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Thursday, December 23, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Dec 23. Complete shutter down strike was observed in Hingorno town and Samaro Mori stop on the call of Shehri Ittihad to protest against the kidnapping of young businessman by unknown car occupants on Thursday . Report said that All the shops in different markets and bazaars of Hingorno town and shops at Samaro Mori stop remained closed whole day while panic remained spread in the surrounding area after kidnapping the young businessman Ajay Kumar son of Mehromal. People have faced hardships particularly belong to rural areas for shopping general commodities and other things due to closure of the shops . A group of citizens led by Khadim Halepota have held demonstration at Hingorno town to protest against not registration of kidnapping case and recovery of the abductee by police. Report added that on Wednesday evening Ajay Kumar, a young businessman had heared a cell phone call and as came away some distance of his shop at Samaro Mori stop that unknown car occupants forcibly kidnapped him in a car and taken him to unknown destination soon after this, all the shops were closed in protest and dozens of protesters held demonstration led by Khadim Halepota to protest against local police. They were demanding the authorities to immediately register the kidnapping case and arrest the involved culprits and recover the abductee. No case of this incident was yet lodged with Phuladyyoon police station till filing of the report. When contacted SPO Sindhri Pir Allah Rakhyo said that it was not kidnapping incident as Ajay Kumar himself went to unknown destination from where he telephoned also his friend and then his father and apprised that he was being taken by unknown persons towards Shahdadpur town, district Sanghar. He said that no victim’s relative came to concerned police station to register the case of this incident. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 23. Misappropriation cases of lakhs of rupees in account of admission fee and tuition fee by officials of different colleges were detected by regional director colleges Mirpurkhas during the checking of the official records while various embezzled amount was deposited by the officials after being forced by the authority during last a month . Talking to local news man here on Thursday , regional director colleges Mirpurkhas Abdul Aziz Panhwer said that he had caught embezzlement cases of different colleges in the region and forced the officials to deposite the missing amount in government account otherwise legal action will be taken against them after which various embezzled amount was deposited in the government account. He said that principal of the government Modal college Mirpurkhas had been free illegally the tution, admission and private fund fees in first term of the students of first and second years classes while after being forced by him the principal of the above college deposited the total fee RS 63500 in the government account. He further said that a clerk of government degree boys college Tando Jan Mohammad had been misappropriated the fees of students of first year and intermediate classes of RS 77600 , while he caught misappropriation during record checking and as brought the corruption matter on the record involved clerk immediately deposited the embezzled money RS 77600.He said that Khan Mohammad Khoso, clerk of Government girls degree college Umerkot had been misappropriated the different fee money RS 380000 while he deplored that an influential personality of the region was allegedly supporting the above clerk despite this he forced the involved clerk to deposit the embezzled money otherwise he will face stern legal action after which he said that influential personality took his surety and gain few weeks time and added that now above misappropriated government money RS 380000 have been deposited in the government account. He expressed that another misappropriation case was caught during record checking at Government degree boys college Tando Jan Mohammad where he said that clerk Mubashar had been embezzled RS 103339 of admission, tution and other fee of the students and said that at that time Ahsan Qadir was the principal of the college while he said that involved clerk Mubashar is on leave as had gone to Punjab and added that present principal Abbas Kaim Khani has taken surety that as he will rejoin his duty he will deposite the embezzled money in the government account. He said that he was making efforts to remove the corruption by taking drastic measures. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 23. MQM leader Altaf Hussain had more than practical struggle for the rights of Sindh and was busy to remove the differences of the different communities of the Sindh province by his message of peace and love. This was stated by Siraj Rajput, leader of MQM, while speaking at the general workers meeting of MQM here on Thursday. He said that MQM public meeting at Bhit Shah will bring near the people of Sindh and the conspiracies being hatched to divide the Sindhi people would be ended with efforts of MQM leader. He advised the workers and supporters to participate in large quantity into the convention and public meeting of MQM at Bhit Shah on Dec 25. He said that MQM was struggling against the feudal system and masses were joining the MQM throughout country after being impressed with message of leader Altaf Hussain. He hoped that Sindhi people would participate in large quantity in the MQM public meeting at Bhit Shah. Member zonal committee MQM Mirpurkhas Dr Zafar Kamali also spoke the meeting. 

MIRPURKHAS Dec 23. Citizens are facing great difficulties due to failure of traffic system in the city as result main roads were remained mostly jammed even pedestrians faced hardships owing to illegal encroachments. Report said that despite being the traffic police, traffic remained jammed at the M.A.Jinnah road, Sir Syed road, Mirwah road, Grain market road, Shahi Bazaar road; etc owing to illegal encroachments had been established by influential persons. Report said that illegal encroachers had support of the officials of TMA Mirpurkhas. Owing to encroachments vehicles might not be flow smoothly at the above roads while main hurdle in smooth flow of vehicles was also illegal parking of vehicles at the above roads. Social leader Kamran Kaim Khani, Citizens Furqan Ahmed, Mohammad Saad, Mohammad Aamir, Khurram and others have strongly condemned the illegal encroachments in the city particularly at the main roads. Talking to newsmen they deplored that no authority was feeling the difficulties of the masses and concerned authorities were away to take any legal action against those had been established illegal encroachments and violating the traffic rules. They regretted that they had been complained to concerned authorities in this regard but no action was yet appeared against the violators of traffic laws and illegal encroachers. They expressed that there had been established anti encroachments cell in TMA Mirpurkhas for removing illegal encroachments but that cell was lying silence. They demanded the higher authorities to take immediate notice of negligence of concerned authorities and ensure removal of illegal encroachments in the city as well as implementation on the traffic laws.

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