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Sunday, November 21, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Nov 21. Scores of villagers of Peromal, district Sanghar, civil society, human rights activists and Mirpurkhas action committee have held demonstration here on Sunday outside the local press club to protest against the failure of Peromal police to arrest the nominated accused of the murder case of peasant Ghulam Sarwar Janwari despite passing 5 days to the incident. Protesters led by Kanji Rano Bheel advocate, chairman Mirpurkhas action committee and human rights activist, carried banners and placards, blocked the main Mirpurkhas Hyderabad road for two hours as result traffic was suspended. They raised slogans against the Peromal police and demanding the higher authorities to ensure apprehending the nominated accused of the murder case. Among the protesters were Amerchand Bheel , Ismail, Sarwan Kumar Bheel, etc. On this occasion, Kanji Rano Bheel advocate , chairman Mirpurkhas action committee told the newsmen that On Nov 15 morning , peasant Ghulam Sarwar Janwary went to landlord Yaqoob Rajar, in Peromal village for getting share of his crop for Eid shopping of his family that when he demanded his share among the villagers, landlord anguished and he along with his henchmen attacked upon the peasant with axes as result he sustained serious wounds, rushed to civil hospital Benazeerabad for proper treatment. On same day, Ali Akbar Janwari, uncle of the injured peasant lodged the case of attempt to murder with Peromal police station against the landlord Yaqoob Rajar, Shafi Mangrio, Ghulam Rasool Khaskheli and supervisor of the land Mohammad Moosa Khaskheli. However on Nov 16, the injured peasant was died of serious wounds in civil hospital Benazeerabad. The case of attempt to murder was changed into murder case. He said that according to Peromal police one of the nominated accused Mohammad Moosa Khaskheli was arrested by police, however still remaining three nominated accused including influential landlord Yaqoob Rajar were at large. He accused that Peromal police were deliberately not arresting the influential accused of the murder case after allegedly receiving huge bribe. He alleged that accused and their henchmen had issued threats of dire consequences to the complainant and his other family members. He demanded the provincial police officer PPO, RPO Hyderabad , DIG Mirpurkhas and DPO Sanghar to take immediate notice into this matter, ensure immediate nabbing of the escaped nominated accused and provide justice to the bereaved family. 
MIRPURKHAS Nov 21. President CNG owners association Mirpurkhas chapter Aftab Hussain Qureshi, General secretary Junaid Khan and vice president Kashif Ali have strongly condemned the sui southern gas company SSGC for supplying low pressure of sui gas to CNG stations of the district Mirpurkhas for last 15 days causing difficulties to the vehicle owners and heavy loss to owners of the CNG stations. In a joint press conference held here on Sunday at local press club, they deplored that supply of sui gas pressure to CNG stations of Mirpurkhas was very low from 11 AM morning that was remained continue till 9 PM daily as result heavy rush of vehicles was seen for last 15 days at the CNG stations . They accused that under the agreement with CNG stations , SSGC was bound to provide 8 PSI load to CNG stations but it was supplying deliberately 1 PSI as result a cylinder having capacity of sui gas of 8 Kilogramme was filled in 15 minutes while during regular supply it was filled within some minutes as result dozens of vehicles were parked at the CNG centers for waiting of their number to fill their cylinder. They deplored that they were suffering huge losses as their daily sale has been reduced half and if the same supply of low pressure remained continue for further days they would be compelled to sack mostly employees and such unemployment will be increased. They expressed that Sindh province was supplied 74 percent of suigas for the country but CNG centers of Sindh cities were being deprived of their share of suigas. They said that CNG Sui gas was cheap than petrol and diesel as result mostly people are using CNG gas for their vehicle. They told that sui gas was being supplied to Mirpurkhas from Palli Jani near Nasarpur via Tandoallahyar and its about 25 years old gas pipe line had been damaged at different places and consumption of sui gas has been increased on this pipe line as result about 4 years back SSGC had planed to lay new parallel sui gas line of 18 inches from Tandoallahyar to Mirpurkhas and its summary was prepared and approved by concerned higher authorities but funds could not yet been released by the concerned higher authorities. They accused that officials of SSGC were deliberately reduced the gas supply from Palli Jani near Nasarpur to damage the CNG station particularly of district Mirpurkhas. They told that we had complained to zonal manager of SSGC Mirpurkhas in this regard and in written complaint was submitted but they added that zonal manager was not able to resolve their problems however he assured that he will approach to higher authorities of SSGC to convey their complaint and for resolving their problems. They demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari, prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, and higher officers of SSGC to take immediately notice into this matter , resolve this on priority basis and end the difficulties of owners of vehicles and CNG stations of Mirpurkhas by supply regular sui gas with proper pressure.

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