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Saturday, November 6, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Huge quantity of fire crackers were recovered in raid of civil judge and judicial magistrate 1 Mirpurkhas from Mirwah road and Market chowk in the city on Saturday night. Report said that Hindu community was busy in celebrating their religious festivalDiwali”while heavy voices were creating of explosions of the fire crackers in the city that as the civil judge and judicial magistrate 1 Mirpurkhas Ahmed Nawaz Dombki came out from Noorani mosque at Mirwah road after performing prayer during this a fire cracker exploded with heavy voice there after which he along with town police carried out raids at the venders and push cart owners selling the fire crackers openly in the city as result sellers run away from the spot to leave their material and push carts and venders. On the directives of judicial magistrate, police taken into custody huge quantity of fire crackers. When contacted SHO town Abid Kaim Khani said that till today Saturday night cases would be lodged against those involved in selling the fire crackers.
MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. On the call of Sindh Dost Rabita council demonstration was held by Sindh dost Rabita council Mirpurkhas to protest against the handing over the recovery of sales taxes on services to federal government here on Saturday. Protesters led by Ali Hassan Dal, Jameel Lashari and Gull Mohammad Kalhoro, carried banners and placards raised slogans against the Sindh government. Leaders accused that handing over the recovery of sales tax to federation on services was the great injustice with Sindh province. They termed the dacoity committed on Sindh rights for handing over the sales tax recovery to federal government. They alleged that Sindh government was inefficient and accountability of Sindh rights should be made with Sindh government. They criticized the government policy to increase the price of patrol and demanded the higher authorities to end the price hike, corruption and lawlessness from the country. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Two sugar mills out of five sugar mills of the district Mirpurkhas have been launched their crushing season but facing no cane condition here on Saturday. Report said that there are 5 sugar mills in the district including Mirpurkhas, Digri, Al-Abbas, Tharparkar and Najma sugar mills. However Mirpurkhas, Digri, Al Abbas and Tharparkar sugar mills had been fired their boilers in past however Mirpurkhas and Al Abbas sugar mills had started their crushing of cane but facing no cane condition as mills crushed the cane a day and then for two days their function of crushing was stopped waiting the availability of required quantity of sugar cane crop. When contacted Haider Rustamani, general manager for Admin and human resources said that no cane condition was appeared as the sugar mills started their crushing season. He said that indents had already been issued to the growers and landlords but less transportation of cane in the mill was being made owing to shortage of labours in the field as mostly labours are belong to Hundi community and whole the community including Hindu peasants were busy to celebrate their religious festival Diwali. However he said that we are making efforts to keep continue crushing of cane without any stoppage by requesting the landlord and growers to supply more than their cane crop . 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Two employees of Mirpurkhas sugar mill were received minor injuries when radiator of a machine was leaked here on Friday night. Report said that employee Bahadur and an unknown daily wages labourer was injured when radiator of a machine was leaked. One of the injured Bahadur was brought at emergency of civil hospital Mirpurkhas for medical assistance. He was later released after providing first aid. However name of other injured was not known till filing of the news. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Meeting of office bearers of labour unions of sugar mills of the Sindh province was held here on Saturday in which they formed Sindh sugar mills workers federation and unanimously nominated the office bearers of the federation Abdul Hameed Shaikh as Chairman, Dodo Khan Mangrio, Dost Ali Chandio, Ashraf Rajput and Ghulam Qasim Khan as vice chairman, president, general secretary and finance secretary respectively. Meeting adopted different resolutions demanding the government to regularize the all daily wages and contracted employees of the mills , provide at least salary of RS 20000 owing to price hike. Meeting further demanded the government to recover the write off loan money of banks and provide the basic facilities including residence, health and education to the laborers.
MIRPURKHAS Nov 6. Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that all possible measures were being made by government to rehabilitate the flood affected people of Sindh and added that Sindh government would protect in any condition the benefits of the Sindh province. He was talking to newsmen here on Saturday in the Valima marriage ceremony of brother of PPP MPA Shamim Aara Panhwer at Mirpurkhas Gymkhana club. Regarding the Thar coal project, chief minister said that work in speed was continued at the Thar coal project and all the formalities have been completed in this regard and added that more than electricity and opportunities of employments would be created of this project. In reply the questions, he said that all the attention of Sindh government at this time was on to rehabilitate over 70 lakhs flood affected people and efforts were continued to provide not only RS 1 lakh to each affected family atonce while seed and fertilizers would also be provided them free of cost. He said that Thar coal project was a big project of 4 Arab dollars and the agreement of government with big Angro Company of Germany had been made in which 40 percent share is of Sindh province. He further said that 40 percent electricity was created from coal in Germany and according to German experts quality of Thar coal was better than coal of Germany . He told that abut 2500 megawatt electricity will be created from this project and 50000 to 100000 local people would get employments of this project. He said that this project is in benefit for Thar, Mirpurkhas even whole country. Federal minister for culture Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani, MNA Mir Munawar Ali Talpure, Provincial ministers Taukeer Fatima Bhutto, Zahid Bhurgari, Syed Ali Nawaz Shah, Sajid Jokhio, PPP MPAs Shamim Aara Panhwer, Mir Haji Hayat Talpure, Mir Mehboob Talpure, Ali Murad Rajar, etc also attended the Valima marriage ceremony. Sindh chief minister, after this, went to residence of PPP activist Ali Akbar Panhwer who was murdered in armed attack and condoled with bereaved family and then went to house of Junaid Buland , organizer of SPSF district Mirpurkhas after which left the city for Karachi

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