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As full citizens, people with disabilities are entitled to equal rights. In their daily lives, they continuously battle exclusion and restriction to their full participation in society, facing discrimination, abuse, and poverty.

There are many types of disabilities and many degrees; visible or hidden; temporary, permanent or unpredictable; cognitive, developmental and many others. Some groups find the following definition helpful. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), defines disability as the outcome of the interaction between a person with an impairment and the environmental and attitudinal barriers one may face.

Presently, there is no internationally binding convention specifically devoted to the rights of people with disabilities. However, in December 2001, the General Assembly adopted resolution 56/168, establishing a committee to consider proposals for an international convention to protect and promote the rights and dignity of people with disabilities. A treaty on the rights and dignity of people with disabilities would create legally binding human rights obligations specific to the needs and situation of people with disabilities.

A human rights perspective to disability requires society, and especially governments, to actively promote the conditions for all individuals to fully realize their rights. "Reasonable accommodation" (the necessary modifications without a disproportionate burden) must be made to ensure persons with disabilities the enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.


 1.Till now the Gulistan-e-Mazoorin has provided disability certificates and registered 250 people with social welfare department.
2.Approximately 100 special persons have been provided assistance of Rs.5000 per head.
3.Approximately over 300 special people have been provided with Tri-cycles and wheel chairs from the government exchequer.
4.Ten special women have been provided with sewing machines.
5.Fifty special people have been provided with artificial limbs.
6.Six special persons were assisted in getting Government jobs.
7.Up till now 5 seminars on different topics and 10 workshops have been arranged and a provincial confference has been held as well.

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