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Monday, September 7, 2009

MIRPURKHAS Sept 7. District administration Mirpurkhas has been caught corruption of the flour mills supplying the subsidized flour bags for distribution among the poor people including women as hundreds of flour bags (10 kilograms per bag) were being supplied short or less by the flour mills in the district. Report said that DDO revenue Mirpurkhas Ammara Aamir Khattak had detected the corruption when she found short supply of flour bags in taluka Mirpurkhas against its quota by Noor Shah Flour mill. She carried out raid and found absent the food inspector Nazeer Ahmed Soomro, who was deployed there to check the quality of the flour and sending the correct quantity of the flour bags and she also found that short supply of the bags was being made from the flour mill. She submitted her report to DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon who suspended the above food inspector and ordered the inquiry which was conducted by revenue officers and officers of fooddepartment Mirpurkhas while the inquiry report revealed that hundreds of bags were being provided short or less for distribution by the flour mills including Noor Shah flour mill, Memon flour mill, Siddique flour mill, Al- Saeed flour mill , Sindhri flour mill and Chundija flour mill in the district . DCO Mirpurkhas took serious notice and forced the above flour mills to provide correct quantity of flour bags according to wheat quota being provided to the flour mills by the food department Mirpurkhas and also provide the flour bags of 12 days that had been short by the flour mills. Now 139 flour bags have been increased daily in the quota of taluka Mirpurkhas as total 1739 flour bags. On Monday, flour bags were distributed among the poors at villages Bughio farm, Tarani farm, Ali Hassan Shah and Kak Bunglow.

MIRPURKHAS Sept 7. Harvesting of new chili crop has begun in the Mirpurkhas and Umerkot districts as new chili crop was arriving in the chili markets at Kunri, Jhuddo etc. Report said that chili crop was sowed at about 70000 to 80000 acres in the province while its main areas of cultivation are Umerkot and Mirpurkhas districts. Its harvesting has been started after the rainfall here and growers were also sending it to the chili markets including Kunri market that is the biggest chili market of the country. Mostly red chili (Dandi cut or Longi) was sowed in this region that is unique and best quality of chili in the world. Report said that 50 to 100 chili bags of new crop were arriving daily in Kunri market and few weeks ago its rate was At RS 4500 per maund however recently its rate has been decreased at RS 4200 per maund. When contacted Mian Mohammad Saleem, president red chili growers association said that due to recent rainfall, chili crop was damagedat various places while its first fruit was lost due to rainfall , however, he added that now harvesting is continued with full swing in the region. He advised the Chili growers to struggle to decrease the moisture 8 to 9 percent in the chili crop to control the Aflatoxin (fungus) by improving the process of plucking and drying the crop. He said that different experiments to remove the Aflatoxin from chili crop are continued with the help of private company at his farm land and after successful experiments he will spread that strategy among the chili growers and chili exporters.

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