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Thursday, August 27, 2009

MIRPURKHAS Aug 27. Scores of tail end growers of Girhorjo distry , fed by Thar canal have held protest demonstration here on Thursday outside local press club to protest against the shortage of water in tail of the Girhorjo distri. Protesters led by Ali Bux Mari, Sammon Khan Samejo, and Lal Mohammad Mari, raised slogans against the irrigation officials of Khipro sub division. They carried banners and placards demanding the authorities to ensure supply of irrigation water till tail end abadgars in Girhorjo distry. Talking to newsmen, they accused that there was no rotation programme in Khipro canal but unfortunately rotation is being implemented in Girhorjo distry. They regretted that XEN Thar canal Saeed Jageerani had been suspended the irrigation official (Darogah) Nawaz Gaho of their distry without any cause as result they were deprived of their share irrigation water. They lamented that due to none reaching of water till their land since a month,cultivated their Khareef crop including cotton had been destroyed. They expressed that they were deprived even drinking water and bringing drinking water from far flung areas. They demanded the minister for irrigation, secretary irrigation and director Nara canal to take immediate notice into this matter, ensure availability of irrigation water till tail end abadgars in their distry and punish the landlords involved in irrigation water theft.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 27. Deputy district officer DDO revenue taluka Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamir Khattak has paid surprise visit of the city to check the prices of the general commodities here on Thursday and reached at utility store Satellite town after receiving the complaints where people complained her of selling the commodities including sugar at high rate. DDO revenue and special magistrate ordered to arrest the incharge of utility store and sent him behind bar at Satellite town police station and closed the utility store. She also inspected the utility store of Bhansinghabad and gets information from people regarding the prices of commodities. She fined RS 1000 at a meat seller at Bhansinghabad for selling meat at high rate. She also fined at the fruit sellers of market chowk and Shahi Bazaar for not keeping the price list and selling fruits at high rate. Special magistrate also directed the shopkeepers and push cart owners to sale fruits and daily essentialcommodities at their fixed official prices and display the price list at their shops and push carts otherwise stern action will be taken against them.

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