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Saturday, August 29, 2009

MIRPURKHAS Aug 31. Rainfall with thunderstorm hit the Mirpurkhas and other towns and cities of the district here on Sunday night. Report said that rainfall remained continue for an hour as result low lying areas of the city were inundated under the rainy water while rainywater was also standed at the main roads and streets of the city as result citizens faced hardships . Rainfall remained continue intermittently whole night. As the rainfall started power supply was suspended in the city however, power supply was restored after three hours in Hirabad sub division and Satellite town sub division. However in linking and city feeders of hesco city sub division power supply might not be restored till Monday morning as result citizens faced hardships even made Sehri in darkness. Owing to rainfall with thunderstorm, various trees and sign boards were uprooted. Rainfall occurred also at Mirwah Gorchani, Digri, Jhuddo, Naokot, Kot Ghulam Mohammad, Jhilori, ShadiPalli, Old Mirpur, Khaan, Patoyoon, Sindhri, Phuladyyoon etc. Owing to stagnant rainy water at the ways in rural areas as result mostly common villagers could not be reached in the city for their work. Sanitary staffs of the TMA Mirpurkhas were not seen at their duties in morning and citizens have demanded the authorities to ensure draining out the stagnant rainy water from the roads, streets and low lying areas of the city. Rainfall has gone for the benefit of standed cotton, chili, sugar cane and other crops as there was already persisting acute shortage of irrigation water in the Mirpurkhas district that is situated in the tail of the Nara canal.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 31. Naib Ameer Jamaat e Islami Sindh Dr Merajul Huda Siddique has accused that retired brigadares who had get rid from NRO are launching the campaign to save the Musharraf and added that Bridagare Imtiaz is the important personnel of Musharraf Bachao Tehreek and added that JI is not make the hereditary patrimonial politics instead its doors are open for each Muslim person. He was speaking at the party workers and office bearers at the JI office Mirpurkhas on occasion of 68th foundation day of JI here on Sunday night. He said that Jamaat e Islami was formed with some money and total 75 persons were in the party which’s movement has now been spread throughout the world and added that there is no any party or person who raise the voice against the USA but JI is the party that had raised voices against the USA. He alleged that rulers are creating complication for the masses instead to resolve the grievances of the masses. He deplored thatefficiency of rulers has become a symbol of question mark to give permission to Black water organization for work in the country which is the terrorist organization of USA. He said that people of Musharraf Bachao Tehreek would not be safe and face their end despite using different tactics. He said that government should end the intervention of Agencies and trail be made in court against retired brigadare Imtiaz. He said that Pakistan and Afghanistan will be make graveyard for American soon and Islam will be spread throughout world soon. Ameer JI Mirpurkhas Zafar Iqbal Mujahid also spoke.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 30. Mirpurkhas union of journalist MUJ has expressed its grave concern over the issuance of threats of dire consequences to the journalists of Kot Ghulam Mohammad taluka on behalf of local leaders of Awami Tehreek and demanded the provincial minister for information to provide protection to the journalists. Meeting of MUJ was held here on Sunday presided by its president Afaq Ahmed Khan , have strongly condemned the issuance of threats of dire consequences to the senior journalists and office bearers of National press club Kot Ghulam Mohammad Jayram Malhi and Ismail Gorchani on behalf of local leaders of Awami Tehreek. General secretary Ghulam Rasool Mugheri said that local journalists are performing their duties in Mirpurkhas, Umerkot, Sanghar and Tharparkar districts in insecure condition while one side false and fabricated cases were being lodged against them by police with connivance of black mailer Bhatta Mafia and on the other handissuance of threats of dire consequences to journalists have become common. He said that a convention of journalists of the above journalists would soon be held very soon to prepare future course of strategy. He demanded the provincial minister for information Shazia Mari and DPO Mirpurkhas to provide protection to the journalists in the district Mirpurkhas otherwise journalists would be compel to stage protest demonstration.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 29. DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon has been suspended the food inspector Mirpurkhas Nazeer Ahmed Soomro in charges of his absence from his duty at Noor Shah flour mill here on Saturday where he was deputed to check the quality of the flour and sending the official fixed quantity of the flour bags to the subsidized stalls . Higher authorities of food department have also been issued the show cause notice to the above Nazeer Ahmed Soomro, food inspector Mirpurkhas. DDO revenue and special magistrate Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamer Khattak has carried out raid at the Noor Shah Flour mill in morning after receiving complaints regarding the supply of sub standard flour by the above mill for distribution among the masses through subsidized flour stalls in Mirpurkhas taluka and during her raid she found absent the food inspector Nazeer Ahmed Soomro from his duty and during the counting of the flour bags found missing of 10 bags from the each stallof the city . Talking to newsmen, she said that Noor Shah colony under the agreement was bound to supply the flour bags 1600 at four flour stalls as 400 flour bags each stall but he found short supply of flour bags to the stalls by the Noor Shah flour mill and paid surprise visit in which found short supply of flour bags were being made to the stalls. She said that she has been submitted her report to the DCO Mirpurkhas for further action. She told that standard wheat is being provided to the Noor Shah Flour mill but substandard flour is being provided for distribution among the masses.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 29. Regional director of regional ombudsman office Mirpurkhas Shafique Ahmed Khan has directed the taluka nazim to clean the city particularly collection point of Agha Khan hospital, Umerkot road near Adam town from filthy heaps. According to a handout issued here on Saturday, he asked that filthy heaps are lying at different places in the city including in front of banks, insurance companies, show rooms and shops and shifted them outside the city without any delay. He deplored that Taluka municipal administration Mirpurkhas is not making acts about this matter as result different diseases are spreading in the city. Shafique Ahmed Khan said that filthy heaps be removed from the city through containers without any delay or threw it at any save place outside the city for burning it. He further directed to make better sanitary system and cleanliness of the city. Besides, he said that if any person has any complaint pertaining to the government department to contact with him personally or by post and courier services and send also fax at the no 0233-9290424. He advised the complainants to submit him their application along with proper postal address, telephone number and photo state copy of National identity card and could contact at number 0233-9290266 for further knowledge. He assured the people that department will take massive acts for redress of their complaints.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 29. District administration has changed its strategy to distribute the subsidized flour bags in the morning to avoid any disturbance of the people including women , here on Saturday, Report said that disturbance was creating due to short supply of flour bags at the subsidized stalls where people were gathered in big quantity to get the flour bags and revenue officials were distributing the bags at 12 PM daily however, thousands of people including women were early reached there to disturb the discipline even incident of manhandling of the police officials and revenue officials were occurring. Various revenue officials had been refused the officers to perform their duties at the flour stalls due to law and order situation and disturbance of the people. District government has changed its strategy and now fixed the time of morning to distribute the flour bags among the masses as less quantity of people were gathered at the stalls in themorning. While administration has further decided to change the places of the flour stalls weekly in the city and for this purpose officials are choosing the safe places including big school buildings where security arrangements might be made easily.

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