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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MIRPURKHAS July 19. President PML (Q) district Mirpurkhas Abdul Ghaffar Rajput, city president Mirpurkhas Anwer Mughal and other office bearers including Haji Mir Hassan Brohi, Rashid Rajput, Ch Mohammad Zafar Bajwa etc have congratulated to Haleem Aadil Shaikh, provincial general secretary of PML (Q) Sindh and Aijaz Shah Sherazi, Shaharyar Khan Maher and Mohammad Ali Malkani for their appointments as advisors to Sindh chief minister. In a joint press statement issued here on Tuesday, they also congratulated to Dr Ishratul Ibad for resuming his charge as Governor Sindh. They said that with reappointment of Dr Ishratul Ibad as Governor Sindh, law and order situation of the province will be controlled while province will also make progress.

MIRPURKHAS July 19. President Sindh chamber of agriculture district Mirpurkhas chapter Mir Zafarullah Talpure has strongly condemned the concerned authorities for failure to complete repair and strengthen works of the dykes and banks of canals and distributaries that had been affected with last year flood. Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, he said that federal government as well as Sindh government had been released the funds for repair and strengthen work of the dykes and banks of the canals that had been adversely affected with last year flood, but he deplored that unfortunately responsible authorities did not fulfill their responsibilities in this regard, while there was expected rainfall and experts had also been warned about the development of the flood condition this year also after heavy rainfall in the Sindh province. He said that Sindh province had been suffered big losses due to last year flood and lakhs of people had been displaced from their lands and areas for relief camps. He termed inefficiency of the concerned authorities that failed to complete the repair and strengthen work of the dykes and urged the government to take immediate notice in this regard and ensure completion of the repair and strengthening work of the dykes and backs before the rainfall and save the Sindhi people from their big losses.

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