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Friday, January 8, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Jan 8. Chundija flour mill has been fined RS 40000 by the DDO revenue taluka Mirpurkhas and special judicial magistrate and FCM Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamir Khattak here on Friday following finding in raid of the above special magistrate that adulteration of substandard Tota rice was being made in grinding of the wheat for selling the substandard flour. It may be recalled that on Thursday above special magistrate on a secret information had carried out raid on the above flour mill and caught red handed that over a thousand bags of substandard Tota rice were lying in the factory while substandard rice was being adulterated with wheat flour . Samples of the substandard rice and flour were taken by the food inspector Mirpurkhas Mocharo Mangrio for chemical testing in the laboratory. Food inspector Mocharo Mangrio told that samples were being sent to food laboratory at Hyderabad for testing and hoped that after 10 days its report will be received.Special magistrate Ammara Aamir Khattak told the newsmen that she has planned to conduct raid at the other flour mills to check the adulteration in flour. She said that food department should take legal action against the above flour mill, while she added that she has been asked the administration of Chundija flour mill to replace the lying substandard rice bags from the flour mill within 24 hours otherwise she will sealed the mill in other charges. Sources said that other flour mills after this action of special magistrate have been replaced the rice bags from their mills to other places to save them from legal action.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 8. At least 10 houses of peasants in village Rais Hashim Bhurgari, deh 232, taluka Kot Ghulam Mohammad were completely gutted when fire was broke out in a house during preparation of tea on Friday morning. Report said that fire engulfed the surrounding houses as result inmates saved only their lives while dozens of cattles including cows, goats and sheeps were burnt to death. While over 200 wheat stocks and house articles were also burnt to ashes. Villagers have extinguished the fire with hectic efforts of various hours on the base of self help basis. No government official was yet reached at the spot till filing of this news. Following are the affected peasants including Badal Khaskheli, Noro Khaskheli, Ajyo Kolhi, and Khano Kolhi, kestoro Kolhi, Pato Kolhi, Ponjo Kolhi and Bhemoon Kolhi.

MIRPURKHAS Jan 8. Ameer Jamaat e Islami Mirpurkhas Zafar Iqbal Mujahid has said that the arsoning of thousands of shops on Ashura day at Karachi and their looting by the terrorists was in fact an attack on the security of Pakistan. He was speaking at the protest demonstration of JI Mirpurkhas held here on Friday outside Baitul Mukarram mosque . JI leader Lala Noor Mohammad said that anti Pakistani powers were making efforts to destabilize the country by their terrorist activities. He accused that black water, CIA and RAW were active in Pakistan and involved in terrorism activities. He demanded the government to fix the accused of Karachi incident and punish them exemplary, while compensation be paid to heirs of deceased and injured and affected shopkeepers.

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