MIRPURKHAS July 7. Hundreds of employees of Mirpurkhas sugar mills workers union have demonstrated here on Saturday in front of local press club to protest against stoppage of required funds to different welfare schemes of Sindh province by workers welfare fund Islamabad. Led by Abdul Hameed Shaikh, Shareef Ahmed Shaikh, Saho Panhwer, Abdul Majeed Batt and Javed Fazal Malik, carrying banners and placards, demanding the federal government to immediately release the required funds to different welfare schemes of Sindh province from workers welfare fund Islamabad. On this occasion talking to media men, leaders Abdul Hameed Shaikh and Shareef Ahmed Shaikh lamented that federal government had been shifted RS 88 Arabs from workers welfare funds last year to fulfill deficit of Budget and RS 1 Arab provided for flood fund from same fund however, they alleged that resentment and unrest were prevailed among families of workers of Sindh owing to discriminate behavior of Federal government for last three years as families of workers of Sindh were deprived of facilities including Death grant, educational scholarships ,Jahez grant and sewing machines grant from workers welfare fund Islamabad since three years. They regretted that while welfare schemes of other provinces were regularly getting annually grant from workers welfare fund Islamabad. They expressed that more than funds were provided to workers welfare fund Islamabad from Sindh province but labours of Sindh were deprived of welfare schemes. They demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari, prime minister Raja pervez Ashraf and other higher authorities to immediately resume providing funds to welfare schemes of Sindh from workers welfare funds Islamabad without any delay and ensure providing different grants for widows of workers, educational scholarships, Jahez grant, sewing machines grant etc, to end discrimination with Sindh province and sense of deprivation of workers families.