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Sunday, August 22, 2010

MIRPURKHAS Aug 22. Demonstration and sit in were staged here on Sunday in front of local press club by civil society and social organizations to protest against kidnapping of Veerji Kolhi, social worker from Hyderabad by unknown persons. Protesters led by Kanji Rano Bheel advocate have chanted slogans against the police failure to recover the above social worker despite passing four days to his kidnapping. Carrying banners and placards they blocked the main Hyderabad Mirpurkhas road as result traffic was suspended for an hour. Protesters including Hero Bheel, Veero Bheel, Aasan Bheel, Ms Nihali, Gulabi, and others demanded the government to order the high level inquiry into this incident, arrest the involved culprits and recover the kidnappee. Speaking at the protesters Kanji Rano Bheel advocate, Pervez Haider and Amarchand accused that the administration and police were not taking interest to curb the crime particularly being committed against the schedule caste people as harassment and kidnapping and looting of the Schedule caste people was continued for long time in Hyderabad region even various schedule caste people had been killed brutally on the behest of feudal. . They deplored that kidnapping case of Veerji Kolhi had been lodged with police station of Hyderabad district but despite passing four days no involved culprit was yet nabbed. They demanded the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, prime minister, chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chohadhry, provincial police officer PPO and RPO Hyderabad region to take immediate notice, ensure apprehending the involved accused and recovery of the kidnappee without any delay.
MIRPURKHAS Aug 22. Dozens of office bearers and workers of Jeay Sindh Quami Mahaz district Mirpurkhas have held demonstration here on Sunday in front of local press club to protest against the arresting of Sanan Qureshi, son of Basheer Khan Qureshi, leader of JSQM by Rangers at Karachi . Protesters led by Najaf Leghari, carried banners and placards demanding the government to immediate release the innocent Sanan Qureshi. Speaking at the protesters, leader Najaf Leghari said that anti Sindh powers were not enduring or tolerant  the arrival of Sindhi people at Karachi while JSQM was paying its massive role for those Sindhi speaking coming at Karachi . He said that Sindhi people would not bear the arresting of innocent Sanan Qureshi by rangers as unrest and resentment had already been prevailed among Sindhi people as report received regarding detention of Sanan Qureshi by Rangers. He demanded the government to take notice and ensure immediate releasing of Sanan Qureshi and suspension of Rangers personnel detained him. 

MIRPURKHAS August 22. In strait firing incident fortunately push cart owners were unrest or saved when armed Bhatta Mafia people opened firing upon them at Market chowk here on Friday night and damaged the fruits and other things etc. Report said that four armed motor cyclists learnt that Bhatta Mafia people came to Market chowk and demanded the Bhatta from some fruit sellers while they resorted strait firing and damaged the push carts and fruits when they refused to pay Bhatta , however fortunately push cart owners were saved . Shops were closed at Market chowk in protest after this incident and police were also reached at the spot to control the angry shopkeepers. Salahuddin Malik has lodged the case under section 324, 337-H(ii), 337-A, F(i), 504, 427 and 506(ii) PPC with town police station against the accused Tariq Baloch, Waja Baloch and two unknown persons however, town police did not reportedly nab any involved culprits . Meanwhile speaking at the joint press conference at local press club, Mohammad Hakeem, Salahuddin, Shakeel and others , all push cart owners accused that lawlessness has been increased in the city as daily armed motor cyclists were resorted firing and forced the shopkeepers to close their shutters . They alleged that different Bhatta Mafia gangs were supporting them  while police were paying their silence role as they could not arrest the few armed motor cyclists openly fires and forced the shopkeepers for closure of their shops. They alleged that some armed persons suddenly opened indiscriminate firing when pushcart owners refused them to give Bhatta as result stampede was occurred in local bazaars and markets and particularly women and children who were busy for Eid shopping were adversely affected and harassed. They said that local police had been failed to nab the armed person’s resorting daily heavy aerial firing in the city. They warned that case had been lodged with town police station and if the police were not arrested the involved culprits then they would be compel to observe strike in protest till Eid ul Fitre.

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