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Friday, November 19, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Nov 19. People have celebrated Eid ul Azha with religious farver here also like other parts of the country. After performing prayer of Eid ul Azha amidst strict security arrangements, people did sacrifices of different animals including cows, oxes, goats, camel, sheep etc. Rush of childrens including women was seen in the different parks of the city. While various organizations have collected the skins of sacrificial animals in peaceful atmosphere. No incident of dispute over collection of the skins of animals was occurred in the city. TMA Mirpurkhas had made special arrangements of cleanliness in the city on occasion of Eid ul Azha as filthy were removed from the streets and roads of the city through tractors trolleys of TMA and its officials remained busy to keep clean the city uptill now. Administrator TMA Mirpurkhas Abdul Wahab Abbasi has supervised the cleanliness campaign of the city. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 19.  Sindh government claim to decline the rate of sugar and its sale at least RS 71 per kilogramme has been failed as Citizens have been forced to buy the sugar in retail at RS 85 to 90 per kilogramme on occasion of Eid ul Azha. Report said that Sindh government before Eid ul Azha had been announced to decrease the rate of sugar in the local market by special arrangements to supply the subsidized sugar to all the districts of the Sindh province for sale at RS 71 per kilogramme. Report said that Sindh agriculture department was given task to supply the subsidized sugar to all the districts of the Sindh under their fixed quota of sugar but district Mirpurkhas was unfortunately not supplied the subsidized sugar before Eid ul Zaha. A local whole seller Mohammad Imran told this correspondent that he along with some other whole sellers have waited the subsidized sugar and contacted with concerned officers of agriculture department for receiving the quota of sugar but before Eid ul Azha no subsidized quota of sugar was received here as result they were unable to sale the sugar at announced RS 71 per kilogramme. He said that gradually the rate of sugar will be decreased as crushing of the cane had been started in various sugar mills and new sugar commodity will come in the local market to decline the rate of sugar. Mohammad Furqan and Saad, resident of Lalchandabad told this scribe that they were suffering additional burden for purchasing sugar at high rate RS 85 per kilogramme as the Sindh government had announced the rate of RS 71 per kilogramme of sugar. They deplored that government announcement was failed and citizens even those residing in rural areas were compelled to buy the sugar at RS 85 to 90 per kilogramme. When contacted acting DCO Mirpurkhas Syed Zakir Shah told that he had held the meeting of whole sellers and sugar dealers and had directed them to install the fair price shops in the city for sale of sugar on government announced rate RS 71 per kilogramme but unfortunately the consignment of sugar quota  70 matric tons of the district could not be reached here before Eid ul Azha. He said that when he contacted with secretary agriculture in this regard who informed him that owing to shortage of transports at Karachi , sugar consignments of about 5 districts of Sindh including Mirpurkhas could not be loaded. He said that secretary further told that M/s Faizan brothers had been awarded contract of transportation of the subsidized quota by government to each district of the province but there was some problems of shortage of transports as result soon after Eid ul Azha subsidized quota of rested districts could be dispatched from Karachi , he added. Syed Zakir Shah further said that under his directives the fair price shops had been setup at different places in the city but they could not be functional without subsidized sugar. He said that in this regard he had also been furnished a letter to secretary agriculture for early sending the sugar quota of the district Mirpurkhas. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 19. Vice president Mirpurkhas chapter of Sindh abadgar board SAB Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate has deplored that wheat sowing was adversely affecting with shortage of irrigation water in tail end districts of Nara canal command area as result mostly wheat growers were yet failed to sow their wheat crop due to non availability of water in tail of their distributaries. In a press statement issued here on Friday, he accused that required quantity of water was not being taken by the authorities of Nara canal as result tail end growers were facing acute shortage of water as Engineers of Mithrao and Thar divisions compelled to implement on rotation programme under it over 50 distributaries and minors were lying dry in command area of Nara canal. He accused of the irrigation officials of forcing the growers for receiving bribe by short supply of water in distributaries and minors as result tail end abadgars were yet deprived of sowing wheat and sugar cane crop. He said that there was required water supply in Nara head at least 16000 cusec water discharge while 13000 cusec discharge was being supply in Nara head that was theft in its travel from Sukkur to Mirpurkhas. He accused that over 400 illegal pumping machines were stealing the water installed at both banks of the Nara in district Khairpur and then till reaching to district Sanghar big landlords were involved allegedly in water stealing by tempering their water courses. He said that when the water was arrived in district Umerkot and Mirpurkhas its quantity was reduced and authorities were compelled to implement on rotation programme to run the system while acute shortage of water hit the sowing of wheat and sugar cane crop. He said that in past growers had held protest demonstration and protest processions in this regard here but higher authorities were allegedly seemed to reluctant taking any legal action against the big landlords involved in water theft. He expressed that districts Mirpurkhas and Umerkot have produced more than sugar cane, wheat, cotton, chili, tomatoes, sun flower, onion and others crops but growers were always disappointed of acute shortage of water, existing of rotation programme and deliberately short supply of water by irrigation officials for compelling the growers to pay them bribe for water. He said that last year bomber crop of wheat was produced in district Mirpurkhas but unfortunately concerned authorities did not yet announce the target of sowing of wheat in the district Mirpurkhas. He called upon the Sindh chief minister, Governor Sindh, secretary irrigation, minister for irrigation , director Nara canal and other officers to take immediate notice of shortage of water, implementation of rotation programme and ensure proper supply of water till tail end abadgar, removal of illegal installed pumping machines, end of rotation programme and legal action against the water thieves without any discrimination. 
MIRPURKHAS Nov 19. Leader of Sindh Tarraqi Passand party STPP Mohammad Rafique Panhwer was died of heart failure on Thursday at Hyderabad and his body was brought at his residence at Mirpurkhas. He was aged about 53 years old. His Namaz e Janaza was offered at his ancestral village at Old Mirpur that was attended by hundreds of people including Dr Qadir Magsi, leader of STPP, workers and office bearers, office bearers of different politicial parties, villagers, relatives and citizens. He was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard on Thursday night near Old Mirpur. 

MIRPURKHAS Nov 19. Chairman Sindh Tarraqi Passand Party STPP Dr Qadir Magsi has accused that Pervez Musharraf was the killer of Akbar Bugti, Lal Msjid victims and Sindhis and during his tenure people committed suicide and sold of their children and how it possible that he will returned to Pakistan for taking part in politics. He was giving answers of questions of the local journalists here on Friday after performing condolence with Aijaz Panher , little brother of Mohammad Rafique Panhwer, leader of STPP who had been died of heart failure a day back . He further said that poverty has been prevailed in the country even people were selling their blood for getting food for their families while in past people were compelled to sale their children. He further said that no any person was safe due to lawlessness in the province as Sindh government had been failed to provide protection to lives and properties to the masses. He said that after death of G.M.Syed and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a vacuum was created in politics of Sindh but now Nation parast parties of Sindh have been united in the leadership of leaders Rasool Bux Palejo, Shah Mohammad Shah, Jalal Mehmood Shah and Dr Qadir Magsi  and they have filled that vacuum and are jointly struggling for rights of masses. He said that when Muslim league factions were united at a platform then now all the Nation parast parties of Sindh have been united and jointly made alliance for rights of the Sindhi people. He said that after assassination of late Mohtarma Benazeer Bhutto, Sindhi people have been broken the magic of PPP. He accused that misappropriation had been made in funds provided for help of flood affected Sindhi people but still flood affected people were deprived of government help even they were compelled to sale their blood and children for getting food. He said that government had been failed to control the prices of general commodities as result masses were paying additional burden of excess prices.

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