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Thursday, September 30, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Five nominated accused of the triple murder case of Phuladyyoon police station have been apprehended by police in different raids on Thursday and also recovered from them illegal arms. Police said that raids were carried out at different places and Phuladyyoon police have arrested the nominated accused Gullo Shar, Ali Gul Shar, Hayat Shar, Laluddin Shar and Governor alias Gono Shar of triple murder case and recovered from their possession unlicensed 2 repeater, a riffle, 4 bullets, 10 cartridges and an axe had been used in the offence. It may be recalled that On Sept 26, armed assailants entered into the village Walo Shar , in the limit of Phuladyyoon police station with intention to kill Moula Bux Shar but Ms Sualeh Shar , mother of Moula Bux Shar  and Ali Hassan Shar intervened during this one of the armed persons opened indiscriminate firing as result Ali Hassan Shar, Moula Bux Shar and his mother Ms Sualeh Shar were assassinated. Police said that deceased Moula Bux Shar had been love married with Ms Ameena Shar with their free will, while the family members of Ms Ameena Shar were angry over this love marriage. Elderly persons of both couple had been agreed to fix the date for solution of dispute over this love marriage. Triple murder case was lodged with Phuladdyoon police station and nominated the above 5 persons as accused of the case. Police said that interrogation was continued with the arrested nominated accused and they would be produced in the court of judicial magistrate for getting their police remand. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Growers have accused that different fertilizers were being sold in excess prices particularly in the markets of Mirpurkhas, Umerkot and Sanghar districts by fertilizer dealers as result growers are suffering additional burden. Talking to the news man growers Mohammad Moosa Maher, Furqan , Mohammad Ismail, Hakim Kaka, Badar Alam and Mohammad Khan Leghari alleged that fertilizer dealers have become a Mafia in this region as they had already been made their monopoly as result they were not fulfilled the requirements of the fertilizer dealers and added that they were not maintained the stock register, sale register , cash Memo and price list while they should mustly display the price list of fertilizers at their shops categorically. He said that excess rates of Calcium ammonium Nitrate and Nitrophas fertilizers were allegedly being received from the growers as result growers compelled to suffer additional burden. He said that real price of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is RS 690 per bag but being sold at RS 750 per bag and actual price of Nitro phase NP fertilizer is RS 1660 while being sold at RS 1750.He alleged that owing to illegal practice of the fertilizer dealers resentment had been prevailed among the growers as they were already disturbed of acute shortage of water in past, pest attack on cotton and other crops and had also been suffered big losses owing to frequent heavy rainfall in this region also. He demanded the concerned authorities to take up this matter, carryout raids at the fertilizer shops and check the prices of fertilizers and also take action against those dealers found selling the fertilizers in high rate.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Following the verdict of Indian apex court regarding Babri Masjid , heavy contingents of police have been deployed at the temples to provide protection them and to face the expected reaction of the Muslims here on Thursday. Report said that after coming the verdict of Indian apex court for Babri Masjid, police personnels were deployed at the temples in the city and other areas of the district. While security arrangements have been made as patrolling intensified and snap checking of the vehicles and bikes continued at different places in the city and exit and entry ways of the city. 

MIRPURKHAS Sept 30. Ameer Jamaat e Islami Sindh Asadullah Bhutto advocate has said that Kashmir is the part of Sindh geographically, historically and civilizationally and Sindh is the province of Pakistan so in fact Kashmir is the Part of Pakistan not Indian. He was speaking at the seminar on Kashmir issue organized by JI Mirpurkhas here on Wednesday night. He further said that Pervez Musharraf had violated of principles and old opinion of Kashmir and accused that present rulers were implementing on the policies of Pervez Musharraf. He expressed that owing to anti Muslim enmity of European countries and USA , Kashmir issue was not yet been resolved. He said that there is need to be raised this issue by government with the cooperation of National political parties and make national policy in National assembly and senate. He said that there was no right and cause to awarding sentence to Dr Aafia Siddique because no any offence was committed by Dr Aafia Siddique on the land of USA . He said that if there were allegations on her to commit crime in Afghanistan but officially case was to be proceeded in Afghanistan . He said that USA wanted to get famous scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan through exchanging of the prisoners. He said that struggle for releasing of detained Dr Aafia Siddique will remain continued.
Those spoke the seminar including Abo Maaz, Babuddin, Asif Meraj Rajput of PML(N), JUP Sindh leader Mufti Shareef Saeedi, Moulana Hafeezur Rehman Faiz of JUI, Mohammad Ramzani and Zeeshan Leghari of JSQM.

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