Jinnah road, Market chowk, police shopping center, Makka Masjid chowk Satellite town etc to provide security to the families and buyers . Eid shopping has been gained momentum and rush of families including women and children were seen in the markets and shopping centers. DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher personally checking the duties of the personnel to visit the shopping centers and bazaars.Patrolling of law enforcing agencies has also been intensified in the city as vehicles were being checked at entry and exit ways of the city and snap checking of the police were also continued in the city and its outskirts areas. 
MIRPURKHAS Sept 9. Registrar of Sindh university campus Mirpurkhas Iftikhar Narejo has said that admissions in different subjects in second badge of Sindh University campus Mirpurkhas have been started. Talking to newsmen, he said that in 2nd badge, admissions in BBA,, IT, CS and Geology subjects have been begun and required 45 percent marks to students of Intermediate pre medical and pre engineering, commerce and arts for applying in the admission. He said that last date of submitting the farms is Sept 24. He added that farm along with catalogue at RS 1000 per farm are available at Habib Bank Limited Jinnah road branch Mirpurkhas. He said that pre entry test of the applied candidates will be held on Oct 24th in the Sindh University campus Mirpurkhas.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 8. Executive engineer Mithrao division Haji Khan Jamali has said that false allegations were being leveled upon the officers of irrigation department to create the artificial shortage of water in tail of the command area of Nara canal and breaches in dykes. He was giving answers of the questions of the local news man here on Wednesday. He further said that breaches were made in dykes and embankments following issuing the directives of the higher authorities while officers of irrigation department were properly paying their duties even in flood condition. In replying the question of acute shortage of water in tail end distributaries of the Nara canal, he expressed that farmer organizations FOs are the responsible of the shortage of water as FOs have supervision of the distributaries instead of irrigation department and added that mostly distributaries had been handed over to farmer organizations under the agreement in Nara canal command area. He expressed that water is being supplied over capacity (free board) of the distributaries to ensure reaching the water till tail end abadgar. He said that over 16000 cusec water is being supplied in Nara canal head that is sufficient quantity and now water supply condition is being better than earlier. He said that during the heavy rainfall, abadgars had been closed their water courses and the need of water for standing crops was started from 3rd week of August however water supply is gradually being better and the complaints of water shortage would soon be ended. Regarding the causes of creating the breaches in dykes and embankments, he said that breaches had been created in dykes after issuing the directives of the high-up. He said that irrigation department officials were working to plug the breaches of the dykes and other necessary works. He said that relief work was ongoing in the relief camps to support the poor displaced people. 
MIRPURKHAS Sept 8. Finance secretary of All Pakistan trade unions organizations Fazal Malik, general secretary of Municipal union Mohammad Shareef and president Pakistan sugar mills workers federation Abdul Hameed Shaikh have strongly condemned the concerned authorities for not completion of labor colony Mirpurkhas despite passing a decade. In a joint press statement issued here on Wednesday, they said that this colony was comprised about one and half hundred quarters while possession of about a hundred quarters had been given to laborers without availability of basic facilities including water supply and electricity while remaining 50 quarters have been completed without basic facilities. They said that labors had been held protest demonstration to protest against the non availability of basic facilities in the colony, while they raised slogans against contractor and Sindh workers welfare board however contractor and assistant engineer promised with them that within 15 days incomplete quarters would be completed with provisions of basic facilities. They deplored that three power transformers of the colony had been stolen as well as service wires of the all quarters which information had been conveyed to assistant engineer Sindh workers welfare board and higher authorities of the board but the welfare board did not take any action in this regard. They accused that thieves were residing in the labour colony and have complete support of Sindh workers welfare board. They demanded the concerned authorities to take notice , complete the work of 100 quarters and hand over to labors , restore the electricity supply in the colony by installing the wires from pole to houses and Sindh workers welfare board itself suffer the expenses of it and also restore the water supply to the labour colony. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 6. A labourer was seriously injured while he was working on the speller of Mehran collon factory here on monday. Report said that Liaqat Brohi was working that his fingers were cutted after coming in the speller machine of the above cotton factory, rushed to emergency ward of civil hospital where he was provided first aid and then admitted in the male surgical ward of the hospital. The condition of the injured was reportedly stable.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 6. Two robberies were committed by unknown robbers during last 24 hours in the city premises . Report said that on monday in day light Babu, onwer of Aakash petrol pump situated near 78 Mori at Umerkot road was on his way to city that near N.K.petrol pump some 4 unknown armed car occupants intercepted him and looted the cash RS 6 lakhs on gun point and beated also him when he offered resistance. Town police have been informed about this incident however no case of this incident was lodged till filing of the news. Besides, two armed robbers barged into the house of Dr Bahadur Khokhar in Bhansinghabad on late sunday night and held hostage to the inmates on gun point. Robbers looted cash Rs 95000 and 6 Tola gold ornamnets and escaped away from the spot . Satellite town police have lodged the initial report of the incident.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 6. Pro long load shedding has been intensified in the city and other towns of the district by Hesco authorities to cover their line losses. Report said that during last a week, hesco authorities extended the load shedding period from 4 hours to 8 hours daily day night cuasing great hardships to the people. Power supply was off during the Sehari and Iftari timings even at the time of Taravi as result people experienced great hardships even business activities were suspended during power failure. Rush at tailor shops were seen but tailors refusing the people for preparing their cloths suits as they were not able to prepare them before Eidul Fitre owing to frequent power outages. Emergency operations in government hospitals particularly in civil hospital Mirpurkhas were suspended owing to power failure.sewerage water was overflowing from gutters and sewerage drains in various areas of the city including Lalchandabad, Gharibabad, Adamtown, Khad Plot, etc as the pumping machines of drainage system of the TMA Mirpurkhas were stopped during frequent power outages. Owner of electronic appliances shop Majeed Shaikh said that owing to frequent power off his and other business have been damaged adversly and added that he had to suffer the additional expenses by utilizing the generator for his shop. Aftaf Qureshi, owenr of Muneer CNG service center told that mostly his CNG service center remained unfunction due to increasing the pro long power outages, he urged the concerned authorities to reduce the load shedding time in the city without any delay . Vice chairman Sindh abadgar board district Mirpurkhas chapter Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate strongly condemned the hesco officials for frequent power failure and alleged that hesco officials were covering growing line losses by increasing the load shedding tenure . He called the chairman Wapda to take notice into the matter and ensure ending the load shedding time without any delay.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 6. Mirpurkhas board of intermediate and secondary education BISE has been announced the annual result of seconday school certificate part ii (10th class) general group for year 2010 here on monday. according to result, Liaqat Ali son of Mohammad Siddique Nohri of higher secondary school Chore old seat no 85515 secured first position by getting 637 marks. Mohammad Usman son of Rahim Bux Brohi of government boys higher secondary school Shah pur Chakar obtained 2nd position by achieving 636 marks, Ahmed Ali son of Abdul Rehman Samejo of government higher seondary school Mahindar Jo par acquired 3rd position by obtaing 626 marks while Manzoor Ali son of Mohammad Usman Samejo of govenrment higher sedcondary school Mahindar Jo par also secured 3rd position by getting 626 marks. In 10th class general group total 603 candidates participated inwhich 47 candidates in A grade, 211 students in B grade, 188 in grade C, 34 in grade D were succeeded . The percentage of successful candidates remained 79.60 percent.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 5. Protest rally was taken out by civil society here on Sunday from post office chowk to protest against the atrocities being made with journalists and media men in the country. Protesters led by Kanji Rano Bheel advocate, carried banners and placards marched through main roads and reached at market chowk. They raised slogans against the government and demanded the government to arrest the involved culprits in kidnapping and torturing the journalist Umer Chema and accused involve in attempt to kidnap the senior journalist Mirpurkhas Sajjad Rind and cameraman of express news TV channel Zeeshan. On this occasion, speaking at the protesters Kanji Rano Bheel advocate deplored that today journalists were not safe even they were facing atrocities of miscreants and criminals in the society. He strongly condemned the kidnapping and torturing the journalist Umer Chema and called upon the government to ensure arresting of the involved culprits and accused involved in attempt to kidnap the local senior journalist Sajjad Rind and cameraman Zeeshan. He regretted that today journalists and media men were feeling unsafe in the society and demanded the government to order the high level inquiry of Islamabad incident in which Umer Chema faced atrocities and ensure arresting of the culprits involved in attempt to kidnap the journalist Sajjad Rind and cameraman Zeeshan. Those also spoke Satramdas, Ismail, Hero, Wajid Leghari etc. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 5. Old Mirpur police have carried out raid and recovered 45 peasants (bonded labours) including women and children from illegal captivity of landlord Gul Mohammad Panhwer in the limit of taluka Hussain Bux Mari here on Sunday after issuing the directives of the sessions court Mirpurkhas. Report said that Pehlaj Kolhi had been filed an application under section 491 in the district and sessions court Mirpurkhas complaining that his relatives 45 peasants were detained at the farmland of landlord Gul Mohammad Panhwer in the limit of Old Mirpur police as they were forced to work in field without any share in crops even they were deprived of basic facilities and they were not also allowed to move freely. He requested to order the SHO Old Mirpur to carry out raid at the spot and release the detained peasants (bonded labours). Sessions court ordered the SHO Old Mirpur for recovery of the detained peasants and asked to produce them in the court. Bhoromal Khatri, SHO Old Mirpur conducted the raid at the above farmland and recover the peasants including women and children all by caste Bheel and Kolhi community and they would be produce in the sessions court Mirpurkhas on Monday.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 4. Additional sessions Judge ii Mirpurkhas has been set free the 52 peasants (bonded labours) including women and children who had been produced by the Jhuddo police after their recovery from illegal confinement of landlord Soomar Chandio here on Friday. Report said that Dhanji Kolhi had been filed an application in the session’s court complaining that his 52 relatives have been working as peasants at the agriculture farm of landlord Soomar Chandio in the limit of Jhuddo police station. He alleged that they were forced to work in field without daily wages or share in crops while they were deprived of health and free moving facilities. He accused that they were not allowed to go to their relatives by the above landlord. He requested the session’s judge to order the concerned police for recovery of detained above peasants. Sessions Judge ordered to SHO Jhuddo to carry out raid at the farmland of the above landlord and recovered the 52 peasants including women and children and produced them before this court . Jhuddo police conducted raid and released the 52 peasants including women and children by caste of Kolhi.
MIRPURKHAS Sept 4. EDO education Mirpurkhas Abdul Jalil Lashari has dispatched the 6 trucks loaded with ration packets, tants, cloths etc to flood affected people of district Thatta and Dadu here on Friday evening. On this occasion officers of education department, teachers, clerks and lower staff association office bearers were also present. On this occasion EDO education Abdul Jalil Lashari told the newsmen that relief camp was setup in the city at post office chowk by education department Mirpurkhas in which rations, cash money, medicines, water bottles, dry milk, Ghee , flour, rice , tea etc were collected and purchased tants and today sent 3 trucks at Thatta and 3 trucks at Dadu loaded with rations packets for flood affected people. He said that ration was purchased of RS 20 lakhs. He said that in this connection MNA Mir Munawar Ali Talpure and DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon cooperated with him.
MIRPURKHAS Sept 4. A joint protest rally and demonstration was held by Mirpurkhas union of journalist, National press club Mirpurkhas , Sindh Sahafi Sangat , Jaffria alliance Mirpurkhas and civil society Mirpurkhas here on Saturday at post office chowk to protest against attempt to kidnap the senior journalist Sajjad Rind and cameraman of Express news channel Zeeshan by three armed persons at Satellite town. It may be recalled that on Friday night three armed motor cyclists including Abdul Nasir Khan attempted to kidnap the senior journalist Sajjad Rind and cameraman of express news channel Zeeshan but both saved themselves to run from the spot and took shelter in Satellite town police station. The armed motorcyclists fled away from the spot. Written complaint had been submitted to SHO Satellite town for registration of the case against the involved culprits. Protest rally was taken out from Market chowk carrying banners and placards they marched through M.A.Jinnah road and raised slogans against the police and demanding the authorities to register their case and ensure arresting of culprits including Abdul Nasir Khan who was already wanted to local police in different heinous crime cases. Speaking at the protesters Afaq Ahmed Khan advocate, Syed Zahir Shah, Qamaruddin, Azhar Abbas, Farhat Hussain Abidi, Khalid Khand and others strongly condemned the police failure to provide protection to the local journalists and also failed to nab the absconder Abdul Nasir Khan. They deplored that president Sindh Sahafi Sangat Mirpurkhas Jayram Malhi was also looted by armed persons in the limit of Satellite town police station but his accused were still at large . They accused that police were not arresting deliberately the culprit Abdul Nasir Khan and warned that if the authorities were not apprehended the absconder Abdul Nasir Khan and two other his accomplices within 24 hours then protest demonstration would be held before the offices of DPO, DCO and DIG police Mirpurkhas . 

Friday, September 3, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 3. People have been deprived of getting benefit of sugar on subsidized rate of the Sindh government RS 61 kilogramme owing to its late implementation on its plan in Ramzan month and avoiding the local sugar wholesalers to buy the sugar through its difficult process of issuing the sugar to wholesalers . Report said that this year Sindh government is implementing late to its plan to distribute the sugar on subsidized rate in Ramzan month as sofar fair price shop of sugar could not be established in the city. When contacted DDO revenue taluka Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamir Khattak told that directives of Sindh government was received officially on August 18 and and sugar was to be lifted from ware houses of trading corporation of Pakistan TCP till August 23 but local whole salers of sugar are avoiding to lift the subsidized sugar from Pepri warehouses due to difficult producer of government. She said that she is making efforts to apprise the higher authorities regarding hurdles being created in the way to buy the subsidized sugar from TCP to the local wholesalers. She said that in this connection she had been asked various times to the wholesalers to inform about their grievances sothat difficulties might be resolved on high level. Local sugar wholesalers Mohammad Imran and Mohammad Younus told the newsman that last year the procedure to buy the subsidized sugar in Ramzan Month through Sindh government was easy and they had been paid money locally in Mirpurkhas sugar mill and lifted the subsidized sugar from Mirpurkhas sugar mill but now this year government adopted very difficult procedure as they deplored that behave of the government officials of TCP was very non cooperative and officials in FTC building at Karachi, in Sindh secretariat and at Pepri warehouses were deliberately disturbed the wholesalers and allegedly forced them to pay money for lifting easily their subsidized sugar as result they did not yet buy their fixed quantity 15000 kilogram’s sugar per dealer through government difficult procedure except a wholesaler dealer purchased the sugar through very difficult procedure . They further said that initially for some days they did not approach the TCP office in this regard due to disturb law and order situation particularly at Karachi and at Pepri warehouses and added that vehicles  for transporting the sugar were not hired easily there. They said that there are 6 sugar dealers for taluka Mirpurkhas and taluka Hussain Bux Mari but non cooperative attitude of the government officials have caused of avoiding the buying of subsidized sugar from TCP. They demanded the government to take notice and remove all the hindrance in this regard and offer easy procedure to lift the subsidized sugar from Pepri warehouses. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 3. Fake and substandard fertilizers are continued to sale through different fertilizer dealers in the district as on Thursday evening on the complaint of a local abadgar a team of agriculture extension department Mirpurkhas headed by Yar Mohammad Khaskheli, district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas carried out raid at the local fertilizer dealer shop and took the fake or substandard fertilizer samples for laboratory test. Report said that abadgar Moosa Leghari of village Ratanabad lodged the complaint to the agriculture department apprising that he had been purchased the Nitrogen fertilizer from modern fertilizer dealer shop near civil hospital Mirpurkhas that was found fake or spurious and sub standard as during its use found mixed with big quantity of sand. On the information DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon also took notice and directed the concerned officer to take action in this regard. Agriculture department team comprising incharge Yar Mohammad Khaskheli, Jabbar Memon, Barkat Shar and Habibullah Lashari conducted the raid at the above dealer shop and took samples for laboratory test. District officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli told the newsmen that samples were being sent to laboratory for testing and if the test report revealed the fake fertilizer then legal action will be taken against the responsible fertilizer dealer.
MIRPURKHAS Sept 3. Youm e Alqads rally was taken out by Jaffria student’s alliance Mirpurkhas here on Friday from Post office chowk to Market chowk demanding the Muslims to be united for independent of Baitul Muqaddas. Participators led by Allama Abid Raza Irfani, Sohail Abbas Sajdi and Syed Sabtain Shah, carried banners and placards, marched through M.A.Jinnah road and reached at Market chowk. They demanded the united nation to get independent the Baitul Muqaddas from possession of Israil. Leaders said that they would not remain silence till independent of Baitul Muqaddas. They strongly condemned the bomb blastings in procession Youm e Ali at Lahore and Karachi and demanded the government to punish exemplary to the involved culprits.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 2. Vice president Sindh abadgar board SAB district Mirpurkhas chapter Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate has expressed his grave concern over artificial shortage of irrigation water persisting in tail end districts Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Sanghar and Tharparkar and accused the responsible of irrigation officials for artificial shortage of water. In a press statement issued here on Thursday, he said that agriculture lands mostly had been dry after the heavy rainfall in the above areas but despite flowing the sufficient quantity of water in Nara canal that was supplied to the canals and distributaries in this region, about a hundred water channels were lying dry under rotation programme or other pretext by the irrigation officials as result standing crops cotton, chili, onion, sugar cane, etc were destroying even shortage of drinking water had been created in various areas and people particularly living in rural areas had been compelled to get the drinking water from far flung areas. He accused that no irrigation officer was ready to give answer regarding this artificial shortage of water while affected people including abadgars have been compelled to launch the protest campaign against the irrigation department officers as protest march and protest demonstrations had been held in Kunri, Samaro, Jhuddo, Digri, Pithoro, Umerkot, Shadi Palli, Mirpurkhas, Kot Ghulam Mohammad etc. He demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari, prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Sindh chief minister, irrigation minister, secretary irrigation and director Nara canal to take immediate notice of artificial shortage of irrigation water in above districts and take drastic measures to end the water shortage to open the closed water channels with their proper approved guage.
MIRPURKHAS Sept 2. Special magistrate and DDO revenue taluka Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamir Khattak has carried out raids at Market chowk, railway station chowk, post office chowk and other areas of the city and during checking she found 13 fruit sellers  charging over the price list here on Thursday. The fruit sellers were detained at town police station and later, they were fined total RS 3000 and released from the detention.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 1. A poor aged labourer was crushed to death by a speedy coaster at ring road near Kak Bunglow Mor in the limit of Satellite town police station here on Wednesday. Report said that Mohammad Taqi, 68, son of Abdul Ghafoor was on his way on his bicycle that a coaster going to Hyderabad crushed him to death in connection of reckless driving as result he was died on the spot. People gathered there after this incident who tried to arson the involved coaster no PE-3291 but police reached the spot and saved the coaster from burning while its unknown driver fled away from the spot. Satellite town police have impounded the involved coaster; however no case of this incident was lodged till filing of the news.
MIRPURKHAS Sept 1. District health department Mirpurkhas has been taken action against the quack doctors following the directives of Sindh government and sealed the quack doctors’ clinics and unregistered medical store while various quack doctors managed to escape to leave their open clinics before the raids. Official sources said that EDO health Mirpurkhas had been constituted a committee comprising district health officer Dr Mohammad Haneef Baloch and taluka health officer Mirpurkhas Dr Naseer Ahmed while the team carried out raids at the quack clinics at Leghari pump, Makhan Sammoon, etc and sealed the 7 clinics of quack doctors and a unregistered medical store while about a dozen quack doctors managed to escape from their clinics before the raids of the team. 
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MIRPURKHAS Sept 1. District and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas has been taken serious notice of publishing the news against administration of district jail Mirpurkhas regarding excesses with the prisoners and receiving the bribes for meeting with prisoners and paid surprise visit of the district prison Mirpurkhas here on Wednesday. Sources said that district and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas Rasheed Ahmed Soomro thoroughly visited the mostly barracks and wards of the prisoners and allegedly received also complaints against officials from prisoners and their grievances. He also checked the food being served to prisoners and health facility. He remained about two hours in the district prison. It may be recalled that internal sources had been revealed to local journalists that in start of the Ramzan month, search operation was made in the district prison and recover the illegal things from them. Sources further said that taking benefit of the search operation, assistant superintendent Jail Papo Solangi and assistant jailer Irshad Rind had allegedly been fixed the rate of the different facilities for prisoners in the prison and on non payment of rates, excesses were made with detained prisoners. A constable of the district jail told the newsmen that he was received daily the money and pay to assistant Jailer Irshad Rind. When contacted superintendent jail Mirpurkhas Ziaur Rehman Bajwa told that he was conducting the inquiry himself regarding the excesses of the officials and will take action against them. He confirmed of 2 hours surprise visit of district and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas of the district prison Mirpurkhas. 
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MIRPURKHAS Sept 1. A Hindu couple Punno and Ms Ponam have called government to provide them protection from their relatives and release the detained Narain and Rajo, both brothers of Punno from captivity of Hyderabad police. Speaking at a press conference here on Wednesday at local press club Ms Ponam and Punno told that they were resident of Tandojam and they have married in Rama Pir temple at Marvi town here few days back with their willings. Ms Ponam said that on the complaint of Moti, her uncle, Hyderabad police had been detained Narain and Rajo, brother of her husband Punno, while cleared that she has been married with Punno with her wishes, however, she alleged that her uncle Moti, other relatives Gulab, Devo and Moulchand were issuing threats of dire consequences them . She demanded the Sindh chief minister, Governor Sindh, provincial police officer, RPO Hyderabad , DIG Mirpurkhas and DPO Mirpurkhas to provide them protection and ensure releasing of the detained Narain and Rajo from detention of Hyderabad police. 
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MIRPURKHAS Sept 1. Amidst strict security arrangements Martyrs day of Hazrat Ali Karamullah Wajih was observed here on Wednesday. District administration had been made strict arrangements to block the different routs and clear the ways of the procession. Heavy law enforcement agencies were deployed in the city to avert any untoward incident. Traffic was jammed at different roads due to blockage of the roads. Different processions of Ahle Tashi organizations were gathered at railway station roundabout after which Matami procession was taken out from railway station chowk led by Allama Ziaul Hassan Naqvi and Sajjad Rind that was passed through M.A.Jinnah road and ended to reach at Shrine Makhan Shah. 
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