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Monday, November 1, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Nov 1. Four sugar mills of the district that had been fired their boilers have not launched cane crushing on the first day of announced government schedule Nov 1, here on Monday. Report said that Mirpurkhas, Digri, Tharparkar and Al Abbas sugar mills had been fired their boilers for starting crushing of the sugar cane crop but despite given date of Nov 1 to launch the crushing season by government sugar mills were failed to start the crushing .Meanwhile chairman farmer organization council FOC Sindh Javed Ahmed Junejo expressed his concern over the violation of the government scheduled to start the crushing season from Nov 1 by sugar mills . In a press statement issued here on Monday, he said that Mirpurkhas and Al Abbas sugar mills on Nov 4, Tharparkar on Nov 8, and Digri sugar mill on Nov 6 would start their crushing while Matiari sugar mill and Mehran sugar mill had been started their crushing season and have increased the cane rate at RS 150 per maund. It may be recalled that Sindh government had been fixed officially the minimum price of sugar cane RS 127 per maund. Javed Junejo expressed that owing to late starting of the crushing season by sugar mills wheat sowing will be adversely affected in the Sindh province. He accused that owners of the sugar mills are not sincere to start the crushing at the time and they wanted to delay the crushing till Eid ul Azha. He said that this year more sugar cane crop was sowed than last year in the district as last year sugar cane was sowed at 11475 hectors and this year cane crop was sowed at 15576 hectors in the district as result this year 4100 hectors was more sowed than last year. He said that sugar mill owners wanted to setup zone system for their benefit while zone system was damaged the sugar cane growers and they were compelled to supply cane to a sugar mill of their zone and such they were deprived of more rate of the cane crop offered by the sugar mills of the other zones . He said that example of the zone system is that sugar mills that had announced schedule of crushing were directing the growers of their zones to start harvesting of their crop. He opposed the zoning system of sugar mills and warned that growers would not allow the sugar mills to setup zone system. He alleged that present government was not taking action against the sugar mills violating the rules in the province and added that previous government had taken legal action against the various sugar mills that violated the rules. He said that he has been convened the meeting of FOC within some days to make future planning and strategy to face the excesses of the sugar mills managements.

MIRPURKHAS Nov 1. Administrator TMA Mirpurkhas Abdul Wahab Abbasi has said that fumigation spray campaign has been launched in the city to save the citizens from Malaria and dengue fever diseases and said that there was different kinds of Dengue virus but usually its growth was in clean water  and stressed need to use the clean water and kept the water with cover. He was speaking at a meeting held here on Monday that was attended by MPA Faheem Ahmed Altafi, officials Ghulam Mohammad Leghari, Mohammad Ajmal Khan, Merajuddin and others. He further said that we should ensure spray anti dengue mosquito in the rooms and use also mosquito net if there are more than quantity of mosquito. He said that fumigation spray campaign has been started in the city and if the officials were not reached to any area or locality of the city concerned people should contact at the following numbers 0233-9290194 and 0233-9290197. Earlier, administrator and MPA Faheem Ahmed Altafi along with officials have visited the different areas of the city and examined the cleaning work of the city. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 1. Slow harvesting of sugar cane crop has allegedly been caused of delay in starting the crushing season of sugar mills in the district Mirpurkhas and Umerkot. Report said that different sugar mills had been directed their sugar cane growers and landlords to start harvesting of cane crop as the government had announced schedule of Nov 1 to start the crushing and had also been issued indents to various growers but required quantity of sugar cane crop was not transported to sugar mills as result mills management did not start their sugar mills crushing owing to no cane condition in the district Mirpurkhas and Umerkot. Report said that main cause of slow Harvesting of the sugar cane crop was Hindu community festival Diwali that was being celebrated on Nov 5. It may be recalled that mostly labors were belong to minority community including Kolhi, Bheel, Meghwar, Oad, Machi etc in districts Mirpurkhas and Umerkot and they were busy in preparation to celebrate festival Dewali on Nov 5. In past due to famine like condition, Thari people were migrated to bairaj areas including Mirpurkhas, Digri, Mirwah Gorchani, Naokot, Jhuddo, Kot Ghulam Mohammad, Umerkot, etc for getting their livelihood and they were available here for harvesting the sugar cane crop on cheap rate but due to heavy rainfall in desert Thar areas during last few years Thari people were not coming to bairaj areas and gaining their livelihood in their areas by labor work.  Landlord of taluka Mirpurkhas Mohammad Moosa Maher told that his peasants and labors that were hired for harvesting the sugar cane crop have refused to harvest the cane till their festival Diwali. He further said that mostly labors and peasants were belonging to minority community and they were at this time busy to celebrate the festival as result he will be able to transport his crop after festival of Dewali . Another landlord Furqan Ahmed of Deh Phadro, taluka Mirpurkhas said that despite offering more labor charges to labors for harvesting the crop but they declined to work in field till Dewali festival. Representative of Kolhi community Sondho Katchi Kolhi told this scribe that before a week of the festival Dewali, minority people were started their preparation to celebrate it with religious fervor. He said that all the minority people at this time were busy while our children are waiting of this festival with unrest. He said that in the field , whole family was worked to harvest the crop or sowed the crop but mostly of the family members are busy at this time as result minority people particularly those worked in the field were avoiding to work in the field as it was the festival that was come one time each year and minority people were celebrated it with massive procedure. 

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