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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Oct 5. Heavy contingents of Mirpurkhas and Ghotki police with the help of secret agencies have recovered the kidnapped British citizen Mohammad Haris son of Ali Iqbal from the captivity of the unknown dacoits following an encounter with dacoits from the limit of Ghotki police station. This was stated by Zulfikar Maher, DPO Mirpurkhas while speaking at a hurriedly called press conference here on Monday night in his office. He said that Mohammad Haris was chit chatting with a girl through mobile phone and after his friendship he was called at Sadiqabad from where he was kidnapped by dacoits who taken him in the limit of Ghotki police station for keeping him in forest and receiving the ransom . He said that we took help of the secret agencies and used modern techniques and modern equipments as result we traced his whereabouts and heavy contingents of police surrounded his whereabouts where encounter took place after which dacoits fled away to leave him there. He said that RS 1 cror was sought as ransom for his release by the dacoits. He further said that Mohammad Haris was born in England and had taken education there while his father was in railway department as employee there. He added that his family had been shifted to Birmingham , England in 1963 from here. DPO further said that he had come here from Birmingham, England about two months back for living here while he acquired a house on rent in Satellite town where he was living alone. Mohammad Haris told the newsmen during press conference that kidnappers kept him with tied hands with iron rings and also placed him at different places including agriculture field. He further told that dacoits also tortured him as result his leg is injured. He added that he remained in illegal captivity of the dacoits for 3 weeks. He said that during encounter with police dacoits fled away to leave him in forest, from where police brought him first at Ghotki and then here. DPO said that an FIR was also lodged with Ghotki police station in this regard. It may be recalled that his father had also been lodged the case of his kidnapping for ransom with Satellite town police station few weeks back.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 5. At least 7 houses of peasants were completely gutted near ring road, behind the residence of federal minister for culture Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani here on Tuesday. Report said that unknown person set on fire the filthy heap lying adjacent of the houses of peasants that suddenly one of the house of a peasant caught fire that was engulfed the other houses of the peasants as result house articles, goods, crop’s seeds, stock of wheat, rice etc of 7 houses were completely burnt to ashes. The peasants by caste Kolhi could save only their lives and cattles. Fire brigade vehicle was reached late there and it extinguished the fire after two hours hectic efforts.
MIRPURKHAS Oct 5. Five armed robbers have looted a cattle trader near cattle Peri of Hameed Pura colony at ring road here on Tuesday and then they snatched the 2 vehicles to dodge the police and managed to escape away to leave stolen vehicle near New bus terminal. Report said that 5 unknown armed robbers first of all looted cash RS 5 lakhs from cattle trader Mohan Kolhi on gun point while he was on his way across the ring road after selling cattles. The robbers fled away in their car from the spot and tried to escape towards Hyderabad but during this they left their car and snatched the car on gun point and tried to break the siege of police by running in car at Hyderabad Mirprukhas road but near Ratanabad police check post where they exchanged fires with police and returned back towards the city. Report said that they again left that stolen car near Mohammad Medical College Mirpurkhas and snatched another car on gun point and when they found no way to go out of the Mirpurkhas district, they returned again and left that car near New bus Terminal and managed to escape to dodge the Mirpurkhas police . Later, during search of the escaped robbers, police recovered illegal a Klashnikov and bullets from their stolen car. Mirprukhas police have impounded their 3 stolen cars and parked them at town police station. However no case of this incident was lodged till filing of the news. 

MIRPURKHAS Oct 5. An ex officer of education department district Tharparkar and also a landlord was kidnapped by three unknown armed dacoits from his farmland in the jurisdiction of Naokot police station on Monday. Report said that landlord Abdul Kareem Junejo, resident of Diplo town district Tharparkar who was also ex officer of education department Tharparkar was on his farmland that three unknown dacoits with arms reached there in a car and held hostage to the above landlord and his peasants on gun point and then kidnapped the above landlord Kareem Dino Junejo and drove away their car. DPO Mirpurkhas Zulfikar Maher also visited the site and Naokot police station after receiving information while he setup a special police team  to carry out raids at the suspected places and recover the above kidnapped landlord. When contacted SHO Naokot Abdul Sattar Gurgej told that efforts are continued to trace the whereabouts of the abducted landlord and investigation was continued on this incident. However no kidnapping case of this incident was lodged till filing of the news.

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