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Monday, August 24, 2009

MIRPURKHAS Aug 24. Hundreds of angry citizens of different localities have held protest demonstration here on Sunday night at Market chowk to protest against the frequent power load shedding. Angry protesters belong to Shahi Bazaar, Toorabad, Dholanabad, Gharibabad, Lalchandabad, Sir Syed road, New town etc have gathered at the market chowk. They burnt the old tyres and manhandled also the SHO town as result traffic was suspended for an hour . They also beated the officials of Hesco complaint center city sub division Mirpurkhas and placed the office furniture at the Mirwah road and set on fire it. They raised slogans against the officials of Hesco Mirpurkhas division and demanded the authorities to end the load shedding especially in Ramzan month. Talking to newsmen, protesters told that power load shedding is continued for 8 to 10 hours daily even in Ramzan month as result they were facing hardships. They urged the hesco higher authorities to end theload shedding in Ramzan month. Meanwhile, Pakistan wapda hydro electric central labour union CBA Mirpurkhas division has issued press release here on Monday in which divisional office bearers accused that protesters on August 23 night attacked the hesco city complaint center in the presence of police and manhandled Line superintendent ii Mohammad Iqbal and line staff and used abusive languages and burnt all the record and furniture. They said that administration has been failed to provide protection to the hesco officials as result we have decided to stage protest demonstration on August 25th in front of XEN operation division office Mirpurkhas and requested the all hesco employees and worker of the union to participate in the protest demonstration.

MIRPURKHAS Aug 24. Thousands of people including women were reached at the flour fair price outlets set up in the city at different places including ground no 2, Satellite town , Pak colony and Mohajir colony ground before starting the flour bags distribution as result disturbance was created and few police officials at each outlets along with a lady police constable were unable to control the people including women. Short quantity of flour bags for distribution has caused unrest and anguish among the people including women who came there to get the subsidized flour. Among turmoil, revenue officials have distributed the subsidized flour bags to the people while majority of the people were returned without flour bag. At Pak colony outlets, due to forcible entry of women in the counter, revenue officials stopped three times the distribution of the flour bags later DDO revenue taluka Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamer Khattak reached the spot and started thedistribution of flour bags. On this occasion, talking to newsmen people including women complained that they had come to obtain the flour bags as announced by the Sindh government but government measures in this regard are insufficient and the 400 bags daily at a outlet are very less and government should increase their quantity till 1000 bags daily. They deplored that in such manner of distribution insulting of the people especially of women are being made while gathered people are disputing with each other to acquire the flour bags. Officials of market committee Mirpurkhas were absent at the above outlets and the price lists of fruits, vegetables and groceries were not issued by market committee Mirpurkhas on Sunday as result DCO Mirpurkhas has also taken notice and warned the assistant director market committee that if the assigned duties and responsibilities were not fulfilled by officials of market committee then he will report to concernedsecretary against the market committee Mirpurkhas. DCO Mirpurkhas talking to Dawn said that 8800 flour bags on subsidized rate RS 10 per kilogramme have been distributed among the masses on Monday without any discrimination from established outlets in the district. He said that he is making efforts to distribute the flour bags smoothly without any hindrance and in manner and for this pose he added that directives have been issued to the all DDO revenue and other officials .

MIRPURKHAS Aug 24. Atta chaki association Mirpurkhas has decided to sale the flour at RS 32 per kilogramme from chaki while chakies owners would not sale the flour at RS 10 per kilogramme. Meeting was held presided by its chairman Liaqat Ali Qureshi that was attended also Abdul Rasheed Abbasi, Abdul Waheed Khan, Malik Nadeem, Mohammad Rafi, Mohammad Rafique and others. In a press release issued here on Monday, Meeting deplored that this time Sindh government has not provided the special quota of wheat for Ramzan month to Chakies as result chaki owners are unable to sale the flour at RS 10 per kilogramme, while, it said that in past government was provided the special Ramzan quota of wheat for sale of flour on subsidized rate as result in localities flour was available for the masses. Meeting regretted that poor people are disturbed as people even in fast condition were standed in the ground to get the flour at subsidized rate while mostly people arereturning to their houses without flour. It termed the insulting of the masses on the pretext of distribution of flour at subsidized rate. Meeting expressed that this government policy is in the benefit of black seller. Meeting demanded the government to impose immediately Rashan depot system for providing equal and genuine subsidy on flour to the masses as wheat is in the control of the government and masses is purchasing the flour at reasonable rate.

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