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Sunday, July 5, 2009

MIRPURKHAS July 5. A big rally “ Americi Ghulami Na Manzoor “ was taken out here on Sunday by Jamaat e Islami Mirpurkhas district from Madina Masjid to Market chowk after Asr prayer to protest against the price hike, interfence of USA, Drown attack, dangers being faced by country and missing persons. Hundreds of people led by general secretary Jamaat e Islami JI Liaqat Baloch, Ameer JI Sindh Asadullah Bhutto, Naib Ameer JI Sindh Merajul Huda Siddique and Mumtaz Hassan Sehto, carried banners ,placards and party flags , marched through main roads. They were raising slogans against USA as Go America go and demanding the government to ensure stoppage of drone attack in the parts of the country and operation in Swat and other areas including Waziristan. They reached at Market chowk where speaking at the protesters Liaqat Baloch, Merajul Huda Siddique and others said that our Atom bombs are saved but today after eight years USA was attacking on ourindependence and wanted to be collided the masses with Pak military. They accused that present democratic government was not paying its role for benefit of the country. They alleged that USA wanted to break the country by creating disputes among Shia, Suuuni, Dewobandi and Barelvi sect’s people in the country. There was big crisis of oil and electricity in the country as their prices are less in international market. They said that USA was supporting India to change Pakistan into desert. They said that JI will not allow making Pakistan as USA colony. They said that there are big reservoirs of coal in Sindh that could be utilized to pay all the loans of the country. They said that on the behest of USA, military operation was launched to destroy the economics of the country. They accused that 2 Arab dollars of Bhutto family and about two Arab dollars of Shareef family had been shifted to foreign countries as result our country’s economics had beencollapsed, they added that they would resist before USA. They asked the people to support the JI to achieve the future goals of the country.

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