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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MIRPURKHAS Nov.11. Ms Seema wife of Waryam who was detained in taluka Mithi for last four years was returned to house of her mother few days back following publishing news in the newspapers . Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, Ms Seema allegedly accused that her marriage was made with one Waryam about five years back while she was kept in Mithi where Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi, Haji Shoukat Jinjhi and their driver Liaqat forcibly raped with her various times as result she was pregnant and came back to her mother Ms Nazeera alias Razia Baloch here later Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi came here and assured her mother that she will live at Mithi town and she will be allowed to meet with relatives on which she added that her mother sent her along with her little sister Ms Maryam with Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi to Mithi where he did missing her little sister and kept her in illegal detention at unknown whereabouts while with willingness of her jobless husband , she wasallegedly raped by Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi, Haji Shoukat Jinjhi and their driver Liaqat . She expressed that she remained in illegal detention for four years during this they forced her to pass night with influential personalities of Thar. She told that one and half month back she was shifted to residence of Hayat Pahor, taluka Kunri by Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi where she was raped by Hayat Pahore various times. She alleged that during last four years she born two children of Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi. She said that her little sister Ms Maryam, 14, is still missing and they kept her in illegal captivity. She said that after publishing news regarding her illegal detention, Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi brought her here from Kunri taluka and handed over to her mother with serious threats that if she informed to anyone against him , he will kill her and her children . She told that she has been submitted her application in the local court for getting divorce fromher so-called husband. She demanded the president Asif Ali Zardari and chief justice IftikharMohammad Chohadhry to take immediate notice into this matter, ensure registration of her case , arresting those had committed rap with her and recover her kidnapped little sister Ms Maryam. Nazeera alias Razia Baloch said in weeping condition that Haji Rehmatullah had asked her to return to her little daughter Ms Maryam but now he and his colleagues are saying that she had been died of illness and they are ready to give her compensation. She said that she believed that her little sister is live and kept her in illegal confinement. She demanded the president of Pakistan and chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chohadhry to ensure recovery of her kidnapped daughter and register her FIR and arrest the involved culprits. When tried to contact with Haji Rehmatullah Jinjhi for his comments through mobile call but he was not present in his house while his servant told thathe went to attend last ceremony of deceased in rural areas of Thar.

MIRPURKHAS Nov 11. Scores of people belong to Banglani community have held protest demonstration on Tuesday outside the Kot Ghulam Mohammad police station against the police excesses with a innocent person and implicating him in false case after receiving alleged illegal gratification. Protesters led by Mohammad Khan Banglani have raised slogans against the police and demanded the Sindh chief minister , Governor Sindh and provincial police officer to take immediate notice and get released the innocent person and punished the responsible police officials of Kot Ghulam Mohammad. Talking to newsmen, protesters Mohammad Khan Banglani, Qadir Bux Banglani, Ahmed Khan Banglani and others said that Hoot Khan Banglani on morning Nov 7th was on his way in the Datsun pickup that armed persons Shafique, Iqbal, Yousuf and others by caste Arain resident of village Haji Sardar Deh 252, taluka Kot Ghulam Mohammad intercepted the datsun pickup and after exchanging hotwords , they subjected to torture to Hoot Khan Banglani with axe and sticks as result he sustained serious head and other wounds on the body and handed over him to Kot Ghulam Mohammad police , while, they accused that influential personalities of ruling party supporting the attackers and pressurized the KGM police and then police after taking illegal gratification registered the false case under section 457, 380, 411, 324 and 34 PPC ( attempt to murder and theft ) against Hoot Khan Banglani on the complaint of Shafique Ahmed Arain . They further said that injured detained was taken to taluka hospital Kot Ghulam Mohammad where he was provided first aid and remained admitted for a day, after which, they alleged that he was again detained with KGM police station instead to keep him admitted in the hospital for complete treatment . They deplored that Hoot Khan Banglani was seriously injured and he required yet of proper medical treatment but due to pressureof influential personalities he was being kept in the lock up. They called upon the higher authorities to take notice, get admitted him in the hospital for proper treatment and withdraw the false case against him by holding impartial inquiry with honest police officer

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