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Saturday, October 9, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 9. 3rd annual meeting of society of surgeons Pakistan Mirpurkhas chapter was held here on Friday at Proff. Hassan Memon Memorial hall, Muhammad Medical college Mirpurkhas that was presided by Professor Syed Razi Mohammad, president of the society Mirpurkhas chapter and large number of surgeons from Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah and Karachi attended the meeting. Proff Dr Ghulam Ali Memon and Proff Dr Amna Memon specially participated the meeting. Dr Zainul Abdeen presented review of published work from U.K on simulated endoscopy. Proff Dr Amna Memon described the complications of Diabetic mellitus in pregnancy. Dr Qamarun Nisa presented an audit of Hysterectomy at Mohammad Medical college hospital. Dr Nandlal gave presentation of the bleomycin Seelrotherapy in three treatment of Peripheral Lymphangioma. Proff Dr Aftab Qureshi gave presentation on Neuroendoscopy. Dr Mohammad Ali delivered a case study of dog bite. Dr Vas Dev described the Dilemma of occipital extra dural hematoma. Proff Dr Javed Rajput who shared his three years experience on extramucosal interrupted single layer of gut anastomosis. Dr Meash Kumar talked about the repair of Scalp defects. Neurosurgeon Dr Mubarak Hussain described surgical treatment of prolapsed lumber intervertebral disc. Dr Hem Lata discussed about the urinary problems in pregnancy. Dr Bilal Fazal presented surgery of the scalp defect. Proff Dr Faiz Mohammad Halepoto presented his paper on Tensilon test in ocular Mystheniagravis. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 9. The pesticide and fertilizer dealers of the district Mirpurkhas are allegedly violating the rules of the government under the provision of agriculture pesticide ordinance 1971 amended upto 1997&rules 1971 amended upto date and Sindh fertilizer control Act 1994 and rules 1999 as they were failed to provide the information and relevant documents to the district agriculture extension department Mirpurkhas and get registration of their godowns despite issuing them various notices. Official sources informed to news man. Sources said that there are about 265 pesticide and fertilizer dealers in the district while 44 dealers are in taluka Mirpurkhas. Sources added that notices were served to the pesticide and fertilizer dealers in which informed that Sindh agriculture department has been constituted a team for verification of pesticide and fertilizer dealer shops along with their all relevant record including sale point along with registered godowns, cash Memos(printed), stamp/seal, Dealing registers(daily sale register, stock register , invoices etc), License of pesticide/ fertilizer from agriculture department, Dealership certificate from companies and other releant record . It was directed in the notices that to complete the requirements/documents before the arrival of team at your sale /point /shops under the provision of Agriculture pesticide ordinance 1971 amended upto 1997& rules 1971 amended upto date and Sindh fertilizer control Act 1994 and rules 1999. Sources said that over 6 months had passed to serve these notices but no any pesticide and fertilizer dealer has fulfilled the requirements as to acquire the registration of godowns from concerned department and other documents etc. Sources revealed that all the dealers had godowns and stored the pesticide and fertilizers in huge quantity but no godown of any dealer was yet registered by concerned department. When contacted Yar Mohammad Khaskheli, district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas said that only three dealer had informed in written that they have only sale point but have no any godown. He said that he has been informed to higher authorities regarding the violation of rules and regulation by the pesticide and fertilizer dealers of the district and deplored that they have approached even pressurized the officers through influential political personalities while he accused that they were also issued threats of filing baseless cases in the court against officials and also implicating them in false cases of demanding the birbe. He said that recently when he took legal action against a dealer while his fertilizer sample was found unfit during testing through laboratory but in reply he added that he along with other officials are facing various inquiries ordered by different higher authorities in which complainant All fertilizer and pesticide dealers association had accused baseless and fabricated allegations upon he and his colleagues. He urged the higher authorities to take notice and implement on the rules and regulation and prompt legal action against the faulty or guilty pesticide and fertilizer dealers of the district. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 9. DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher has said that he is facing difficulties to control the rising crime owing to deep roots of the police officers posted here for long time who were avoided to take legal action against the law breakers. He was speaking at meet the press here on Friday night at National press club Mirpurkhas. He further said that he was yet failed to prepare his strategy due to his busyness in different incidents had frequently occurred soon after his posting here as DPO Mirpurkhas, however he said that now he has taken some important steps and acts to control the crime and positive result will soon be appeared. In reply the questions he said that at this time there is no police force but time of community policing is there and in which  it is necessary to make better and strengthen relations between police and masses. He said that there is shortage of police officers and personnel in the district however required force is being moved to get good result to decrease the crime. He said that he is setting up police network in streets, locality and bazaars of the city to control the street crime and other offences. He said that role of media to control the crime could not be neglected. Those also spoke president Qamaruddin, general secretary Hashim Shar and president Mirpurkhas union of Journalist MUJ Afaq Ahmed Khan.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 9. 1st death anniversary of mother of Anees Ahmed Khan advocate, member Muttehda Quami Movement MQM Rabita committee and Rais Ahmed Khan, vice chairman of Hilal Ahmer Sindh was observed here on Saturday at their residence at Hameed pura colony, in this connection Quran Khawani and Fateha Khawani were held in which MQM workers and office bearers, notables and people belong to different walk of life participated. Later Lunger was distributed among the participators.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 9. Grand son of prominent landlord of Mirpurkhas Ch Mohammad Aslam Ghumman was shot dead by unknown armed assailants at Hyderabad on Friday night. Body of the deceased Umer Ghumman, 25, son of Arif Ghumman was brought here at his residence from Hyderabad after completion of legal formality. Hundreds of people were gathered at his residence. Later hundreds of people including prominent landlords, political personalities and citizens attended his funeral. Cause of murder might not be ascertained. Relatives of the deceased told the newsmen that no any things including cell fone and money were snatched from him while unknown armed assailants gunned down him in his car in the area Hussainabad, near Mehmood Gardan at Hyderabad .

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