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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Civil judge and Judicial magistrate taluka Digri has been ordered to send the accused Sadique Manganhar on judicial remand on Wednesday for 14 days as he was arrested by Tando Jan Mohammad police when he damaged the nose of his wife with sharp blade. Report said that on Sept 13th late night, in ward no 3, near Food department Godown at Tando Jan Mohammad town, accused Sadique Manganhar has forcibly cutted the nose of his 20th years old wife Ms Gul Naz with the help of sharp blade as result he sustained serious wounds, rushed to rural health center Tando Jan Mohammad town where he was provided first aid and admitted in surgical ward of the hospital. Akbar Manganhar, father of victim woman has lodged the case under section 334 PPC with Tando Jan Mohammad police station accusing that accused Sadique Manganhar was disputed with his daughter on domestic affair while he is also narcotic addict. He further said that his daughter was beated various times by her husband( accused ) also in past . Accused was arrested by Tando Jan Mohammad police on Tuesday evening . Accused Sadique Manganhar told the newsmen that his wife Ms Gul Naz was not respected of his relatives including his uncle and on her wrong attitude he beated her. After arresting of the accused, police produced him in the court of civil Judge and judicial magistrate taluka Digri while court sent him to prison for 14 days judicial remand.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Two persons were killed and two were in serious condition following consuming the poisonous liquor in Mirwah Gorchani town within 24 hours. Report said that Prem Kolhi, 37, son of Bharo Kolhi was died of poisonous liquor on wednesday while Mohammad Asif son of Himayoon was died of poisonous liquor on tuesday. Report added that Nari Punjabi and Purkho Kolhi son of Raison Kolhi were under treatment in the civil hospital Mirpurkhas as they had also been consumed the poisonous liquor.Report further said that poisonous liquor was purchased from Village Babo near Bilaro Shakh, taluka Mirpurkhas. It may be recalled that Narcotic business including hand made liquor business was continued in full swing with support of the local police as Narcotic was available openly on various dens and people including teenager boys were interesting to buy the liquor and other narcotic, however unfortunately concerned authorities including police and excise police were away to take legal action against those involved in this business.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Three persons and a woman were brought in emergency ward of civil hospital Mirpurkhas here on wednesday in connection of road accident and attempt to committ suicide. Report said that Niaz Mohammad, Ms Hafeezan and Danish were injured in road accidents and brought in civil hospital for providing first medical treatments. Meanwhile Ms Khairun Nisa wife of Manzoor Ali was brought in civil hospital from taluka Mirpurkhas in serious condition while she had been attempted to commit suicide by taking pesticide on domestic affair. Her condition was stable after providing first aid and was admitted in the surgical ward of the civil hospital.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 15. Deputy general secretary Jamaat e Islami Pakistan Dr Fareed Ahmed Paracha has said that judiciary could pay its role if the enraged masses come on the streets in protest against the government and added that masses have been worstly disturbed owing to wrong government policies, pricehike, unemployements, devastation of flood and gross corruption on government level. He was talking to newsmen here on tuesday night after attending the Eid MIlan ceremony of JI Mirpurkhas.On this occasison deputy general secretary of JI Sindh Merajul Huda Siddique, Ameer JI Mirpurkhas Lala Noor Mohammad and other office bearers of JI Mirpurkhas were also present. He said that whole the country was facing devastation of flood but despite passing 2 months, federal as well as provincial governments had been failed to take proper step for rehabilitation of affected masses even mostly of the flood affected people were lying in open sky without any food and health facilities. He said that according to claim of united nation, no attention was yet given to 60 lakhs flood affected people in the country. He deplored that despite early revealing about the heavy rainfall inefficient rulers did not make precautionary measures in this regard. He accused that despite having millions of funds of desaster management flood affected people were drowning in flood water. He claimed that JI has yet been sent ration and other relief goods of RS 6 Arabs to the flood affected people and we would not leave them alone. He added that 25000 workers of his party were day night working for relief work in the country. He expressed that dislike had been prevailed in the country when powerful personalities took oppressed measures to save their lands and hunting grounds and accused that country's political parties have become Jagirs of Bhutto family, Zardari family, Shareef family, Chohadhry family and Isfandyar family. He said that both PPP and Muslim league (N) were making fool to the nation as they were playing "Noora Kushti", while he added that masses were now looking towards the 3rd option. He said that JI in present condition will play its historical role and we would adopt democratic way to bring real Islamic revolution in the country.

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