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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MIRPURKHAS March 22. Token hunger strike of lecturers and professors of district Mirpurkhas has been entered into 5th consecutive day here on Tuesday in support of their demands in front of local press club. Over a dozen lecturers and professors including Siddique Humayoon, Shakeelur Rehman, Abdul Naeem, Talib Hussain Kaim Khani, Qurban Siaal, Mushtaque Ahmed Shaikh, Sohail Anwer, Abowal Hassan, Zulqarnain Sikandar, Yaqoob Khawar, Proff Razia Arain, Fehmida Ashraf and Shehnaz under the banner of Sindh professors and lecturers association district Mirpurkhas have observed token hunger strike in the hunger striker camp. They were demanding the government to promote them according to time scale, to issue posting orders of 17 to 18 grade and 18 to 19 grades professors ,to cancel the forced transfers of 414 professors and lecturers and to remove the differences of salaries on rural and urban basis. They talking to newsmen asserted that their protest campaign will remained continue till acceptance of their genuine demands.
MIRPURKHAS March 22. A married woman was axed to death by her father in Karokari in village Qazi Sahib, near Mirwah Gorchani town here on Tuesday. Report said that accused Abdul Hakeem Manganhar has axed to death his daughter Arbabzadi, 20. Deceased body was brought at civil hospital for post mortem. Taluka police have arrested the accused and recovered involved axe from his pointation. Accused told the newsmen that marriage of his daughter had already been with his nephew but she had illegal relations with other person.
MIRPURKHAS March 22. Few villages and agriculture lands were inundated under the irrigation water when breach about 20 feet wide was developed suddenly in Doulatpur minor fed by Jamrao canal near Mirwah Gorchani town. Cultivated crops at hundreds of acres were also damaged. Report received that villagers with the help of irrigation department officials have plugged the breach after their 3 hours hectic efforts. 

MIRPURKHAS March 22. Research experts of cotton crop have advised the cotton growers to buy the certified cotton seed and cultivate the cotton at the proper time that was started from April 1, as in early sowing the crop plant will not be properly grown. Speakers Rafique Ahmed Bilal, research officer of cotton research station Tando Jam, district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli and assistant district officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Abdul Jabbar Memon were delivering their lectures in the seminar “Cultivation of grow more cotton crop”, held in Kaim Khani hall at Jhuddo town on Tuesday that was attended by scores of landlords and growers of taluka Jhuddo. They further advised to prepare their lands for cotton crop properly with modern machinery and get soil test for use of proper fertilization. They further advised that proper use of irrigation water was must for cotton crop. They asked them that they should use the pesticide with consultation of concerned field staff of agriculture department. They said that if they found any spurious fertilization and pesticide at any place point out to field staff and concerned agriculture officer for taking legal action. They advised also to sow the varieties of Tando Jam cotton research station including Sindh-1, Ufaq, Malmal and Cris.Representatives of growers associations Khalid Pervez Sadaf, Mohammad Aslam Kaim Khani, ex nazim union council Jhuddo, Mohammad Ramzan and Ali Nawaz Nondgani apprised their grievances and complained that substandard cotton seed was being sold in taluka Jhuddo and concerned government officials should take action in this regard. They regretted that there was remained also shortage of irrigation water in their taluka as their taluka was situated in tail end of Nara canal system as result mostly their crops were damaged due to non availability of the irrigation water. District officer agriculture extension Mirpurkhas Yar Mohammad Khaskheli told the growers that after receiving the complaints of selling the sub standard cotton seed in taluka Jhuddo, he had been furnished the letter to director general agriculture extension Hyderabad after which director agriculture farm and major crops development Sindh Hyderabad has been addressed the letter to regional director federal seed certificate and registration department for taking samples of suspected cotton seed from the local market and take legal action against involved sellers, however no action was yet appeared in this regard. He said that field staff of agriculture department was remained in contact with growers and growers should consult with them for cultivation of cotton and other crops. 

MIRPURKHAS March 22. Transporters Naved Iqbal, Tyyab Yaseen and Mohammad Tyyab of Transport Ittihad Mirpurkhas have threatened of launching protest campaign including blocking the main Mirpurkhas Mithi road if the district administration did not give permission to bring their vans at their routs from Mirpurkhas to Naokot till March 25. Addressing at a joint press conference held here on Tuesday at local press club. They said that they were run their 36 vans at Mirpurkhas Naokot route for providing cheap and comfortable travel facility but unfortunately district administration Mirpurkhas including secretary Regional transport authority with connivance of owners of the coasters had been imposed ban about 6 months back without any cause , while despite their efforts to bring their vans at their routs but police and influential owners of the coasters did not allow them to run their vans. They further told that they later filed petition in the Sindh high court Hyderabad circuit that passed an order on February 3, 2011 to run coasters and their vans with separate timings. But, they lamented that district administration Mirpurkhas avoided or neglected that order. They alleged that they were not being allowed to run their van after receiving alleged heavy bribe. They said that they were now facing financial crisis as their business of transport was lying closed for last 6 months. They demanded the chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chohadhry, Sindh chief minister, Governor Sindh and other authorities to take immediate notice into this matter, ensure running of their vans at their routs otherwise they would be compelled to launch protest campaign from March 25 and will block the main Mirpurkhas Mithi road and DCO Mirpurkhas, DPO Mirpurkhas and Secretary RTA Mirpurkhas would be responsible of any untoward incident. 

MIRPURKHAS March 22. An elderly man was died in the emergency ward of civil hospital Mirpurkhas here on Tuesday owing to alleged inefficiency and lake of attention of the doctors and staff whiles his relatives and villagers have held protest demonstation in the premises of the civil hospital. Report said that villagers from village Khadim Ali Shah was brought 70 years old Mansook Bheel in emergency of the civil hospital for medical treatment but he was died after some time. His relatives and villagers staged demonstration to protest against doctors and staff’s inefficiency and lake of attention. Leader Kanji Rano Bheel said that there was no arrangement of facilities for patients in civil hospital and accused that without treatment villager Mansook Bheel was died in emergency ward. Civil surgeon Dr Asghar Arain and medical officer Dr Nasrullah Gill told that Mansook Bheel was brought in emergency ward with condition of brain death and with no plus and no blood pressure. While, he was died due to his serious condition. They demanded the district administration to provide the protection to doctors and staffs from aggressive behave of the attenders of the patients. 

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