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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MIRPURKHAS May 25. Administrative manager of Mirpurkhas sugar mill Haider Bux Rustamani has rejected the allegations leveled upon the mill management of Alcohol plant of Mirpurkhas sugar mill by the area abadgars two days back during a protest demonstration saying that Bio gas plant was made in the plant which has 4 digesters and more 4 digesters would soon be installed to make the wastage of the mill unharmful or fruitful  for human being and cattle’s as well as agriculture land. Speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday. He further said that we did not pay compensation RS 250000 to abadgars Ch Mansha who had claimed that his 4 buffalows had been killed after drinking the water from LBOD drain. He further said that he is agreed to pay compensation of cattle and agriculture land that had been died or barren owing to effluents of Alcohol plant of the Mirpurkhas Sugar mill. He expressed that about 3 and half years ago Alcohol plant was installed in which over 1500 employees were working. He said that wastage of the mill is not harmful as colony of the mill and various villages were situated across the LBOD drain in which mill wastage is being disposed while no person was affecting of effluents of the mill. He said that some waste interested people are trying to make issue against the mill for blackmailing. He expressed that their conspiracy will not get success. He further said that short precautionary measures were being adopted by the mill management and local abadgars as sign boards of danger would be installed across the above drain while people would also be deployed there to apprise the people about losses of the effluents being disposed in the LBOD drain. He said that mini treatment plant on 32 to 40 acres is also being constructed to clean it.
MIRPURKHAS May 25. A senior worker of Pakistan Peoples Party Jhuddo has attempted suicide by burning himself in ward no 6, Kachchi colony at Jhuddo town on Monday night while inmates and neighbours intervened and rushed to rural health center Jhuddo where he was provided first aid however he was referred for LMUH Hyderabad due to his precarious condition. Report received that Baro Mugheri, father of Aarib Mugheri, had been died in past while Aarib Mugheri was residing along with his wife Ms Shaheen, mother Ms Banko and 6 minor children (3 daughters and 3 sons) in a rented house, while his 2 sisters had already been married . He has been making efforts to acquire government job through PPP after coming in power to PPP but he was still deprived of any job as he was neglected by the concerned office bearers of PPP even he was compelled to do labour work and in earning of the daily wages he was not able to pay rent of the house and suffer the house expenses. Report said that daily dispute between him and his wife was occurred for paying the rent and suffering the house expenses. His family was facing starvation as they were failed to pay rent of 6 months to house owner. After being hopeless he hurled the kerosene oil upon him and set on fire himself as result he sustained about 90 percent burn injuries, rushed to rural health center Jhuddo where he was provided first aid and then he was referred to LMUH Hyderabad owing to his serious condition. Report received that his condition is deteriorated as he was fell unconscious and admitted in a government hospital at Karachi at this time; doctors were making efforts to save his live. His wife Ms Shaheen told the media men that after this dangrious incident, no any office bearer of PPP have visited the house of victim Aarib Mugheri even they were not able to suffer the expenses to shift the injured to hospital at Karachi. She held responsible to PPP of attempt to suicide of his husband. She appealed the president Asif Ali Zardari to take immediate notice of ignoring his husband by the party and help of his family. 
MIRPURKHAS May 25. Haq Parast MNA Waseem Akhtar has said that Muttehda Quami Movement was making efforts to provide basic facilities to down trodden people while added that providing the electrification to villages in far flung areas also in desert Thar was the part of manifesto of the MQM . He was speaking at the electrification inauguration ceremony at village Piari Ki Dhani, taluka Chachro, and district Tharparkar on Tuesday. Report received that MNA Waseem Akhtar said that Muttehda is now spreading throughout country and masses are joining in big quantity the MQM owing to successful policies of its leader Altaf Hussain. Ex provincial minister Shabbir Ahmed Kaim Khani also spoke the occasion. On this occasion, XEN Hesco Hyderabad Mohammad Saleem giving briefing told that from this scheme cost of RS 58 lakhs and 83000, electricity might be supplied to 3 localities Piari Ki Dhani, Hashim Ki Dhani and Adam Ki Dhani. He said that 41 electrification schemes of other MNAs and MPAs are also under completion in the desert district Tharparkar with estimated cost of RS 216.952 millions. He further said that 26 villages of those schemes have been electrified with cost of RS 85.824 millions while work was continued to provide electricity to remaining 15 villages. He told that under the directives of chief minister Sindh, 28 schemes of electrification with cost of RS 95.602 were being completed while 17 schemes of them have sofar been completed with cost of RS 53.061 millions and added that work was continued at remaining 10 schemes. EX MPA and district organizer Muttehda Quami Movement MQM Umerkot Ponjomal Bheel and other party office bearers were also present.

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