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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MIRPURKHAS Dec 30. Strike was observed here on Wednesday by CNG service centers, on the call of CNG dealers’ association Sindh to protest against increasing of gas charges, gas load shedding and less pressure of gas. Owing to strike, all the CNG service centers remained close while vehicles owners faced great hardships. Vice president of CNG dealers association Sindh Aftab Hussain Qureshi has said in a statement issued here that CNG centers here observed strike to express solidarity with All Pakistan CNG dealers association. He demanded the government to withdraw its decision to increase the price of CNG gas. He further said that due to increase the tarrif of power, CNG vehicle owners would have to suffer additional RS 10. He further said that CNG industry is providing cheap gas to facilitate the masses and it will also be away from the range of masses if its price was enhanced. He urged the government not to enhance the rate of CNG gas as its industry is already going towards the devastation owing to increasing its rate. He appealed the government to remember its promise to keep the difference of 50 percent in the price between petrol and gas. He said that if the government will not accept their demand then this strike could be extending for indefinite period.

MIRPURKHAS Dec 30. Naib Ameer Jamaat e Islami Pakistan and ex senior minister for NWFP Sirajul Haq has accused that U.S.A, India and Israel are involved in the suicide bomb explosions and other bombs explosions in the country as Black water organization comprising terrorists of USA is involved to devastate the Pak Military and country . He was speaking at the ceremony of Jamaat e Islami Mirpurkhas held here on Wednesday. He further said that atmosphere is being created for NATO forces in the country. He said that Black water organization had centers in Islamabad and Lahore and its terrorists were roaming with sophisticated arms without any licenses of arms. He alleged that Black water as setup its network at Karachi where bomb explosions have been started. He advised the government to hold negotiations with people of tribal areas instead to compliance the order of USA against them. Mian Maqsood Ahmed, assistant general secretary JI Pakistan deplored that main fault is in the government if the present government is worked for benefit of masses then masses could pass their life with peace and brotherhood. Ameer JI Sindh Asadullah Bhutto said that present government has been completed its two years tenure but rulers have yet been failed to resolve the grievances of the masses. He alleged that government continued the policies of ex general pervez Musharraf. He strongly condemned the bomb explosion in Karachi on occasion of Aushura. Those also spoke Moulana Javed Ahmed Qasoori and Naib Ameer JI Sindh Dr Merajul Huda Siddique.

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