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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Feb 3. Secretary general Jamaat e Islami Sindh Rashid Naseem has said that construction of 62 dams in Kashmir on behalf of India is the main cause of acute shortage of irrigation water in Pakistan and added that if today the Kashmir was part of Pakistan then India could not courage to stop the water of Pakistan . He was speaking at a seminar on solidarity with Kashmir held here on Wednesday by Jamaat e Islami Mirpurkhas. Ameer JI Mirpurkhas Lala Noor Mohammad, JUI Mirpurkhas district president Moulana Hafeezur Rehman, senior vice president of JUP Sindh Mufti Mohammad Shareef Saeedi, district vice president PML(N) Mohammad Zahid Kaim Khani, and leader of functional league Abid Hussain Rajput have said that Indian policy to crush the Muslims in Kashmir was today also continued despite severe protest of Kashmiri people and international human rights institutions and said that atrocities of India are increasing day by day in Kashmir. They accused that India had stolen the water of Pakistan by construction of 62 dams at the rivers coming to Pakistan from Kashmir while, they alleged that India with support of USA and Israel are making devastative activities in Pakistan . They deplored that despite passing 62 years to Pakistan implementation on the resolutions on Kashmir could not yet make. They said that various areas of Pakistan are deprived of their rights like condition of Kashmir. They said that rulers are disputed in the assemblies in the day light with each others and in night they are met like friends, while masses are facing a lot of problems.

MIRPURKHAS Feb 3. Chairman Railway workers Union Manzoor Ahmed Razi has called upon the president Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to order for repair of faulty 100 diesel engines to save the railway department from increasing its deficit. He was talking to the news man through telephone on Wednesday. He said that there are about 500 costly diesel engines in the country as 70 diesel engines are in Karachi division who are running the mail and goods trains from Karachi while 100 diesel engines were lying faulty. He told that there is cost of a new diesel engine is RS 35 crors in the international market and a faulty diesel engine might be repaired with funds of RS 5 cror. He said that railway department’s deficit will be increased if the government was purchased new diesel engines to run the railway system properly in the country. He said that trains are lying closed in meter gauge tracks in interior Sindh including Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah etc. He advised the government to resume the services of meter gauge trains to facilitate the masses. He demanded the authorities to bring the system in the country to close the start diesel engines in free time to save the costly diesel from burning. He said that in other countries engines of trains were closed in free time under the system while in Pakistan till today, all the diesel engines are remained start 24 hours even their free time as result costly diesel was burnt.

MIRPURKHAS Feb 3. Chairman Action committee Mirpurkhas Kanji Rano Bheel advocate has accused the traffic police of receiving illegal gratification from the rickshaws, Changchi and push cart owners as result traffic system had been failed in the city while encroachments had been increased at the main roads and Markets causing great hardships to vehicles and citizens. He was talking to newsmen here on Wednesday at local press club. He deplored that traffic police officials are main cause of illegal encroachments in the city as at M.A.Jinnah road , Mirwah road, Sir Syed road, etc traffic mostly remained jam even pedestrians were also disturbed due to illegal encroachments . He said that in past there were fixed the routs of Chingchi rickshaws and vehicles in the city to smoothly flow of vehicles but due to corruption of traffic police, smoothly flow of vehicles at the roads has been collapsed. He demanded the provincial police officer, RPO Hyderabad, DIG Mirpurkhas zone and DPO Mirpurkhas to take immediately notice of receiving illegal gratification by traffic police officials and abolish the traffic police by introducing proper traffic system in the city.

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