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Saturday, October 30, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. President lowers Sindh Hindu Panchayat Seth Kishanchand Parwani, ex provincial minister for minority Hari Ram Kishori Lal, Dr Mohan Lal Kohistani and others have expressed their grief and sorrow over the sad demise of father of famous doctor Gull R.Nankani and condoled with the bereaved family. In a joint press statement issued here on Saturday. It may be recalled that Ropchand Nankani, father of the lecturer of Liaqat Medical University Dr Gull R Nankani was died of protected illness on Friday evening here and hundreds of people majority of Hindu community attended his funeral or last ceremony .
MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. District and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas Rasheed Ahmed Soomro has set liberty the 8 peasants (bonded labours) after recording their statements who were produced in the court of the district and sessions Judge Mirpurkhas by Dilber Maher police here on Saturday. Report said that Shankar had been submitted the application in the sessions court stating that his 8 family members including his wife and 7 children were detained at the farmland of the landlord Bachayo Siaal and his son Ali Siaal in the limit of Dilber Maher police station. He accused that forced labour work was taken them even they were not provided medical treatment facilities and were not allowed to move freely. He further alleged that no wages were given them by above landlords. He requested the session’s court to ask the concerned police to carry out raid and recover the above detainees from illegal confinements. On the order of the sessions court , on Friday evening, Dilber Maher police conducted the raid at the farmland of the above landlords and recovered the detained peasants including Shremti Radha, Ramesh, Shremti Sevita, Ashok, Shremit Aneeta, Shremti Kunri, Hareesh and Vikram. They were produced in the session’s court on Saturday by Dilber Maher police.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. Mostly sugar mills in the district Mirpurkhas have been started their boiler to crush the sugar cane crop which officially scheduled to be crush from Nov 1, in the Sindh province. Report said that four of the five sugar mills of the district including Mirpurkhas, Digri, Al Abbas and Tharparkar sugar mills have been fired their boilers under their process to start sugar cane crushing. While only Najma Sugar mill did nothing despite directives of the government while report added that it was not functioned last year also. Sources said that mostly sugar mills in the province will begin their crushing till Nov 5th. However, under the secret directives of the field staff of the different sugar mills, sugar cane growers have been started harvesting of the crop and hired the labours for this purpose on high labour rate as there was already shortage of laborers for harvesting of the cane crop in the district .
MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. Member National assembly standing committee for environment and MNA of PML(Q) Marvi Memon has said that she believed on the democracy of parliament as result she was continuously raising the issues related with masses in the assembly but she did not get result from the parliament as result she approached to Judiciary for getting the justice and hoped that judiciary will provide her justice for the poor people of the Sindh province. She was giving answers of the questions of the local journalists at the residence of Javed Ahmed Junejo, chairman farmer organization council FOC Sindh here on Saturday. She appealed the people those have evidences regarding the deliberately breaches given by officials and cut given to the bykes to save the lands of the influential personalities during recent flood in the province to provide evidences to supreme court directly or contact with her in this regard. She accused that right bank area was devastated completely and left bank area was left without water or thrust . She expressed that she was not satisfied with efficiency of the parliament as government was not given the answers in connection of problems raised in the parliament. She said that she is not hopeless of parliament so continuously raising problems and issues to provide the relief to the masses. She said that from March 2010 she had come to roads for protest and her campaign on the issues against the present government was continued in proper manner. In reply a question regarding holding mid term election, she said that she was not believed on the mid term election and present government should complete its 5 years tenure sothat they could not posing themselves as oppressed in next election. She said that inefficiency of two and half years of the present government was weakening the country. She accused that gross mismanagement during flood was made even government was involved in it and high level accountability of the government officials should be made as how much funds were provided for flood affected and displaced people and for their rehabilitation work and weather that was properly utilized or not, should be cleared, she added . In reply some questions she alleged that government was not serious to resolve the problems and issues related to masses and it was using delay tactics to save its people from accountability process. She said that in past in the tenure of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, flood condition had damaged the Sindh but discrimination was not made with any part of the Sindh on behalf of government but she deplored that deliberately officially right bank area was devastated owing to deliberately cut given in dykes to save the agriculture lands of the influential personalities and also left the left bank area thrust without water. She said that she has introduced new trend of politics as issues politics and working to resolve the issues that were directly affecting the masses. She said that she has no interest in accord of the different factions of PML. In reply a question, she said that government should work sincerely in Thar coal project for generating the power to fulfill the requirements of the country.In a reply a question regarding opposition role of PML (N), she said that Mian Niawaz Shareef should leave the artificial opposition role and remove the cap of opposition from his head and wear the cap of government. In reply a question regarding the non implementation on the laws by the sugar mills, she said that it was the main issue to implement on cane act by sugar mills and owners of sugar mills were allegedly violated of the law as they were bound to start their mills on Oct 1, in the Sindh province but they were starting crushing season late a month.She said that other parliamentarians should come forward to raise the issues related with masses and jointly work for betterness of the poor masses.She told that she was briefed in detail by Javed Ahmed Junejo, chairman FOC Sindh here regarding the water shortage in tail end districts of the Nara canal and mismanagements of the irrigation department officers. She said that she was also working the issues of problems of the tail end abadgars in the province and she is exchanging views to visit the different areas of the Sindh province to collect the information properly and then she will raise those issues in parliament and if the government will not give response then she will approach to judiciary to get relief for the masses.On this occasion, chairman FOC Sindh Javed Ahmed Junejo also told the newsmen regarding the shortage of water in Nara canal and water stealing , mismanagement of the irrigation officials and postings of the lower grade officers on the higher ranks in irrigation department

MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. Hundreds of workers and office bearers of Anjuman e Ghulaman e Mohammad Peace be upon him Pakistan Mirpurkhas here on Saturday from Municipal shopping center to protest against the suicide bomb explosion at shrines in the country. Protesters led by Mufti Shareef Saeedi and Mohammad Asif Khan Chishti sabri, carried banners and placards marched through main roads and raised slogans against the government, while they reached at local press club where speakers strongly condemned the suicide bomb explosions at shrines and other places and demanded the government to immediately arrest the culprits involved in it. They called upon the government to ensure also arresting of their master mind. They passed resolutions demanding the government to provide protections to the shrines of saints and nabbing the accused and punish them exemplary.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 30. An unmarried girl has committed suicide here on Friday night near ground no 2, in the limit of Satellite town police. Report said that on the information, Satellite town police reached at the deceased’s house and shifted the body of the deceased Ms Mehvish, 23, d/o Ramzan Arain to the mortuary of civil hospital Mirpurkhas for legal formality. She committed suicide by hanging herself with rope in her house. Cause behind the suicide is said to be domestic affair. Her body was later handed over to her heirs after fulfilling the legal formality.

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