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Sunday, January 31, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Jan 31. Meeting of political and social organizations was held in the office of Trade union rights campaign Pakistan Mirpurkhas here on Sunday, presided by Kanji Rano Bheel, in which participators decided to support the ongoing protest campaign of sacked employees of Fauji Fertilizer company in Daharki . Meeting decided that on behalf of Mirpurkhas action committee protest rally will be taken out from railway station chowk to local press club on Feb 4th in this regard. Meeting demanded the immediate dismissal of general manager of the Fauji Fertilizer Company retired brigadier Saeed and reinstated all the sacked employees including labors and security guards. Meeting urged to provide jobs to local people in the mill. Those attended the meeting including chairman Mirpurkhas action committee Kanji Rano Bheel advocate, Hameed Channa of socialist movement, Taj Baloch of Sindh graduate association Mirpurkhas, Ali Gohar Leghari of Sindh Net, secretary action committee Sher Mohammad solangi, Zeeshan Leghari of JSQM, Wajid Leghari of Sindh Najwan Samaji Sangat, Shakoor Mohammad Shaikh of Mehran welfare association, Saleem Malik of trade union rights campaign, Nisar Ahmed Siddique of PML (functional league), Abdullah Khan Mari and Mohan Misri.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 31. Participators of a seminar held here on Saturday by Nojwan Sindh Samaji Sangat with collaboration of South Asia partnership Pakistan on the topic of deteriorated condition of agriculture sector of Sindh and government efforts, have lamented that artificial acute shortage of water and fertilizers were created to devastate the agriculture sector of Sindh while agriculture production have been decreased than previous owing to availability of fake and spurious fertilizers in the local market. They accused that concerned government officers are not acting practically to improve the agriculture sector instead they were allegedly receiving the illegal gratification and misappropriating the government funds . Kanji Rano Bheel, Ghulam Mustafa Leghari, Hameed Channa and Dr Shaheen further said that agriculture department was held the seminar but was not invited the peasants or Hari sothat those working in field practically could apprise the modern techniques of the agriculture sector. They deplored that in collecting agriculture data, economical condition of peasants and growers were not raised. Regarding the education of Haris and peasants, they said that mostly schools are laying closed in union council Turk Ali Mari , taluka Mirpurkhas while in official record they were opened. In Seminar, district agriculture officer Mirpurkhas yar Mohammad Khaskheli, district education officer Aijaz Babbar, assistant district education officer Digri Sanaullah Bhatti and labour officer Zubair Ahmed admitted that there was communication gap as we have no proper facilities to visit the site and schools while political influence is the main cause of devastation of the system in the different departments. They assured that they would discuss with higher authorities regarding the above problems and would take practically action to bring changes into the system. They said that they would now remain in contact on grass root level with representatives of growers and Haris. 

MIRPURKHAS Jan 31. Over a hundred people of local Christian community have taken out rally under the banner of St. Michael’s Parsh council Mirpurkhas here on Sunday from Saint Treasa Church to express their solidarity and condole with bereaved family of deceased 12 years old Christian girl Shazia belong to Lahore. Participators led by Fanyaz John ,Younus Ravi and victor advocate , carried banners and placards, marched through main roads and reached at local press club where they strongly condemned the brutally murder of Shazia and expressed their grief and sorrow and demanded the government to ensure immediate arresting of the involved culprits and punish them exemplary. They demanded the government to take notice of threats being issued to deceased’s family. They lauded the Media by which this case was raised and hoped that government would take initiative into this matter without any delay to give justice to the deceased’s family. 

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