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Thursday, October 14, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 14. Rabi season’s crops would be started to sow from Oct 15 in the lower Sindh but unfortunately abadgars engaged in preparation of their lands would face acute shortage of water in the tail end districts of Nara canal command area owing to declining the water supply in Nara canal. Report said that Nara canal and its canals and distributaries were supplied the irrigation water to the lands of lower Sindh including Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Umerkot, Tharparkar, etc as over 30 lakh acres of lands were cultivated in the command area of Nara canal in a season. The supplied discharge of water in Nara canal head was gradually declining as about 300 cusec per day as some day’s back 11500 water discharge was being supplied in Nara canal head from Sukkur barrage but after some days gradually its supply was declined as on Oct 14, 10500 cusec was the water discharged in Nara canal head. There was required of 16000 cusec of water discharge in Nara canal head for proper sowing of wheat and other crops of Rabi season. Mostly districts Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Sanghar and Tharparkar were faced mostly acute shortage of irrigation water. It may be mentioned here necessary that about 400 illegal pumping machines were installed at the both banks of the Nara canal in District Khairpur that were installed by influential personalities as result irrigation department officers have been avoiding to take legal action against them. It was the old demand of the growers of above districts of tail end to the government to ensure immediate removal of the illegal installed pumping machines that was openly water theft and no any their owner was since booked by concerned authorities in water stealing case. Mostly throughout year rotation programme was implemented by irrigation authorities in the above districts to cover the acute water shortage. About a month back, irrigation authorities had been announced to end the rotation programme in Jamrao and Mithrao divisions. Haji Abdul Ghafoor Maher advocate, vice president of Sindh abadgar board district Mirpurkhas chapter has criticized the government saying that a big area of lower Sindh faced acute shortage of water as result production of different crops were decreased in this region even abadgars faced also losses by Sindh government was not given heeding or attention toward this problem to solve it  by taking drastic measures . Talking to the news man he demanded the Sindh government to take immediate notice of water shortage in Nara canal and ensure adequate supply of water in Nara canal to ensure proper cultivation of wheat and other crops of Rabi season. When contacted XEN Jamrao division Nasrullah Soomro has expressed his concern over the decreasing of the water supply in Nara canal gradually as result he said that within a week 50 percent shortage of water will be created in tail end areas of the Nara canal while he said that after a week, we would start the rotation programme in the Jamrao division to ensure water supply.

MIRPURKHAS Oct 14. District officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli has said that Rabi season was starting in the district while “grow more wheat campaign” was ongoing in speed in the district to motivate the abadgars to sow more than wheat crop to fulfill the requirements of the country. He was talking to newsmen here on Thursday in his office. He further said that on this occasion certified seed of wheat was need to increase the per acre yield of wheat crop and said that certified seed of wheat will be arrived in his office at Mirpurkhas on Oct 15 after which that will be distributed among the interested growers . He said that knowledgeable seminars were being held at union council level in the district to motivate the growers to sow more than wheat crop and pamphlets were also being distributed among the growers. He said that in this connection schedule of seminars had already been announced and advised the growers to attend in large quantity the seminar sothat they could get more than modern technology to produce more than production of the crops.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 14. Lakhs of benevolent funds of the district Mirpurkhas was allegedly misappropriated by the officials of district benevolent funds board Mirpurkhas and after receiving complaint in this regard, DCO Mirpurkhas as chairman of the board had ordered the inquiry and appointed the inquiry committee headed by EDO finance Mirpurkhas. Report said that following receiving complaint that lakhs of benevolent funds of the district Mirpurkhas had been embezzled through forgery, DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon had been ordered the inquiry and appointed an inquiry committed led by Syed Zakir Shah, EDO finance Mirpurkhas . Inquiry committee recorded the statements of the officials of district benevolent funds board Mirpurkhas including clerks and DDO human right resources HRM Mirpurkhas Hafeez Leghari who is also the secretary of benevolent funds board , XENs of Jamrao , Mithrao and Thar divisions of irrigation department , concerned officials of general post office Mirpurkhas. Report added that unfit retired government employees and heirs of death government employees were provided aid through benevolent funds and their cases were finalized after passing through long process of documentation. Report said that Sindh government was sent the funds directly to the accounts of the board officially. Report said that 64 such kind of cases belong to irrigation department were prepared through fake documents for releasing the above funds but lakhs of funds were released for only 18 fake cases . Over a dozen employees of DCO office Mirpurkhas were allegedly involved in this scam or scandal. Report said that one Jumma Shar of district Sanghar had brought the fake cases to the concerned officials for early releasing of the funds. However inquiry was ongoing as officially reported to this correspondent.

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