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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Feb 10.People are facing hardships in getting the Autara of field book of their lands from survey superintendent department Mirpurkhas. Vice president Sindh Abadgar board SAB Mirpurkhas chapter Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher complained that survey superintendent department Mirpurkhas is not providing or issuing the Autara of field book of the agriculture lands despite approaching to concerned department . Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, he said that on Mirpurkhas divisional level, Sindh government had been opened its office of Survey superintendent department at Mirpurkhas for providing facilities of demarcation of the lands and issuance of Autara of field book of the lands but only land demarcation work was made while Autara of field book of the land was not being provided here due to non availability of record of the lands of defunct Mirpurkhas division. He lamented that people are facing hardships as traveled to Hyderabad for acquiring Autara of field book of their land. When contacted Zameer Hussain Leghari, incharge of survey superintendent department Mirpurkhas told that about a year back this office was opened but no budget , record and required staff were provided here despite repeated complaints to concerned higher authorities. He said that no building of his office was available here but he was provided two rooms in the building of civil defence office Mirpurkhas. He said that without proper staff and land records he is not able to issue Autara of field book of the lands, however demarcation of the lands was being made by his staff. He appealed the higher authorities to provide him budget and staff for properly running this office here. 

MIRPURKHAS Feb 10. Wheat and other cultivated crops are devastating particularly in tail end districts Mirpurkhas, Umerkot and Tharparkar situated in lower Sindh owing to acute shortage of irrigation water in Nara canal. Talking to newsmen at local press club here on Wednesday, Javed Ahmed Junejo , chairman Farmer organization council FOC Sindh deplored that recently 25000 cusec water was increased in Sindh river following rainfall in Punjab and other provinces but unfortunately irrigation authorities of Punjab has diverted the water flow towards Taunsa Bairaj to store the water as result in Sukkur barrage water level has been decreased as from 18000 cusec to 15000 cusecs automatically irrigation authorities supplying the water discharge only 6000 cusec in Nara canal head against its requirements of 18000 cusec water discharge. He lamented that drought like situation has been created in the above tail end districts of Nara canal as due to stealing of water from Nara canal through illegal 400 lift machines and tempered modules of canals and distributaries only water for drinking purpose is being supplied in minors, distributaries etc. He urged the federal government to ensue releasing of more than water in Sindh River instead to store the water in Taunsa barrage to save the wheat and other crops of Sindh province. He said that landlords and abadgars were suffering big losses as their investments in agriculture sector has become on risk and depending now only on irrigation water that is not available in the canals here . He said that 6000 cusec water discharge is only for drinking purpose and at this time there is acute need of water for wheat and other crops in this region and added that wheat and other crops were already deprived of irrigation for last 50 days as the Nara canal was closed for annual desilting and repair purpose. He demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari and prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to take immediately notice of acute shortage of water particularly in lower Sindh and ensure proper supply of water in River Indus and in Nara canal to save the cultivated wheat and other crops otherwise all the abadgars and Zamindars under the banner of FOC Sindh would held protest demonstration and sit in at Sukkur barrage on Feb 11th 2010. 

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