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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MIRPURKHAS July 15. Additional general secretary Jaffria alliance Pakistan Shabbar Raza Rizvi has said that there was need of unity and brotherhood in the country as Pakistan is passing of its crucial time and added that media might pay its vital role to maintain law and order situation and brotherhood in the country . He was speaking as chief guest at the “Ittehad Benul Muslimeen conference “held here on Tuesday night at Jinnah hall under Jaffria alliance Mirpurkhas division. He further said that we should catch strongly the rope of God as God directed the human being in Holy Quran. He expressed that we are all Pakistani and we should work for its progress and prosparity instated to damage it by illegal activities. He said that people should create unity in houses, Mohallas, areas, towns, cities, provinces and country. He demanded the media to pay proper role and highlight those matters related with unity and brotherhood. He asked the Ulamas toexpress in their speaches regarding brotherhood and unity of the masses. Zila Naib Nazim Mirpurkhas Dr Zafar Ahmed Kamali said that in past Shia Sunni clashes were occurred particularly on occasion of Moharram but Muttehda Quami Movement has created brotherhood and unity among the people of both sects and ended their differences by holding meetings with their leaders. He said that each year, Muttehda workers and office bearers were also paid their duties in Moharram to provide the security to the people along with law enforcing agencies in the country. He said that Muttehda Quami Movement was working for downtrodden people in the country without any discrimination as result people were attracting to join the MQM in large quantity throughout country. Those also spoke the conference divisional president Moulana Aijaz Ali Sanjrani, Moulana Abid Raza Irfani, Moulana Zia Haider Naqvi and Sajjad Rind. Later, Shields and Ajrak were given to Zila Naib Nazim DrZafar Ahmed Kamali, district president Nazim Ali Shah and acting president PPP district Mirpurkhas Tharo Khan Panhwer for paying important role on occasion of differences had been created between Shia and Sunni people in the city.

MIRPURKHAS July 15. Light rainfall hit the city and its outskirts areas after a long hot spell here on Wednesday as result temperature was decreased while people particularly youths have expressed their happiness over the rainfall. Shops in Khisak Pura and Shahi Bazaar were closed as the rainfall started. After 15 to 20 minutes rainfall stopped. Owing to prolong severe hot spell, people were praying with God for rainfall. It may be recalled that irrigation water shortage is already persisting in this region and cultivated cotton and other crops were damaging without water as result growers are already praying with God for rainfall as there was acute need of rainfall for this region particularly for standed crops.

MIRPURKHAS July 15. 10 hours day night long load shedding is continued in the city and its outskirts areas causing great difficulties to the people while officials were directed by hesco chief to make load shedding 6 hours in the cities and 8 hours in rural areas. Report said that water shortage is also continued in the city due to frequent power failure and civil hospital administration was suspended the emergency operations due to power off. Businessmen had suffered big losses due to power failure as business activities are adversely affecting owing to power outages. Various areas of the city are facing shortage of water including Pak colony, Rajar colony, Ghosia colony, Murtuza town, Siaal colony, Nawab colony, Adam town, Gharibabad, Khad plot etc owing to frequent power failure. Ex vice president Mirpurkhas chamber of commerce and industry Abdul Majeed Shaikh has strongly condemned the hesco officials who are making load shedding of 10 hours insteadof 6 hours in the city. He demanded the hesco authorities to take immediate notice and implement on 6 hours load shedding in the city and announced its programme for citizens.

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